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Solving Complex Business Problems for More Than a Decade: Agosto


“We’re the research lab. We’re your sounding board. We’re your partner in pushing beyond what’s possible.”

Solving complex business problems since 2001, Agosto is a Google Cloud Premier Partner and cloud product development company. There are three main arms of its business: Enterprise Google services, IoT product development, and digital signage.

Agosto is passionate about pioneering new technologies and exploring opportunities to work smarter. Whether it’s by migrating to industry-leading cloud productivity tools with G Suite, moving to the cloud with the Google Cloud Platform, or developing custom applications, the company look for the things that will gives the advantage.

Google Premier Partner

Agosto provides intelligence, design, engineering, development, implementation, management and support of Google Cloud tools. 

  • Google Cloud Platform: Reduce cost, scale your business and simplify infrastructure by migrating your data to the Google Cloud.
  • G Suite: Work smarter and faster by bringing your teams together in real time with G Suite implementation, training, and support.
  • Chrome: Leverage the new generation of cloud-based business technology that keeps getting smarter.
  • Maps: Explore the most complete geolocation reference dataset to visualize your business for the world.
  • Jamboard: Take your team creativity, collaboration and productivity to the next level with interactive whiteboards.
  • 3rd Party Apps: Agosto partners with a handful of Google-endorsed applications that can streamline your business processes. 

Agosto Advanced Services

In order to accelerate your business and remain competitive, time to market for your products and services is key. Agosto’s Advanced Services team and development framework enables organizations to discover, develop, and deploy scalable, globally-available applications in both web and mobile environments quickly.

It starts with a user-centered approach. In addition to delivering quickly, Agosto take a user-centered approach to application design and development and continually validate that your feature set fulfills on your business and user requirements.

For over a decade, Agosto have been building enterprise products, cloud native applications, and connected solutions that allow organizations to create and contribute value to the business without being obstructed by the overhead of managing infrastructure, provisioning servers, and configuring networks.

Its expertise across GCP ensures that your applications are highly secure and also takes advantage of Google’s industry leading technology like big data, machine learning analytics, IoT and Google’s other fully managed products and services.

Some of the advanced services Agosto offer:

IoT Rapid Prototyping

Its IoT phased approach takes minimal investment to incubate or scale your IoT products. It’s ideal for organizations that want to see what is possible, showcase an idea, or develop an early proof to gain traction for project approval.

Cloud Native Development

Bring your vision to life or reconfigure existing products in the cloud. Agosto’s cloud product development services take a consultative role to help when and where you need it, from engineering to product lifecycle management to tech support, with infinite scalability.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Gain unique insights, identify unseen and emerging patterns, and automate human tasks at scale. Agosto’s Machine Learning services are ideal for companies with an interest in developing an intelligent application or algorithms that leverage Machine Learning, but are unsure of feasibility.

Agosto Approach

Agosto take a crawl, walk, and run approach to its advanced custom development services. Every company has different requirements, vision, and product maturity, so it starts by evaluating what stage of the timeline you fit into.

  • Start: Collaborate to pinpoint the right technology for your needs.
  • Plan: Define the scope of the product and key stages to completion.
  • Build: Follow two week sprints with agile methods to develop the product.
  • Deploy: Launch prototype for testing with key stakeholders.
  • Optimize: Enhance features based on stakeholder feedback.

Why Agosto

Words from the Chief:

“We are product strategists at heart. With over a decade of cloud development expertise, and as the largest Google Cloud Platform team in North America, we recently earned a coveted award as Google’s top partner for cloud platform. Agosto leverages the virtually infinite scale and highly secure, available infrastructure that powers Google’s own applications, to customize products for your company.

We create custom applications and products to help companies innovate to solve complex business challenges.”

Greet the Chief

Irfan Khan, Chief Executive Officer: Irfan is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Agosto. As CEO, Irfan sets the strategic direction for both Agosto and Skykit. He is responsible for identifying emerging opportunities that leverage Agosto’s market position as a leading cloud broker and product development expert, curating and managing delivery teams to support the company’s growth. Under his leadership Agosto has achieved a top position in the Google Cloud Partner ecosystem, and has grown over 150 percent in the past three years.

Irfan holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental sciences from the University of Oregon and is an avid cyclist who has completed the Leadville Trail 100 bike race six times.

“Let your innovators innovate, your coders code and Agosto jump in where you have gaps between the two.”