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10 Fastest Growing Data Analytics Companies 2016

StatWorld Research Solutions: Meet the experts in customized analytics solutions and market research, the trusted partners to some of the most reputed companies across sectors

silicon-review-rachin-rajat-co-founders-statworld-research-solutions“Established in early 2013, StatWorld Research Solution Pvt. Ltd is a registered company in India with offices in New Delhi and US.”

Standing tall amidst competition, StatWorld Research Solutions have carved a niche for themselves and established a strong reputation in the industry, in just three years of their existence. With their ability to combine traditional analytics and market research with new technology and innovative approach, they facilitate customer centric, data driven decision making for their global clients. This topped up with ace quality and quick delivery helps them provide what the clients want.

StatWorld is a full service analytics solutions provider that offers expert services in the field of advanced marketing analytics and market research. In advanced analytics, they have distinctive expertise in Discrete Choice Modeling (Conjoint Research) and Market Segmentation, and provide analytics services related to market assessment & commercialization, pricing, marketing & sales effectiveness, CRM analytics etc. In market research, they offer services across all phases such as research design, survey programming, data collection, analysis and reporting. Their other services include dashboards & performance reporting, social media analytics, desk research and excel based automation.

On asking about the position of their company in recent market scenario, Rachin (Cofounder) explained “We are in a very exciting position at this point in time. This industry is a fast growing industry and analytics has created quite a buzz among companies across all sectors. There is so much happening around us….the growing availability of data, the innovations in technology to analyze it, the evolving complex business issues, constant endeavor to stay ahead of competition, and above all, the changing mindsets of companies to go for data driven decisions. All this put together offers a great platform to perform and change the world and we are in for it.”

StatWorld serves reputed clients across the globe. Their key clients are based in US, Europe, Middle East and India.

StatWorld’s 3 years journey in a nutshell
StatWorld has been started and nurtured by Rachin Gupta and Rajat Goel together and the company has done extremely well in establishing itself under their able leadership. While the idea of starting something in the field of data analytics was there in the minds of partners for many years, it took shape 3 years back in the form of StatWorld Research Solutions.

“Rachin and I had a long association together for more than 9 years and we knew each other’s professional and personal strengths well. We both were alike in the sense that we were always passionate to do something of our own.” Added Rajat (Cofounder)

Given the strong experience that they both had in analytics industry and exposure they got in other stints where they had been into strategically important roles, they were prepared to face the challenges of starting up their own company. “In 2013, we both had considerable experience and confidence to go for it, our personal situations also allowed us to take the step, which we thought should be taken soon before we get too late for it. That’s how StatWorld stepped into the world of business.” Mentioned Rachin

“Rachin and I complement each other very well and have a great understanding. Our roles are not as per any drawn lines, the responsibilities get divided automatically. Together, we make a great team.” Said Rajat

Delivering an unmatched quality
StatWorld takes pride in the exceptional quality they offer to their clients. This is what they feel differentiates them from others in this domain. Your client’s trust in what you do is all that matters. Quality is important as even a small mistake can take away that trust leaving the entire research meaningless for your client. “We at StatWorld believe that differentiation could exist in two forms. ‘First, that you offer a unique solution. Second, that you be better than others in whatever you do’. We at StatWorld do both.” – Said Rachin

A “Go-To” expert in their sphere, StatWorld provides high-end, customized data determined solutions to global clients. Today, the company stands at the premium end of this domain as they adeptly offer end-to-end solutions using customized analytics, modeling and market research.

Serving a dynamic client base
StatWorld partners with some of the most recognized brands in different sectors. They pocket a prestigious client base globally. Over the last 3 years, they have worked with two of the top 5 pharmaceutical companies, a top 3 medical device company, many fortune 500 companies in CPG/FMCG sector and many more.

StatWorld’s industry expertise diverges across multiple sectors such as Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, CPG, Banking & Finance, F&B, Automotive, IT & Telecom.

Aiming to achieve 100% client satisfaction score, everytime, StatWorld leaves no stone unturned to make their every project a success. The company has generated repeated business from most of their clients and added new clients at the same time.

“We combine traditional analytics with latest technology and our innovative approach to facilitate customer centric, data driven, smart solutions to global clients.”

Building a solid base for tomorrow
Strongly abiding by their core values and brand, the company has so far focused on establishing a strong brand reputation for themselves in the market. A constant flow of work and repeat business from most clients has helped them create a strong foundation. While this will continue to happen in the coming years as well, the founders feel they are at the right platform to grow at a much rapid pace in coming years. With huge availability of data and innovative technology to analyze that, StatWorld’s future focus area will be to offer continuous innovation to their clients by the combination of traditional analytics and technology and be a gateway for all the research needs of their clients.

Meet the Key Leaders

Rachin Gupta, Co-Founder (rachin.gupta@statworld.in)– Carrying over 13 years of professional experience spread across management consulting, marketing analytics, market research, logistics and supply chain, Rachin has worked in various strategic and entrepreneurial roles through his career and helped the organizations grow. Having experience of working closely with Fortune 500 international clients on multitude of market research /consulting studies, Rachin holds an MBA from Indian School of Business – ISB Hyderabad and B.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology – IIT Delhi.

Rajat Goel, Co-Founder (rajat.goel@statworld.in)–  Rajat has more than 10 years of experience in the field of marketing analytics & market research, logistics and supply chain. Prior to co-founding StatWorld, he has worked in start-ups as well as medium & large size organizations, where he contributed tremendously towards the growth of these organizations. Rajat has a very strong technical knowledge and diverse experience of executing complex analytics & market research projects across multiple sectors and geographies. He Holds an MBA from Institute of Management Technology – IMT Ghaziabad and B.Tech from National Institute of Technology – NIT Jalandhar.