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SR 2015 50 Fastest Growing IT Services Companies

Solving the client’s variable IT needs: 3STEP IT

“Our strategy is to invest in high quality partnerships within our current markets and new markets. We are continuously developing our services to meet our customer needs and delivering incremental benefits.”

With the mission to change the way organisations acquire IT equipment,
3 STEP IT offers customers transparent, cost-effective and sustainable solutions to manage financing, usage and replacement of IT equipment. The passion for business is what makes the company successful in its mission.

3 STEP IT is an IT services company offering customers a new way to acquire IT equipment. Its comprehensive service offerings are aimed at large businesses and other organisations with high-volume IT needs and helps them to manage the financing, use and replacement of IT equipment in a transparent, cost-effective and sustainable way. In 2014, the company had turnover of EUR 503 million with more than 3700 customers and 1.6 million assets items.

Also a reseller of refurbished computers and mobile devices, the remarketing organization offers used laptops, desktops, TFT monitors and mobile phones in large quantities and helps find a new home for used equipment that otherwise would be recycled or, in the worst case, be simply thrown away. Additionally, it ensures secure erasing, cleansing and testing of all equipment data at its refurbishing centres, prior to selling. Thanks to these centres, the lifetime of IT equipment is maximized and the amount of waste it generates, is minimized.

3 STEP IT currently has subsidiaries in 11 countries worldwide, spanning across Denmark, Estonia, Finland, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Norway, Singapore and Sweden. With continued success being based on innovative business operations and a unique service concept, the company aims to continue its journey towards successful and profitable growth while expanding into new markets and developing new, innovative services, in the days to come.

“We attract the industry’s best professionals by being a desired and appreciated place to work where motivated and competent people work in seamless cooperation towards common objectives.”

Quick Facts

  • Founded in 1997.
  • Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland.
  • Refurbishing centres in Finland, Norway, Malaysia, Sweden and UK.
  • More than 3,700 customers globally.
  • Over 1.6 million assets under management.
  • Approximately 244 employees.
  • Specialities include Leasing, Financing, Asset Management, Services, IT equipment replacement, Second Hand IT, etc.
  • Customers span verticals like Industrial, Public Sector, Finance, IT and Hi-Tech, Retail and FMCG.

Jarkko Veijalainen and Marko Sjöman establish Computer Rental CR Oy Management tool development begins and becomes available to customers Acquired Smålandsbörsen AB, a Swedish refurbishing centre for computers

Smålandsbörsen is sold to its management Founding members & employees acquire the shares of Accent Equity Partners
Pension Fennia becomes a shareholder with about 17.5% shares Expansion into UK, Russia & France

Company name is changed to 3 Step ITExpansion into Sweden & Estonia, Denmark & Norway, , Latvia & LithuaniaRefurbishing centre is opened in Finland

2010- 2015
Expansion into US, Hong Kong, Malaysia & Singapore Aquired business operations in Denmark, Smålandsbörsen Produktion AB & BNP Paribas Lease Group subsidiaries in Sweden and Norway Launched service for smartphones & tablets