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SyncDog: A Comprehensive Mobility Platform for Enterprise Security


“The sophistication of advanced threats has outpaced what most organization’s security teams can handle on their own; monitoring and response must be a 24/7 function.” – Yanek Korff

IT administrators need real-time visibility into every single thing a mobile device is doing on a network. Without that, it is impossible to effectively ensure that the device is not accessing confidential, privileged data or carrying malware that could spread to other assets. The best way to gain total visibility is to utilize the existing network. The network has data about every transaction crossing it, and it can provide this information through the existing infrastructure. Headquartered in Reston, VA, USA, SyncDog offers a comprehensive mobility platform that manages application security through containerization, mobile log management for network security and compliance reporting.

SyncDog was founded in 2013 by Jonas Gyllensvaan with a determined focus on mobile infrastructure security. The company’s leaders have been working on mobile device security since the late 1990s. SyncDog’s CEO Jonas Gyllensvaan is an engineer by trade and has been heavily involved in day-to-day architecture and development for the product from day one. Much of the innovation of SyncDog comes from the unique ability of Jonas to convert business requirements to technology and systems processes. Additionally, SyncDog’s size positions it well to adjust to customer requests and make revisions to suit a multitude of changing requirements.

Market Positioning and Customer Approach
SyncDog is an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) focused on securing access to enterprise data from mobile devices and tablets. The company has cutting-edge technology which encrypts and controls customers’ intellectual property. SentinelSecure™, once implemented, provides a secure container on smart devices for enterprise data and applications. This enables end users to leverage mobile technology and yield a greater business workflow opportunity with higher levels of secure integration.

The company approaches customers in an independent consultative engagement, not relying on any other technical framework, thereby ensuring easy deployment of the solution with no infrastructure dependencies. It gives preference to security followed by flexibility in deployment options so that the customer’s end-user experience takes place without disruption. The company’s highly-flexible solution is a complementary tool to existing infrastructure (including EMM and MDM) and application security and compliance policies. Customer business strategies direct latest developments in its technology and generally come from CEOs, CIOs, CISOs and other senior managers directing the business.

SyncDog’s Powerful Arsenal
There are many aspects to how SyncDog protects enterprise data from mobile points of intrusion, but the security strategy is twofold: 1) secure the transmission of enterprise data to/from the device with government grade encryption, and 2) provide a secure “container” on the device that serves as device business workstation for all applications including Microsoft Office, web browser, secure texting, file management/sync, and others.

SentinelSecure, provides FIPS 140-2, AES 256-bit encryption for data both at rest and in transit. The SentinelSecure container delivers the same encrypted security for employees to perform normal work application activity without sacrificing performance. The freedom to work business-as-usual on the device is a departure from competing solutions that curtail application functionality as a trade off to higher levels of network data protection.

The benefit to clients is the comfort of knowing that 24/7 mobile access to their organizations’ intellectual property – the new norm in today’s business world – is secured and protected. SyncDog has further enhanced the product through technology partnerships to provide additional enterprise services as a GPS location service to track worker productivity, encrypted texting that can be set to expire and then be wiped from the device automatically, and other enhancements to protect enterprise data.

Customer Base
The company is currently focusing on Fortune 1000 enterprise organizations and Federal/ State governments. It is focused on the Banking/Finance, Healthcare and Aerospace sectors. SyncDog has just released a new product version to market and has a long standing development
relationship with a health care project called Health First.
SentinelSecure provides secure infrastructure for a number of applications being developed for the mobile transaction of medical data and records.

Geographies Based in Northern Virginia, SyncDog’s main target area is North America. SyncDog is also working with partners in the EU to bring to market-localized white label
offerings in several countries.

The Road Ahead
SyncDog will continue to focus on the development of compelling mobility additions for SentinelSecure (ie. Geo-Fencing). As it continues to sell direct to the market and through channel organizations, SyncDog will continue to focus on the specific needs of the client, taking advantage of the company’s superior product pricing and flexibility.

Meet the Founder 

Jonas Gyllensvaan, CEO and President
Jonas Gyllensvaan is an ardent personality and serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in the field of Information Technology and the guiding light behind SyncDog. He has founded three successful start-ups and has been an advisor to many. A designer, developer, technology architect and business manager, the visionary behind SyncDog has also worked for multiple government agencies on their technology projects in several countries in the past.

“Our pure-software solutions solve the mobility service & security dilemma and allow IT administrators to be in front of costly support calls.”

Team SyncDog comprises of leaders who have been working in the domain of mobile security since the mid 1990s and have played a vital role in keeping the company a step ahead of their competitors.”