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30 Best Companies To Watch 2016

Soliton Technologies: Meet the Specialists Developing Frameworks & Platforms

silicon-review-ganesh-devaraj“We measure our success in terms of delight, our customers and our team’s. Yes, we have a measure.”

A technology company driven by passion and values, Soliton Technologies started in 1998 as the first National Instruments Alliance Member in India, the company has grown at an average annual rate of 30% over 18 years. Entirely organically, the company makes its presence felt in India Bangalore, Coimbatore and in USA: Dallas, Austin, Phoenix, Milwaukee, Minneapolis.

They have a passion to build a technology company that is known for integrity, innovation, and excellence. They work in niche areas where they are known for being pioneers and for making a difference.


  • Everything Post-Silicon
  • Characterization / Post-Silicon Validation
  • Production Test Engineering
  • IC Evaluation Kits / Reference Designs

Platform Solutions

  • Code Less. Do More.
  • Test & Measurement Automation.
  • Embedded Systems, IoT Solutions
  • Web Technologies & Data Analytics

Computer Vision & Machine Learning

  • Algorithm Development
  • Smart Cameras, Wireless / IoT Cameras
  • Cloud and Mobile Solutions

Meet the Leader

Dr. Ganesh Devaraj, Managing Director and CEO– Ganesh founded Soliton in 1998, and has since established the company as the leader in India in the business areas in which it operates. Soliton started business as the first Alliance Member of National Instruments (www.ni.com) in India, and Ganesh introduced Virtual Instrumentation, a concept pioneered by Texas based National Instruments, to manufacturing industries in the region. In parallel he also developed customers in the US for its offshore Virtual Instrumentation Software (LabVIEW) development services. The revenue grew at an average annual compounded rate of 60% during the first seven years. During this period, Soliton also established itself as one of the worlds most innovative Virtual Instrumentation System developers by winning the most prestigious global award in this field a record three times (2000, 2001, and 2004). Soliton started a products division in 2005, and became the first company in India to manufacture Machine Vision Cameras and Smart Cameras. Soliton has established itself as the leading machine vision company in India. In all, Soliton has received over 25 technology awards for its innovative work and has built up an outstanding reputation for Quality, Integrity, and Customer Satisfaction. Ganesh was selected as one of the ‘101 Successful Entrepreneurs of Tamil Nadu’ by CII in 2008. He also was profiled by the India Today magazine as a new economy player to watch in 2001. Ganesh also serves on the Board of Directors of ELGI Equipments Ltd (www.elgi.com).

Previously, Ganesh worked as a Project Scientist at V I Engineering, Inc., Michigan, a leading National Instruments Alliance Member in the US. Ganesh received his Ph.D. in Theoretical Particle Physics and M.S. in Electrical Engineering, both from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and his B.E. in Electronics and Communication Engineering from the PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore.

From the age of 15, for a period of six years, Ganesh was passionately involved in tuning racing engines and racing cars and he won the Grand Prix in the most competitive racing category in India in 1987, 88, and 89. Today his interests include education where he is trying to convince engineering colleges to reduce the amount of content “taught” to students and focus instead on enabling deeper understanding of the basics and the ability to apply their knowledge to solve real world problems.

Areas in which they have deep experience

  • Digital Protocol Validation and Emulation Suite for many major protocols such as: I2C, SPI on various platforms such as NI FlexRIO, NI HSDIO, Xilinx Spartan, Virtex, Ultrascale, Altera Stratix and Arria V, X, FTDI-USB and Cypress-Superspeed-USB3
  • AEC-Q100 Short Circuit Compliance (Automotive)
  • JESD204B based interfaces to High Speed ADCs, DACs and JESD204B DUT validation on NI High Speed Serial (659X) Modules and Xilinx/Altera FPGA boards
  • IC Bootup Validation
  • USB PD Rev C Validation for Baseband Modem, Parametrics, Functional Validation
  • Synchronized Stimulus Response Engines for Battery Powered Devices, PMICs, Microcontrollers
  • IC Bring-up GUI Frameworks using HSDIO / FlexRIO / FTDI as the hardware layers
  • Enterprise Validation Software Development across geographies and time zones

Work they do

IC Characterization / Post-Silicon Validation– Measurement and automation software for IC characterization and IC Block Level / Firmware / System Level validation.

Production Test Engineering– Test Engineering Services for high volume production testing on the NI STS platform.

IC Evaluation Kit Design– Comprehensive design and development of customer evaluation kits (board design, embedded firmware, and GUIs).

HTML5 Cross-Platform Device GUIs- Design and development of HTML5 based cross-platform device GUIs that can run as desktop applications as well as through a browser.

Zero-Code Device GUI Generator– This can be used to rapidly develop GUIs for chip communication with minimal or no coding for use across all stages of the silicon bring up, validation, and production test.

Reference / System Designs– Design services for semiconductor or system design companies to develop reference designs or system designs using the wide range of devices that Soliton has expertise in.

Awards Received

  • Leadership Award- Frost & Sullivan 2016 North American
  • Outstanding Technical Resources Award (Alliance)- National Instruments 2014, 2015
  • Supplier Excellence Award- Texas Instruments 2014
  • Best Innovative Product Award- SME Category at INTEC 2008 for the Soliton Smart Camera
  • Imaging Solution of the Year Award- Advanced Imaging Magazine in 2004
  • Record 3-time ‘Overall Winner’ of the National Instruments NIWeek Best Applications Contest in 2000, 2001 & 2004.

“We deliver on the commitments that we make, with the goal of exceeding the expectations that we set with our customers, team members, and partners.”