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30 Best Companies To Watch 2016

SplendorNet Technologies Pvt. Ltd. : Rendering Best-in-Class Start-up Solutions Blending Innovation and Excellence at Appropriate Cost

silicon-review-pratap-shrotriya-splendornet-technologies-pvt-ltd“We have kept our basics in this area pretty clear. And now are helping start-ups compete with the world by grabbing the advanced technologies.”

Incorporated in June 2008, SplendorNet is one of the highly recommended companies when it comes to innovation and technological standards. Started as a partnership firm with just one employee, SplendorNet has a proven track record of highly satisfied customers and also successful start-up customers. Since the beginning, the company is completely focused on development of high end and high tech web applications for various start-ups in India as well as all over the world. Soon started the mobile revolution and SplendorNet, as per its DNA, quickly acquired the skills and started developing those.

With the technology and quality edge that the company possesses, SplendorNet kept growing at a steady pace. And currently, it’s a proud team of 60+ members who are some of the best in industry. The company today stands tall by holding a wonderful team of bright and innovative minds having abilities to produce new ideas every time. They have assembled a perfect balance of creativity and hard work, which enables them to deliver the best of the solutions with highest quality. At SplendorNet, they have always believed in targeted efforts. They choose being master of a few trades instead of just ending up jack of all. SplendorNet team consists of industry veterans who have spent their careers in devising best of solutions.

The development and implementation team makes sure that the solution that is devised becomes a reality. And most importantly, the QA team, having a huge experience of more than 1,00,000 hours, gives the solution the all-required reliability, stability and scalability. Obviously, the biggest beneficiary of all these things is the end customer, who, after assigning the project to SplendorNet, can just get relaxed and think about running business rather than the software. Apart from all this, the fantastic support team that SplendorNet possesses, makes the customer all the more focused on business and not worry at all about the software / system.

The company takes pride in having prestigious clients such as Unicef (NZ), Redcross, (Australia), FGI Holdings (US), Virtuatel Ltd. (UK), State Police Department (India), National Film Archive of India (a Govt. of India Organization), Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. (India), Godrej Securities Ltd. (India), Godrej Design Labs (India), Geometric Software (India), KPMG (India), ITCube Software Pvt. Ltd. (India), Xanadutec (India).

Technology Savvy


Many of SplendorNet’s custom designed website solutions and applications are developed by using Open Source technologies like PHP, Python or NodeJS. If their client is having goal to develop high quality Open Source technologies based web applications in a cost effective way with quality work then the search could be over. SplendorNet is having web team of highly skilled professionals with many years of programming experience and project management experience. The result is prompt and reliable performance. The team members have developed enterprise solutions like Online Training Solutions, Online Interview via Video Conferencing, e-Commerce, Online ERP and Accounting Software, Community tools like Web Portal which has the features like Chat, Bulletin Board, Web mail, Web Calendar and Discussion forum based on OpenSource technologies framework.

SplendorNet also offer an offshore development facility as well as off-shore Staffing solutions for international clients for PHP, MYSQL related development as their certified programmers and other web developer team has on an average 3+ years vertical experience in Open Source programming.

Core:Technologies PHP, Python, NodeJS (MVC frameworks in all these) on server side. Javascript frameworks like AngularJS, ReactJS, jQuery on the client side. PostGreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, MSSQL, DynamoDB etc. on the back end.

Shopping portals / mobile apps, e-Learning solutions, Cloud telephony Solutions, Online Video Conferencing, Online Video Editing Solutions, Automated Surveys, Vehicle Tracking Solutions / Mobile Apps etc.

Clients Speak
“I wish to extend my thanks again on a wonderful experience with you and your firm. Without a doubt your professionalism was quite apparent throughout the entire development of our Application. As a business owner myself, I have certain expectations for other businesses who do services with us and our team. I will be using your services again as you have proved to me and my team that your code, your design and your implementation are nearly impeccable. To have near flawless coding, was truly a sign of a competent team. The real bonus of our dealing was the timing, as time = money in business, you definately got the timing right for us. I wish you and your team long and prosperous success in business.” – Collin Spires.

“We have hired the SplendorNet team for various projects so far and have decided to keep this association going. Great job, fast work & constant communication, highly recommended.” – Jason Richardson.

“Our vision is to drive growth by delivering quality at all the stages through systematic processes.”

Meet the Executive

Pratap Shrotriya, CEO
A visionary, Pratap started SplendorNet with a lone developer and now heading a 60+ strong team and growing. Being tech savvy himself, helps him looking at new technologies and striving for the best quality technically too. As they say, a leader is as good as the people around him. Pratap agree this completely, he is very proud to be able to lead the team of wonderful, highly skilled and experienced team of people. Pratap started this company with a few partners. Headed the technology division and pushed the growth of the company up.