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Simple Automated Social Media Marketing: Back At You Media

thesiliconreview-michael-glazer-co-founder-ceo-back-at-you-media-2017The most innovative and effective social media marketing tools dedicated to real estate professionals.

Back At You Media’s passion is real estate and technology. Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, the company is a marketing automation SaaS Company focused on the enterprise and individuals in the real estate industry. It incorporates proprietary technologies and leverages 3rd party APIs and ad platforms to drive traffic, engage users and generate business for its clients.

Back At You Media’ was founded in 2011 with the premise of helping small businesses market themselves on social networks. At the time, businesses were flocking to Facebook but they didn’t know how to generate business, gain leads and brand themselves. The company set up an automated marketing platform to help small businesses accomplish the marketing for them. The firm is dedicated to providing superior technology, customer service and pricing to its clients as well as educating and teaching its clients how to use social media and how to navigate against common mistakes.

Unraveling the Mastery with Michael Glazer, Co-Founder and CEO

Can you talk about your first product that was launched?

Our first product was an automated “campaign” builder where businesses would create a marketing campaign to build a user base, sell products or create give-a-ways and sweepstakes. The product was perfect to activate users and promote the brand at the time, but we knew there was more to Facebook and other networks that could make a bigger impact. So we tirelessly worked on those opportunities.

Discuss about your first product roll out. Was it successful?

The first product roll out was successful considering there was barely any marketing. Meaning we built a great product but no one knew it existed. We needed users to bang on the product and give us feedback. So for $50 we ran some advertising to target small businesses who wanted to have a bigger social media presence. After the first couple months we experienced some nice viral growth where users would tell other people about our marketing automation. When that started happening, we knew we were on to something special.

What were challenges you encountered in your early years?

Patience and consistent progress were early challenges. What do I mean by that? You read about companies with hockey stick growth, companies that are growing exponentially every month. It’s hard not to feel left behind when you are not growing 1,000% in the early years. But then you realize those companies are the top 0.1% and our 200-300% growth in the first few years is pretty great. The challenge is to make consistent progress every month and every year. Clients, revenues and product need to grow and get better consistently and that takes patience and dedication. If you have a good product and team behind you, growth will come.

What are the greatest attributes of Back At You Media?

  • People: Good people are hard to find. We have great people who have been with us for years. You can’t put a value on great people. In our industry, your products are only as good as the people.
  • APIs: The ability for us to get a lot of data seamlessly allows us to save time, deliver more information and focus on our core business.
  • Hard work and ability to sacrifice: Eric and I worked day and night early on like all good entrepreneurs. That’s the sacrifice you make to build a company. All the revenues we made we immediately invested back into the company to grow. We continue that philosophy today, if we are not investing today we are not growing tomorrow. This is a particular hard discipline when you raised zero outside money. The philosophy has worked because today we are the gold standard in the industry. 

What drives/inspires you to excel in your field of business?

Early on we saw the vision of Facebook and how that was going to be a game changer for how every company would market their products and services. Building on that thesis, we wanted to be the gold standard in our market. Like Will Farrell said in the movie Talladega Nights, “If you are not first, you’re last,” that’s our motto. Now we aren’t so draconian as that, but we want to be second to no-one, and when you have all your money and financial future on the line, that’s more than enough to stay motivated to work harder to extend our leadership position. Plus, hiring great people who think like us and have similar goals and ethics, only makes us want to work harder so everyone benefits from the success of the company.

What are the future prospects of Back At You Media?

We have a huge initiative with the National Association of Realtors, the largest trade association in the world. We are introducing a Social Media Center for all Realtors® which is a huge undertaking and opportunity for us. This includes special discounted pricing, new plans, products and an entire marketing campaign. This is all being created and rolled out as we speak. This is the first strategic partnership of the NAR that is focused specially on social media and helping real estate agents and brokers better market themselves, their listings and their brokerage. In a couple of years, I expect to have over 250,000 real estate professionals using our Social Media Center where they can automate and control all their online marketing campaigns. 

A Glimpse of the Incredible Personalities 

Michael Glazer, Co-Founder and CEO: Glazer is a technology focused entrepreneur, who has built two startups including Back At You Media. He co-founded one of the largest Q&A sites on the Internet with over 10 million users. Prior to this, Glazer was an investment banker for 10 years, most recently at Jefferies & Company, raising capital and advising on M&A with biotechnology companies. He went to college at the University of Arizona and received his Masters of Business Administration from Pepperdine’s Graziadio School of Business and Management.

Eric Gaygeshian, Co-Founder and COO: With his extensive experience in product management and business strategy, Gaygeshian has been building software and diving deep into systems architecture in all his ventures. With a passion for technology and his business-mindedness from an early age of 15, he single-handedly founded, built, marketed and sold 2 industry leading niche websites with over 3 million monthly users. Through these experiences, he’s become an impactful leader who effectively articulates both business and technical concepts. He is an alumnus of the University of California, Los Angeles.


“We are your social media solution. We provide the most powerful automated marketing tools to ensure you and your listings rise above the noise on social media.”