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Simplifying the Payroll Tax Reporting With Its Electronic Forms Division: Aatrix Software, Inc

thesiliconreview-steve-lunseth-ceo-aatrix-software-inc-17Payroll is not only about employees getting paid, the process requires both the workers and the employer to fulfill several responsibilities and compliance with payroll taxation. It is every employer’s responsibility to pay their portion of payroll taxes, making federal tax deposits and filing reports with various state and local agencies, among other things. By the same token, workers are also responsible for their portion of payroll and individual taxes. In the whole system of payroll, complexities are always there which leads to lot of hectic work

There are cases where many employers have failed to maintain compliances and execution of payroll and left out with a lot of financial and administrative burdensome.

Located in Grand Forks, North Dakota, Aatrix Software was founded in 1986. Originally founded to develop Macintosh accounting and payroll applications and have been developing innovative accounting software solutions since establishment. In the late 90’s, Steve Lunseth discerned that the current business model was driven by the ever-increasing complexities of the payroll tax reporting. While serving Macintosh as the largest payroll software solution, Steve began meeting the need by automating the Fed 941 report for the customers. With the inherit difficulty of maintaining this single form annually, Aatrix focused on building patented technology to build and maintain any form, designed the process to fill in the forms automatically from host payroll software, and design a secure eFile method to facilitate the processing of over 350 reports and payments to over 170 taxing authorities in the US.

In 1998, Aatrix established a Windows development group with a mission to create a comprehensive state and federal payroll reporting solution module that could be integrated with any accounting software. Aatrix’s Electronic Forms Division has established itself as a leader in payroll tax forms, providing Electronic Payroll Reports and eFiling to accounting software for both Windows and Macintosh.

Getting into the services and products

Aatrix Software, Inc. provides the best services and products to its clients to deal with complexity in the payroll tax reporting. It automatically completes payroll tax reports from the customers’ host software and allows them to print or eFile these reports to over 170 different agencies in the US and Canada. The company provides simple process to file these reports. It currently supports unemployment wage-withholding, new hire, W2, 1099s, 1095(ACA), HR forms, T4, ROE, T5018 and certified payroll reports and payments for the US and Canada.

The first broadly distributed Fed and State Payroll Reporting solution was for QuickBooks’ customers and accountants. 70,000 demos were directly mailed to QuickBooks’ Pro Advisors and other accountants, many of them began to use Aatrix for all of their quarterly and year-end filings. As the first project roll-on, the success of the first release has lead to more than 50 OEM partner relationships with some of the largest and most popular accounting and payroll solutions.

Leading the industry

Aatrix have always focused on making the process simple, accurate, and affordable. The company has driven the technology in this marketplace through automation, security, and nearly fool-proof error checking.

The company is dedicated to developing industry leading, world-class solutions that are practical and affordable. Steve Lunseth is equally dedicated to providing superior workplace with competitive salaries and benefits as well as an open teamwork based environment. Furthermore, Aatrix is blessed with a number of smart, hard-working, and amazingly innovative employees, and all the employees are one of the key factors behind the company’s popularity.

Innovation and technology-based efficiencies are at the core of Aatrix’s success. Improved infrastructure, adoption of industry-leading technology, and constantly looking to the next business need is the key to remaining an industry leader.

When it comes to rivalries, Aatrix is separated from its competition on almost every significant feature of its solution. For example, Aatrix’s UI is simple: Select the report to be filed, View an actual replica of the form onscreen that has been automatically filled in, and click eFile to complete the filing. A typical 941 report takes less than 5 minutes to file. Even the integration into host software is seamless and flawless and over 98% of Aatrix’s customers say that the software works really well with their payroll solution.

Struggle behind the success

Aatrix was primarily a ‘bootstrapped company’. There was a time when the company was not able to make its loan payments. Steve knew that businesses wanted and needed a product to continue to move ahead with refining the solutions. Aatrix took a process that required hours and days of work and replaced it with a solution that allowed businesses to achieve the same and better result.

Aatrix was continually driven by the pain of the startup days when failure was imminent. That pain continuously forced Aatrix to look ahead and expand the cushion between failure and success.

“Aatrix is painless, even for us baby-boomers who have not fully embraced I.T. change.”

- Bridge Refugee Services. Inc 

The future sight

Recently Aatrix have released a State Payroll Reports module for Windows which provides over 300 certified payroll reporting forms. The State Payroll Reporting module has been developed for many accounting products.

For the upcoming days, Aatrix have two new offerings:

  • Rolling of the 1500 Electronic Payroll Reporting Forms in a format for the Internet.
  • An interface for back-end Payroll Report/Payment eFile Center for Payroll Services to use.

In the near future Aatrix will continue to expand its Electronic Forms Division, adding Human Resource, Sales Tax, and other forms needed by the accounting community.

Meet the personality leading the pack

Steve Lunseth is the CEO at Aatrix Software, Inc. He is a BASc graduate from University of Wisconsin-Stout. He has been an entrepreneur and business owner nearly his entire professional career.

Steve has grown Aatrix from an Apple development startup focusing on financial management software, to the largest Mac payroll solution company culminating in the country’s leading payroll reporting solution and single-point eFile center with over 335,000 customers in the US.

“Aatrix is painless, even for us baby-boomers who have not fully embraced I.T. change.”- Bridge Refugee Services. Inc