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Solving Complex Problems in Healthcare: Holmusk


Healthcare is a Billion dollar industry in which there is a need for new innovation every day. Hence personalizing unique ways in which chronic disease impacts each patient became necessary. Hence, Holmusk started building innovative, scalable and cost-effective digital behavior change programs that combine cutting-edge clinical research, technology,and design to guide people toward sustainable changes for better health. It develops powerful predictive algorithms that offer actionable insights for personalized care and population health management.

From the earliest days, it has been focused on bringing care beyond the walls of hospitals and clinics, into the daily lives of people affected by chronic disease. It uses technology as a tool to scale the human touch in healthcare for long-term success.

The Company’s AptCare Suite

It is a comprehensive digital health & care management platform built on 3 foundations:

Behaviour Science: The firm applies the latest thinking in behavior change and behavioral economics to help people form new habits and shake old ones across the continuum of health management.

Enabling Tech & Data: It also uses technology and data science to deepen and scale the human relationships needed to deliver personalized care in powerful new ways.

Consumer Experience: Designing for the consumer means creating experiences that anticipate their needs, are useful and integrate seamlessly into everyday life.

The Community Chronic Care Solutions

The AptHealth: Using its iOS and Android apps, patients can seamlessly track weight, food,and activity while communicating with real-life health professionals to get the support they need.

The AptCoach: A powerful health management system that uses data science to enable health professionals to monitor, engage and communicate with patients in their daily lives and deliver personalized care at scale.

AptAnalytics: Its analytics system can integrate data from over 400 digital health technologies, from wearable fitness to in-home clinical medical devices. By analyzing data from these sources within one platform, it can prioritize interventions and drive outcomes at scale.

The Community Mental Health Solution

Advances in data science and Electronic Medical Records open up unprecedented opportunities for improving its healthcare delivery, which will redefine what it means to practice psychiatry. Larger volumes of detailed patient information are now accumulating in an electronic format that would have been conceivable 20–30 years ago, which is transforming the way mental health conditions can be understood and treated. MindLinc seamlessly integrates mental &behavioral health and practice management at all levels, regulatory management, research, and evidence-based quality improvement.

MindLinc Analytics

Through advanced analytics powered by the MindLinc Global Database, the company can leverage patient data to better understand patient segments within different mental disorders, apply this knowledge to optimize treatment and provide more reliable predictive models for future interventions.

MindLinc EMR

A comprehensive electronic behavioral health records management system and extensive repository of data on psychiatric clinical care. This enables seamless integration, benchmarking, simple billing, cutting-edge research, and increased efficiency in care.

The Healer and Leader

Nawal Roy, Founder & CEO:

He carries more than fifteen years of finance and strategy consulting experience to the helm of the company. Prior to this, Nawal was Co-Founder and CEO of HelloPay (Rocket Internet venture), and a Junior Partner at McKinsey & Company. He has served as a Steering Committee member (Value Based Health Care) for the World Economic Forum and co-founded Galen Growth Asia - The Asia HealthTech Connector. He has enjoyed a global career spanning from New York to Tokyo, his close involvement with markets across North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, India,and China yields uniquely diverse experience in building next-generation global companies.

Nawal carves out the strategic direction of Holmusk, leading from the front with a round-the-clock hustle and infectious energy. Driving business development, partnerships,and growth, his mission is to build a company founded on the commitment to solving some of the world’s greatest challenges in healthcare.

He strongly believes that only through the convergence of data analytics, digital health technology,and clinical research can we begin to re-invent the future of chronic disease care and reduce the crippling strain on society. His thoughts on realizing the unplumbed potential of early intervention through digital healthcare can be seen here in his interviews with The Straits Times and Connected to India, and he is a frequent speaker at healthcare conferences throughout SE Asia.

“At Holmusk, our mission is to use technology to enhance data-enabled, human-driven healthcare and improve the lives of people with chronic disease.”