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Software that addresses the unique industry needs of consumer goods companies: AFS Technologies


“We empower manufacturers, distributors and sales agencies in delivering efficiencies that drive profitability.”

AFS was founded in 1985 as a software and solutions provider automating complex tasks for food and beverage manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers. AFS soon expanded its portfolio of purpose-built products to provide an application portfolio of industry-specific capabilities to manufacturers, distributors and sales agencies. AFS also acquired a number of market leading companies over the past 10 years to enhance the value of its application portfolio. These include: trade promotion management from MEI, Synectics and Answer Systems; retail execution and direct store delivery from Visicom, Quofore, The Pop Company and Ross Computer Systems; warehouse management system from Motek; and sales agency management from Becton-Schantz.
The competitive edge; CEO’s words

  • We know the consumer goods industry: Our deep industry expertise delivers software that is purpose-built for consumer goods companies—helping you drive productivity and profitability gains.
  • We are fast: Our proven implementation ensures speedy delivery and will result in a quick return on investment for your organization.
  • We think long-term and low-risk: Most of our software is SaaS-based and requires little to no maintenance or infrastructure cost. The configurable approach gives you the flexibility to make your own changes—without involvement from IT.
  • We offer insights: Business users can easily report performance with strong analytical capabilities-embedded right into the software. We also built a powerful data visualization solution, AFS G2 Analytics, which enables you to pull data from multiple sources, develop reports and dashboards, and use them to optimize executive insights.

Trade Promotion Management for Retail
AFS Trade Promotion Management Retail (TPM Retail) is a closed-loop system that helps clients plan, allocate, execute, settle and analyze the trade spend with a robust set of intuitive, easy-to-use capabilities. This solution drives trade dollar visibility across sales, finance, accounting, supply chain and marketing professionals; providing insights into retailer trends, whether the go-to-market strategy is straightforward or complex. AFS TPM Retail also helps to quickly validate the effectiveness and profitability of the trade plans with a comprehensive and cost-effective optimization system that is tightly integrated with Nielsen data for predictive, price and promotion modeling.

Trade Promotion Management Foodservice
AFS Trade Promotion Management Foodservice (TPM Foodservice) is a closed-loop solution, including an easy-to-use contract management tool, full claim validation and settlement services, and data analytics. The robust system identifies claiming errors, ensures accurate payment processing and provides rich insights to drive high-performing sales strategies. The solution enables clients to work faster and smarter while settling billions of dollars across its customer base each year with rigorous audit processes that are 99 percent plus, accurate.

Warehouse Management
AFS Warehouse Management System (WMS) is designed to provide the level of visibility and control required to enable the delivery of the perfect order. Simultaneously it improves the overall warehouse infrastructure by providing the ability to automate manual efforts, reduce labor and inventory inefficiencies, support track and trace, and provide profitable insights.

Order Management: OM is critical to the entire sales organization, both internal and external. Providing users with customer and item specific details which empower them with knowledge that can generate lift for the sales metrics. The AFS Order Management System (OMS) consolidates multiple forms of order management processes into one, allowing clients to selectively deploy the elements required to enable a competitive edge. It also creates a consistent set of data regarding pricing, inventory or credit flags—which is easily accessible by the order takers, sales representatives and customers.

It is all about customers anyway!
AFS’customers are manufacturers, distributors/wholesalers or sales agencies that range in size from multi-national companies to regional players in the food and beverage industry. It provides solutions for 20+ industry sectors designed to optimize mission critical processes. Many of the world’s largest Tier 1 companies use AFS software to manage trade, execute retail at the shelf, and deliver/warehouse/manufacture goods. In fact, it is probable that a high percentage of the goods in most people’s kitchen today have been touched by its software.

“I look forward to the fruitful cooperation and we are excited about the new AFS Retail Execution solution as it has brought us amazing new possibilities and business development opportunities.” -Ardo Uudmäe, Senior Sales Development Manager, Baltics (Carlsberg).

“Our strategic partnership with AFS is essential to our company growth and expansion and we couldn’t be more impressed with the impact it’s made on our business.” -Ken Yadon, Controller, Medosweet Farms

The road ahead
Our culture of entrepreneurial spirit leads us to think about innovations that will improve productivity and help reduce human error. Today, AFS focuses on process automation, predictive analytics and personal productivity through gamification. We want to continue this pursuit using new technologies such as intuitive user interfaces to enable users to learn quickly, cognitive services to provide assistance in daily administrative activities and mobile technologies that allow users to have the capabilities where they need them, such as, in the warehouse or on the road.

“As a global company with offices around the world, we can help you, wherever you are, in global or local markets.”