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Synapse Design: The leading SOC and ASIC design Services Company

thesiliconreview-bagalkotkar-president-ceo-synapse-design-2018Synapse Design is an industry leader in design services and is the engineering backbone of most top tier Semiconductor and System companies around the world. Synapse Design target customers are companies with $1 billion in revenue, and we enable them to meet their technical & resource challenges to build the next generation products. Founded in 2003, headquartered in San Jose (Silicon Valley) with operations in Irvine, Boston, San Diego, Boulder-Colorado, China, Europe and India, Synapse Design has over 700 employees distributed around the globe and is aggressively growing.

Synapse Design assists its clients in developing their next generation flagship product lines (mobile devices, complex routers/switches, consumer products, storage, microprocessor, graphics processors etc.). This includes developing cutting edge technologies that are key and rare in the industry. Experts in building the most complex SoC`s, Synapse Design further differentiates by having one of the strongest analog/mixed signal & software design teams in the industry. The Synapse Design engagement model is equally diverse - all the way from architecture or product spec development to full turnkey projects, or deploying large/small teams around the world to help its clients deliver their latest product - fastest to market.

SOC Design offering

Synapse Design supports SOC design from Architecture specifications to tapeout. We have experience with the latest tools, techniques and process technologies (down to 14nm). Our experienced team is well-versed in the latest design domains, protocols and multi-core embedded systems.

Synapse Design is the recognized leader in the design of complex SOC designs, from spec to a fully verified GDSII ready for fabrication. Our clients trust us with their most complex, leading edge designs, and we exceed their expectations in delivering designs that meet very stringent requirements for area, power, and performance. Synapse Design has domain expertise to enable you to develop solutions for a vast array of industry sectors. We are well-versed on the latest interface protocols and embedded CPU/GPU processor and memory subsystem design techniques. Our engineers are trained on the latest developments in the areas of high performance, low power and area efficient designs. We have delivered many FGPA prototypes and also conversions of FPGA to ASIC.

Every year Synapse Design delivers dozens of production tapeouts using Synopsys, Cadence & Mentor tools. Our tool flows are captured using a proprietary technology that enables a repeatable, rules-driven solution, which in turn drives our industry-leading first time silicon success rate.

Analog and mixed signal

Synapse Design has a team of Verilog-AMS experts who can build state of the art mixed signal verification environments for sophisticated mixed signal ICs. The Synapse Design team has built complex verification environments from scratch, written self-checking assertion checks, created randomization test cases. When working with design verification teams, the AMS coverage can be merged with the digital verification environment to ensure that interfaces have been covered in either environment.

Synapse Design has helped its clients get up and running on the latest verification methodologies including Verilog-A/AMS modeling as well as RNM. Synapse Design modeling experts have supported the architecture and specification phase by building models that work in conjunction with the system model. Once the system model is found to meet the objective then the specification is generated from the Verilog-A/AMS model. Synapse Design has helped clients convert their Verilog-A models into RNM models; RNM allows the digital verification team to verify the design to the same level as the AMS team but getting the results significantly faster than the AMS.


Synapse Design offers complete turnkey development services in the software and embedded firmware space. With our strong heritage in semiconductor development, we are the ideal partners to work with to support your systems level software and embedded firmware needs. Our expertise spans low-level code to control the hardware, embedded firmware to implement the core functionality, up to middleware to manage the transactions between layers, and continues to the application software needed to tie it all together and test it.

Bit-banging, bare metal programming, low level drivers -- however you think of the lowest layer in your embedded design, Synapse Design has the right expertise to tackle the task. Our engineers have experience in all of the mainstream processors and operating systems.

Given the broad range of end application environments Synapse Design serves, we are the perfect partner to develop the interface layers between your OS and applications. Synapse Design has particular expertise in the embedded systems environment and has worked with countless protocol stacks, networking stacks, security implementations and database managers. Our engineers have a wide range of experience to develop sophisticated abstraction layers between your hardware and application layers to make management of future changes a snap.

Work culture

At Synapse we come together with a "Will DO" spirit. Our teams are the driving force propelling us to scale new heights. Well rounded individuals, thorough professionals, knowledge Gurus – Synapse employees fit this description. Working on the most aggressive process technologies such as 20nm and 14nm technologies; and a variety of projects across domains, our engineers are always up for a challenge and to cross new frontiers.

An open work culture with an interactive atmosphere encourages collaboration across teams and breeds innovation. Supporting each other and teaming up to explore beyond what is known. Ever growing skill sets and information enriches the inquisitive minds. Opportunities galore, paving the way for successful careers. Performance and the right spirit rewarded amply. Synapse grows as their teams scale higher. Come join us to amplify and resonate with us.

Meet the leader

Mr. Bagalkotkar is President/CEO and founding member of Synapse Design. He has more than 18 years of senior management experience

Prior to founding Synapse Design, Satish was Senior Director of Engineering at Silicon Access Networks where he was responsible for development of the industry first 20GB router chips set. Satish pioneered the concept of a design factory for developing complex SOC s and ensuring first time silicon success every time. Previous to Silicon Access, Satish was responsible for development of four generations of micro-processors at HAL Computer Systems, leading to the acquisition of HAL Computer Systems by Fujitsu. Satish holds a MSEE from University of Louisville`s, KY.

“For today’s complex, embedded processor SOC designs, our teams deliver all the required firmware/embedded software, making us truly a 'concept-to-product’ design company.”