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10 Fastest Growing Google Solution Providers 2017

Statwax Leads The Way In Conversion-Centric Results, Transparency In All Tactics, And Refuses To Settle For The Digital Advertising Status Quo


Statwax isn’t afraid to be different. The performance marketing agency and preferred Google Partner isn’t a run-of-the-mill digital company. Founded in 2015 by Kelly Hendricks, a pro with over 20 years of marketing and agency experience, Statwax was set up to help clients reach their goals in a way unlike others before them. As the rise of bot-driven, opaque digital campaigns grew, Statwax became eager to offer an approach that cut through the noise. By blending together technology, a human touch, and a zeal for digital, this laser-focused agency centered itself on creating conversions and uncovering customer journeys.

We Don’t Sell Impressions. We Make Them

Statwax evolved from a small piece of a larger puzzle. Its ideas, and even some of the company’s people, started out fulfilling a small corner of needs in the bigger picture of a PR and content marketing agency. As the digital landscape evolved, so did how businesses and consumers looked at and relied on digital advertising. Statwax recognized the need to overcome growing industry issues (ad fraud, lack of transparency, and wasted ad spend) and paved a new path to usher users more efficiently through the digital marketing funnel. Coupled with old-fashioned marketing brainpower and zero tolerance for the status quo, their digital advertising campaigns are tested and tweaked daily to uncover customer’s specific path to conversion.

“In the past two years we have worked with two different agencies in our digital advertising with mediocre results and a lack of true partnership. We are very happy to now be working closely with Statwax who has already used their insight and expertise to deliver a 14% increase via PPC/Display advertising.” - Concorde Career College, Client of Statwax

Let’s talk digital performance with Jeff Gasior, President

How successful was your first campaign launch?

Our first campaign offered us the perfect opportunity to showcase our conversion-centric approach. Colored by less than stellar experiences with past agencies, our client was skeptical at first that our method could deliver results, especially because they function in a highly crowded and competitive space. Eager to build trust and drive results, we put together a campaign strategy based on extensive research and planning. They signed off on it, and within 30 days of our relationship we were able to produce a dramatic impact. We reduced 12% of their wasted ad spend from the entire previous year in the first month of our campaign alone. Building trust through performance and not promises quickly led to the client entrusting us with additional budget and campaign expansion.

What makes Statwax great to work with and for?

Transparency: Transparency isn’t just a core company value - we live and breathe it. We believe true digital success requires zero-tolerance for opaqueness in results and opportunities, and that belief fuels everything we do, from client work to employee communication. We report on performance – both the good and the bad – because data and insights are what make campaigns grow, not because we’re checking off a to-do list. One of the most common complaints we hear from companies is that with other agencies, they didn’t get the data they needed or wanted to measure the success of their digital campaigns. We never withhold digital details – in fact, we offer them regularly and unprompted. We keep our clients informed from research to campaign creation, execution, optimization, and reporting. It holds our campaigns accountable to client goals, and helps show our clients we’re truly invested in reaching them.

Results: Our client’s goals are our goals. Our work isn’t done when an ad is created, nor when it’s begun serving. We measure everything we do not only so we can do it better, but so we meet and exceed client’s needs for sales, leads, or sign-ups. We don’t exist to sell impressions, we exist as an extension of our client’s marketing team – and we hold ourselves and our digital campaign to their standards.

People and Partnerships: We believe successful digital advertising is not possible without a human touch. Results are dependent on humans using technology to its highest advantage, not the other way around. The unique set of skills and brainpower our team members offer is our secret sauce for success. Rather than sell people a service, we focus on how we can help companies solve the real-world advertising problems they face. We make it a point to understand a company’s pain points, their space, goals, and customers. By focusing on problem solving, listening, and asking questions, we’ve been able to establish truly valuable partnerships. We want companies to know that there are digital agencies that can work efficiently and effectively without relying solely on methods that may not be the best use of their funds or efforts.

Any factors that were pivotal in shaping your organization’s road map?

Statwax was built to help companies find their ideal customers and drive them to take an action. What led us to form our full-funnel approach was the rise of ad fraud in the space. We were eager to help companies combat the wasted ad spend and brand security risk that comes from ads that are placed, often programmatically, on inappropriate sites or apps (or never actually placed at all). We discovered early on other common pain points for companies – insufficient data on performance, lack of return on ad-spend, no understanding of customer journeys, and the absence of a dedicated account team. The more we heard these pain points, the more ingrained fighting against them became our agency philosophy.

The Man Behind The Metrics

Jeff Gasior, President: Jeff is responsible for the strategic direction and growth of the agency. Previously, he served as the executive vice president of strategy at Statwax, shaping the services offered and the agency’s transparent approach to digital advertising. He produced successful digital advertising strategies for clients like adidas and General Electric, while also guiding all account teams at the agency. He also co-founded and developed Statwax Academy, a free professional development course for those looking to prepare for Google certification exams. Previously, Jeff served as a vice president at BLASTmedia, where he led the paid digital and social media teams, developing and implementing campaigns for Humana and Indiana Farm Bureau.

“We keep our clients informed from research to campaign creation, execution, optimization, and reporting. It holds our campaigns accountable to client goals, and helps show our clients we’re truly invested in reaching them.”