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30 Fastest Growing Microsoft Solution Providers 2016

Simply powerful document management software: MaxxVault, LLC.


“We deliver the expertise you seek when and where you need it.”

MaxxVault LLC provides document management systems, enterprise content management and enterprise document management solutions for the processing, distribution and control of corporate documents and other digital content. MaxxCloud helps businesses save money, improve efficiency, increase customer satisfaction and meet regulatory compliance through industry-leading document management and workflow solutions. MaxxVault and MaxxCloud are open systems; built using the latest technology providing enhanced security, dependability and interoperability with existing systems.

Businesses today need systems to be flexible, powerful and easy for employees to use. The MaxxVault design team has over 25 years of experience designing and implementing document and content management systems, and with their help MaxxVault solutions has been finely tuned to meet all of today’s business needs, whether it is hosted at your location or in one of our data centers. It is its goal to supply the customers with the tools they need. To that end, “we have built our development cycles to quickly incorporate the suggestions of our users and partners. You know your business better than anyone. We listen carefully to our user and partner requirements to deliver solutions that make them more efficient, profitable and secure,” says Bruce Malyon, CEO.

Management at its Best

Enterprise Document Management System: Using the MaxxVault Enterprise Document Management System, the documents and data are stored in a world-class Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) and are available instantly from the desktop, via the web or from within other business applications.

MaxxVault Enterprise can capture the documents no matter the source: scanner, MFP, E-mail, line of business software, etc. A central library, MaxxVault organizes the documents based on index criteria, making them easily found through quick searches rather than fumbling through complex folder trees. Better still, the documents are secure. All access and activity with each document and throughout the entire system is tracked. This in-depth auditing ability coupled with MaxxVault’s rules for retention and destruction help ensure the company is compliant with government regulations.

Cloud Document & Content Management Solutions: MaxxCloud has been designed to ensure that MaxxVault users still enjoy the full benefits of their investment in document management system search, retrieval, security, document manipulation, workflow, records management and access auditing.

With MaxxCloud, your business benefits from working with a single-source provider that understands the needs of maintaining your infrastructure, documents, and data — where your document management applications and data are hosted in a world-class data center and accessed via secure connections over the Internet.

MaxxVault Integrations: Improve and streamline the processes in every corner of your organization to speed and improve patient care from admittance to billing. Use MaxxVault to store information, images, and documents – anything your office uses on a daily basis. Beyond just document retrieval, MaxxBolt gives the staff single-click access to recover any and all needed supporting documents instantly. Once opened, documents may be digitally signed, marked-up, or sent to kick off a workflow.

The Happy Customer: GoDaddy

GoDaddy is the world’s largest domain name and Web hosting provider, focused on helping small businesses grow larger. GoDaddy provides dozens of cloud-based services and is the largest worldwide mass-market hosting provider by annual revenue according to 451 Research providing hosting across 60 countries in 30 different languages. GoDaddy employs more than 4,000 people and serves 12 million paying customers around the world. The Arizona-based company has offices in Sunnyvale, California; Cambridge, Massachusetts and Hiawatha, Iowa; along with an international presence in Asia, Europe, India and Canada.

The onsite software solution used for processing and approving invoices in the accounts payable department was not scalable enough to meet GoDaddy’s demands. As customization and expansions to the workflow became necessary while the company grew into a global enterprise, Keith Callaway and John Roberts felt they needed to follow the GoDaddy mantra and create and implement a robust cloud hosted environment where the AP staff could process invoices. After reaching out to a handful of document management and workflow vendors, they found MaxxVault LLC to offer the most scalable platform as well as the most flexible in regards to the custom programming necessary to meet and exceed the needs of the GoDaddy A/P department, and signed the partnership agreement in December of 2012.

From a user perspective, John Roberts, an A/P Clerk at GoDaddy, says: “The support at MaxxVault has been world-class since the beginning. As GoDaddy continues to grow and expand globally, MaxxVault has been able to customize and excel at meeting the needs of our organization.”

The complex, multi-level invoice approval process takes into account invoice dollar amounts and vendor names to automatically route them through a maximum of six levels of approval. While the system was in operation only 90 days, the number of processed invoices increased by 100% daily and continues to grow — and talk of expansion into other departments has been heard to be rumored around the halls of the Scottsdale office.

Keith Callaway, A/P Disbursement Manager at GoDaddy, had this to say about the deployment: “We have worked with MaxxVault for over 7 months now and are delighted with the work carried out so far. GoDaddy is the world’s largest domain registrar managing over 57 million domains. The accounts payable department is responsible for delivering service to over 300 individuals throughout our organization. The capabilities and support from MaxxVault has exceeded expectation. I would highly recommend working with them.” 

Meet the Master

Bruce Malyon, President and CEO: Bruce Malyon is a business builder at his core. He has been involved in providing IT solutions for over 24 years and has been involved in the Document and Information Management space for the last 21 years. Bruce looked at the current competitive landscape and believed that he could help build a truly simple to use, yet powerful enough to scale Enterprise Document Management software package. The end result is MaxxVault. Bruce is always reachable by his clients, partners and staff 24x7x365. “The combination of superior customer service and our dedicated team will ensure MaxxVault becomes a market leader.”

“Our Professional Services, Training and Managed Services teams provide unsurpassed depth and breadth of knowledge to meet your every demand.”