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Social Offer Squad leads Social eCommerce with IDInteract’s Demand Marketing Platform


Today, implicit or implied data from search engines drives ad placement. In contrast, IDInteract builds a bridge between brands and consumers based on otp-in and consumer preferences. IDInteract and the Social Offer Squad has imagined a world where the shopping cart is dead and consumers looking to book a trip simply tweet, “looking for a last minute trip to Cancun” on Twitter. Using IDInteract linguistical analytics Airlines and Travel Sites Tweet three options based on your perceived preferences that IDInteract builds and the Social Offer Squad sends via Twitter.  You trip is as simple as understanding your location, your loyalty to an airline or travel site and Checking-out thru Google Wallet or Apple Pay transaction and your packing your bags.

Till 2012 Social eCommerce was a mere distant dream or rather a vision. But since its launch in 2012, IDInteract (headquartered in Detroit) has made this dream come true. Yes, IDInteract enables digital marketers to proactively identify and convert market demand into revenue with an easy-to-use software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud based platform called Demand Exchange™- the Platform of record for the world’s largest Brands.  Together with the Social Offer Squad brands meet consumers propelling Social eCommerce into the mainstream and allowing brands to search and consolidate social and mobile consumer data, indicating real-time consumer demands called Demand Signals..The Social Offer Squad focuses on mapping consumers demand signals in their partnership with Google. All of this using patented search, scoring, intelligent geo-segmenting indicating real-time consumer demand for brands, products and services.

(Social Offer Squad Demand Signals: Graphical Representations of consumer demand through Federation of Social, Mobile and Google Mapping Data delivered as an offer through Twitter.

In the era of horizontal progress where technology is simply incremental and copying things that already work, IDInteract’s has realized vertical progress where they are changing the paradigm from Supply based Marketing to Demand based Marketing. They have found a way to anticipate and immediately act on consumers demands and interact on their mobile phones. The company’s prime areas of focus are retail, gaming, healthcare and the auto industry.

Meet Matthew Standish, an exceptionally talented entrepreneur, graduate of the Michigan State University, who also holds a M.B.A. in eCommerce & Information Systems from the Elkin B. McCallum Graduate School at Bentley College, formerly the Chief Information Architect of T-Mobile USA and part of the early founding team at Sycamore Networks.

An award-winning architect of IDInteract’s pioneering inventions who has been working in the e-commerce space for years, Matthew has channelled his leadership skills with a visionary zeal for the benefit of enterprises and improving consumer and seller interactions globally, since the company’s inception. He founded IDInteract to be a turnkey solution for the Mobile e-commerce space by establishing the specially designed ‘Platform of Record for Social/Mobile Commerce’ because, in his words, “We all know, consumer data is growing and marketers struggle to boost digital demand for their products, meanwhile consumers demand a low inertia approach to purchase items on their mobile phone,”.

Under Matthew’s guidance, the company has consistently been recognized by industry leaders as a break-out innovative technology because of its systemic impact for automating demand to purchase. In fact in a company blog post, he had once stated, “After years developing IT platforms that solve business problems, I consistently heard about the wonders of ‘Big Data’ yet struggled to find any value in it using the BI Systems that were available to me.” Demand Exchange remedies that by aggregating and analyzing data and presenting a demand-focused view of consumer insights.

True to his vision, IDInteract has automated eCommerce away from the dreaded shopping cart to automated demand driven interactions that excites the consumer and creates a VIP interaction boasting loyalty to specific brands through the Social Offer Squad.

In fact, Matthew wants his ideas and company to reach out to people worldwide. “Someone, somewhere, already wants your widget so stop wasting effort trying to convert people who don’t care and focus on having relevant and timely interactions with highly qualified prospects. We’ve assembled an outstanding leadership and execution team to realize this vision. IDInteract is committed to being a real partner to our clients and helping them achieve their business goals through Demand based Marketing. Because, management of consumer data is the only medium for solving the world’s most pressing consumer issues”, he adds.

Ridding Society of the dreaded shopping cart through automation

“At IDInteract, we believe that successful technology initiatives require three elements: Identification of consumer demand signals & prediction of real-time intent using social, mobile and CRM data sources, Creation of high context consumer profiles called Personas to target high propensity people, groups, events & communities and Building and manipulation of the brand’s demand curve and engagement with customers at the right time”, says Matthew. The company that pioneers Social and Mobile Commerce for Enterprisesis different from its competitors in the domain. Its Demand Exchange™ platform that goes beyond marketing automation, simplifies the identification and understanding of consumer “explicit” marketing demand signals collected from multiple data sources, including unstructured and largely unused “dark” data from social media and mobile applications as well as structured data from CRM systems.

Continuing to innovate, the entrepreneur’s creation is not just a platform, but an unique one that is designed to be the new interactive platform that unifies data into robust profile called “Personas” which represent a federated view cross-channel view of a potential consumers behavior or what IDInteract has patented called, Digital Body Language with the help of Demand Signals to identify highly qualified prospects with real time interest and intent for specific brands, products, and services for the new generation’s needs.

Demand Based Marketing Technology

The world of Big Data discovery in the Business circuit today faces two crucial problems: time-consuming, expensive and painful manual data warehousing. On the other hand, with emerging trends in the Information Technology sector, the cloud too has become inseparable from Business. Although organizations are excited about using cloud technologies to bring in efficiency in the organization, there remain a lot of doubts and apprehensions, ranging from security to price. IDInteract has surpassed all these challenges and has undoubtedly proven its worth over the years.

