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Striving to deliver quality customer service: AC4S

Information technology has become a major driving force in many organizations. These organizations are seeking to get IT applications which can help them sell their products or services effectively. For example, by use of Internet, organizations or businesses are moving information faster and they also coordinate multiple activities to achieve efficiency. They also use the internet to sell their services or products. IT has changed business, education and so many other sectors, as the same, AC4S is one such company which provides worthy IT services to its customers.

The AC4S idea was conceived in 2002 by 3 military veterans deployed in a tactical, austere mission environment. They envisioned industry augmenting their military forces with commercial, industry-best-practices-based IT Services and Solutions, rapidly deployable worldwide. Thus, AC4S was founded in 2002 by providing world-class global customer support to the joint networking community with network engineers and planners.

Headquartered in Florida, US, AC4S has evolved into a highly skilled team of professional IT and communications engineers, planners and operators with a deep affiliation and history supporting the Joint Communication Support Element (JCSE) and other DOD entities. As such, people who previously deployed around the world wearing the JCSE patch make up 80% of the executive and senior leadership of AC4S. AC4S is now over 175 professionals with extensive experience in military and civilian C5ISR, Mission Support Services, Professional Services and Cyberspace Operations supporting the DOD, Intelligence Community and Diplomacy missions globally.

The three founder’s vision was to provide world-class global customer support. AC4S brings extensive experience in military and civilian C5ISR, Mission Support Services, Professional Services and Cyberspace Operations to support the DoD, and Diplomacy missions worldwide.

Products and Services
AC4S has recently begun providing selected products as a value-added reseller. They are currently focused on adding additional products to their commercial price list based on products in demand by their government customers. Recent product procurements by AC4S for their customers range from secure VTC equipment to large tanker trucks. They procure what the customer needs procured, when they need it procured and delivered where they need it delivered.

AC4S provides services and solutions support in four main lines of business: C5ISR, Cyberspace Operations Services and Solutions, Professional Support Services, and Mission Support Services.

C5ISR: Everything Over IP is not just a buzzword, it is a reality. Traditional Information Technology, hardware and software, audiovisual , VTC solutions and telecommunications and telephony solutions have all converged based on IP technology.

Cyberspace Operations : AC4S is a leading provider of Cyberspace Services and Solutions. Following the NIST Cyber Workforce Framework, AC4S provides Cyberspace Operations Support in four major functional areas: Software and System Security, Operate and Maintain Infrastructure and Systems, Protect and defend, and Oversight and Development.

Professional Support Services: Their Professional Support Services line of business includes assisting their customers with Program/Project Management, Training Development and Execution and Grants Management.

Mission Support services: AC4S provides a wide variety of Mission Support Services for their customers, but not limited Life Support Services, Construction Management, Logistics Support, and Transportation Support.

Client Territory
AC4S has organized their customer support delivery mechanisms into market segments to ensure focused support with focused expertise. Their market segments include Department of Defense Market, Federal Civilian Market, International Market, State and Local Market and Commercial Market.

“As information technology restructures the work situation, it abstracts thought from action”.

Meet the Master

Huge Campbell, Founder
Hugh has held numerous positions in planning, designing and implementing large-scale telecommunications networks for both government and commercial organizations. He has spent 10 years on Active Duty as a Communications Officer in the U.S. Prior to starting AC4S, he was the Vice President of Engineering for Accelacom, Inc, a high speed internet company. Prior to that post, he served Intermedia Communications as the Director of Engineering for that company’s nationwide data communications network, supporting thousands of customers and generating revenues of over $200 million annually. Mr. Campbell is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point and has completed post-graduate work at the Air Force Institute of Technology. He holds a M.S. in Telecommunications Management from Golden Gate University and retired as a Cyberspace Operations Officer in the U.S Air Force Reserves.

“AC4S is dedicated to maximize the potential of our greatest asset;  our employees.”