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Storage Made Easy: Providing a Unified Enterprise File Share and Sync Fabric


"Headquartered in Surrey, UK, Storage Made Easy provides a single point to control all your data.”

Storage Made Easy (‘SME’) is the trading name of Vehera Ltd, a UK Cloud Computing startup that focuses on the Enterprise vertical and the unification and security of files, whether stored on cloud or behind the corporate firewall. The company was formed in 2009 and spent 3 years developing and building product prior to releasing it to the market in mid 2013.

Storage Made Easy (“SME”) provides an Enterprise File Share and Sync ‘fabric’ that focuses on two large and emerging markets. The first is Cloud Security, encompassing Governance and Compliance, and the second is the large and growing OpenStack private cloud market for which SME has a large footprint and strong channel partners.

The SME mission is to be the enterprise standard for secure federated data control using the technology to satisfy two major business imperatives:

  • ‘Joined up’ File Governance: SME provides a unified data control point spanning any combination of internal and cloud-based file storage and sharing sites. It is able to provide Audit and Governance that is consistent across Apps and storage solutions.
  • Enterprise-Class: SME gives entitled users and corporate IT a comprehensive set of Apps and tools for single-sign-on (SSO), Governance, Security, Audit, and Business Continuity across all environments and devices in a market which is increasingly adopting strict data legislation.

The company fills a market gap for a unified control solution truly designed for Enterprise customers and Service Providers. In contrast, many of SME’s competitors are adding to cloud sprawl problems in providing “another point solution”. SME is: Device Agnostic, Storage Agnostic, App Agnostic and Infrastructure Agnostic. Customers can choose to use SME as a software appliance hosted in their corporate data center or on IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service).

Additionally, SME has a growing reputation and expanding footprint as a solution for object storage systems, which are replacing expensive proprietary storage solutions in the enterprise and for which there is a need for enterprise Applications. In particular, SME has a strong brand presence with regards to OpenStack Storage.

A Blanket to Wrap your Data
The SME product solution offers a “blanket” that enterprises can privately apply to wrap around all their data: on-premise, within a public cloud, or on a third party software vendors’ cloud (SharePoint or SalesForce for example). Customers use SME for security, encryption and control as well as to provide a data unification and platform.

The SME solution provides a comprehensive control and management solution to enable secure cloud collaboration across data points for corporations.

SME’s enterprise file synchronization fabric works with any storage silo, on-site, on-cloud, or in a hybrid cloud, and utilizes any computer, phone or tablet. It provides the critical control point needed to maintain enterprise-class standards of compliance, governance and collaboration functionality.

The company targets large Enterprises and Service Providers who require a ‘joined up’ solution that aims at the Cloud Security market as it relates to data. It also has a growing reputation as an enterprise class application for use with Object Storage solutions.

A few of its clientele are as listed below:

  • Lush, the cosmetics manufacturer.
  • Veritext, the largest North American legal deposition company.
  • Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research, the world’s largest Cancer Research company.
  • Colby, the American College and University.
  • Tigo, the largest South American Telco provider.
  • Birch Communications, the large Atlanta based service provider.
  • Xtime, the cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Clients Speak
“SME is far and away ahead of all others in terms of features, flexibility and security, while many alternative companies were built using older database technology and lacked the security enhancements our clients needed.” – Mike Murray, director of client solutions at Veritext

“With the world growing increasingly data-rich, customers are looking for tools to access data at any time, whilst also being as secure as possible. SME’s Enterprise product allows us to provide our customers with a completely safe way to store personal data, alongside the convenience they demand.” – Steve Parsons, Affinion Snr Director, International Product Development

Future Road Map
Storage Made Easy is currently solving the problem of disparate data silos that span both on-premises and public cloud. It unifies and secures them, making data visible and accessible. Future focus will be on providing analytical services that provide deeper insight into the various data silos that will allow companies to fulfil their vision of being an adaptive enterprise.

Meet the CEO

Jim Liddle, CEO
Jim has a background in Sales and Technology; having led Sales, Technology and Marketing teams during his tenure with different companies. Prior to joining Storage Made Easy, Jim was responsible for European Sales and Operations for the big data and cloud company, GigaSpaces, to help build European operations. Prior to this, he was the General Manager for Europe and the East Coast USA for Versata, a business process and rules management company where he was responsible for the company’s largest ever sale of $10 million to British Telecom.

“The SME solution allows IT to regain control of “cloud data sprawl” by unifying private/public company data and privately used employee cloud data solutions into a single converged infrastructure.”