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SoyHuce imagine and shape each project to make it an experience


A veritable factory of innovative solutions.’

SoyHuCe is a a new generation tech studio based in France that houses a R & D studio in algorithmics and data science. It is also a software publisher and a consulting agency. The company’s mission is to support companies, industries and communities in their global issues related to digital issues and their digital transformation.

SoyHuCe is primarily working on themes with strong societal issues to help simplify the daily tasks of any citizen using technology. The company works every day to shake up the market by placing people at the heart of the company but also in the heart of the solutions it develops for its clients.

SoyHuCe is positioning itself on the Big Data market as a “data enhancer” that relies on its customizable, business-centric software and algorithms, and its ability to highlight needs beyond those expressed through Fine analytical approach. Created in 2013, SoyHuCe wants to bring a new perspective to the innovations of the city of tomorrow. It develops innovative solutions that put the user at the heart of the city’s eco-system. SoyHuCe’s solutions are adapted to the economic, social and societal issues of today.

Digital at the heart of every business: SoyHuCe supports SMEs and large accounts in digital transition. It develops innovative solutions according to your needs and the DNA of your business.

Mastering the valuation and understanding of big data is a major challenge of the XXI century and is of a highly strategic nature. Faced with this situation, there is an unprecedented combination of mature technologies available to companies, making complex digital transformations. Indeed, it represents a key challenge for all companies. It is played in very different environments and through extremely varied issues. Successive innovations generated by digitizing lead to fundamentally changing the modes of operation and business strategy.

SoyHuCe advises and supports the industries belonging to various and diverse sectors, enabling it to understand the dynamics and priorities specific to each of them. This sector expertise also allows the company to advise its clients on the most relevant digital levers.

The SoyHuCe team supports you in the reflection of the direction of your project to help you make a choice of innovative solutions in line with your business strategy and goals. From the raised issues, SoyHuCe offers ideas and innovative solutions allowing each company to accelerate the deployment of its digital strategy.

R & D laboratory: In the world of business as in nature, no species can survive without change.

As an integral part of an innovation ecosystem, SoyHuCe’s R & D laboratory provides intelligent solutions adapted to the challenges of your company. The company strives to create and maintain a permanent climate of evaluation and criticism of existing processes, to bring out changes or solutions making it even more effective. In a rapidly changing world, it is essential to know and master new technologies.

SoyHuCe implements all the means we have at its disposal so that its customers benefit from a rapid and constant evolution.

Software development: An expert in custom software development, SoyHuCe puts its know-how at your disposal to concretize all your projects, even the most audacious ones. Recognized for projects of varying size and complexity, the company’s Big Data solutions anticipate your needs and value your data.

SoyHuCe’s ability to integrate technologies from different universes allows it to be permanently “up to date” in the proposed solutions. Thus, by working with Agile methods, it adapts your vision by taking into account the frequent restricted timings imposed by fast marketing. These methods favor project management in the form of short iterations and enhance the exchanges with each client.

A look at some of SoyHuCe’s successful projects

IStorypath: An unforgettable tourist experience of personalized itineraries
IStorypath is a fully customized and contextualized on-demand tourist guide. Indeed, it allows the user to design his itinerary according to the points of interest he wishes to visit and the application then generates his route in real time. No mobile application installation is required, making it easy to use. The platform also offers the ability to add dynamic content.

For further simplicity, the user recovers his route on his mobile thanks to contactless technology (NFC) or QR code. The application accompanies the user to some unknown places of the city and thus offers to the communities, information on the habits of the tourists to optimize the territorial marketing. IStorypath is a state-of-the-art heritage technology that makes it possible to discover territories differently.

The application that rethinks the link between citizens and communities: City2gether
The initiative of this innovative application is to put the human being at the heart of the stakes of the city, allowing everyone to play a role. An intelligent life is a city that is redesigned every day by its inhabitants. The stake of City2gether is thus the direct and interactive connection of the inhabitants with their communities. This new approach to collaborative citizenship uses an essential raw material that, combined with other data, is contributing to the advent of a new city: the Smart City.

Électricité de France
The flagship of hydroelectricity in Rhône-Alpes, the historic site of Cusset opened its doors to the public to discover its secrets during a visit with the help of the application “iStorypath Cusset”.

Using a tablet or a smartphone, you can follow your route in real time on a map. The content associated with the different points of interest opens automatically, leaving room for a multitude of illustrated information. Playful and rewarding, iStorypath Cusset rethinks industrial tourism to make this experience a highlight.

Meet the Master

Nicolas Guy, CEO and Founder: Nicolas founded the company in 2013. Nicolas is also a Board Member at Naïo Technologies.

“We develop solutions faithful to your values and your strategy.”