An epitome of class and services, IDInteract has become a preferred choice among clientele ranging from small to big enterprises today as the company’s diverse management, team of employees, investors and advisors provide a full-service product, so the services can be availed strategically.

Having been awarded a spot on the prestigious Gartner “Cool Vendor” list, in the 2013 retail category, team IDInteract says, “Our inclusion in the Gartner Cool Vendor report is confirmation of our ability to deliver highly qualified leads. This creates an immediate and measurable value for our customers. With Demand Exchange™ our customers more effectively convert leads to sales while massively improving customer retention, engagement, market intelligence and up-sell or cross-sell”.

‘By using Demand Signals, IDinteract allows marketers to build & manipulate their own demand curves. Not only does Digital Body Language identify what consumers are saying, it predicts which customers are ready to buy or engage with the client’s brand.’

Being the Expert

With specialties including Big Data, Social CRM, Master Data Management, Mobile CRM, Predictive Analytics, Business Intelligence, CRM and Multi-Source Data Consolidation, IDInteracthelps users visualize the demand curves of their business while segmenting and recommending qualified prospects for automatic delivery of offers and information through social media direct messages, wall posts, tweets, or existing email systems.

The Workforce

“We’ve gathered an experienced team of technology experts, a passionate advisory team that has been working together for years. We have the right team in place to rapidly scale and grow the business. We continue to build out the team with experienced industry veterans in various fields that believe in this product and business progress to date and projected future”, adds Matthew.

Gartner and Dataquest are noticing ecommerce gaining momentum, IDInteract believes that with social and mobile ecommerce, this becomes faster. With that said the privately funded company also is in talks of engaging in more global partnerships and plans to strengthen its presence in the U.S and outside the country, in the near future. Finally, the company has a clear roadmap to gauge achievements and has a working knowledge that they can leverage as they develop their business broadly and globally, as well as home consumer markets.

‘IDInteract offers unique opportunities for customers to opt into your campaigns and offers. They select how they would like to be contacted and what they are interested in right from your home page.’

Apinch of Creativity and Technology combined with hard work- IDInteract: Then & Now (In conversation with Matthew Standish, Founder)

 What is the Vision & Motivation behind founding IDInteract?

I wondered how to understand the behavior and contextual awareness of users that were on the mobile phone using the social media. I wondered how a brand could reach out to its customers better and become popular. Lo and behold! I came up with some ideas and founded IDInteract. Since I realized that being able to understand the needs of customers is the most important thing to be considered while innovating products or services, I came up with the plan of putting together a single contextual profile which will help brands take good decisions regarding what offers to make to consumers which are not irrelevant to them.

 How has the journey been so far with your team, clients, market and competitors?

Although the credit for building IDInteract’s architecture is mine, my strong team which helps in customer deployment, are playing an equally important role to shape up the present and future of the company and I’m thankful to them for that.

Considering that we have a created a platform of record- the social ecommerce for brands, and have brought a new idea to the market as a market-maker, we are focused on bringing about easier transactions. We are selling our products to the CMO who has not always been in charge of marketing, products or big technology. What we want to do is create a market on ‘Useful Data’, rather than Big Data by working and partnering with the CIOs and truly our ability to deploy with CMOs and Marketers without getting the CIO involved is revolutionary indeed.

Noticing changing consumer needs & purchase habits, legal & compliance issues, etc, how do you tackle these obstacles?

I have worked in Europe and also as a privacy expert in the US. So my experience comes handy while dealing with various clients. We follow the principles of confidentiality, good management, compulsory compliance requirements and most importantly privacy needs. Moreover our products can adapt to the changing needs of the market easily and I think we are pretty well equipped enough to tackle these challenges. 

I think our largest challenge is with the marketplace. We are paving the way for the future of social ecommerce and there is a pressing need for awareness in understanding what ecommerce means, the impact of marketing of products, purchasing methods, etc.

What are your observations regarding the market since you started this company and what do you feel is the future of this platform?

The market has been slower to adapt to social ecommerce than what I had imagined when I launched IDInteract. Privacy& compliance issues, education, etc, has lead to handraising- where instead of emailing or calling, you raise your hand or tweet and our platform will sense your behavior pattern and then suggest you products and brands that you might be interested in. We are shifting from a push/supply based marketing to demand based marketing, depending on your explicit preferences and just released the ‘Social Offer Squad’, an app on your browser which will give you info about products or brands that you might be interested in and you can later receive the best offers, coupons and discounts from them.

‘Managing consumer data can solve the most pressing consumer issues’ – Do you believe in this and is that a factor you kept in mind while designing your solutions? Do you have any partners and investors?

Solutions to ecommerce are difficult to build and maintain and we create products where CMOs and Marketers don’t need an IT organization to deploy or configure it. We made a platform that marketers could use to find people in the market at the moment and advertise and make products accessible to those consumers interested in it. Today, a majority of our investors are from the largest technology companies in the world.

You are a starter and there will be followers in the competitive market soon. How are you going to compete with the newcomers then?

We call it ‘how do you protect your moat’. We recognize the ‘Persona’ or behavioral patterns exhibited by persons on the social media and since our solutions are privacy oriented, I think we clearly will be a class apart from newcomers in the domain for sure.