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SR 2015 50 Fastest Growing IT Services Companies

Systematic process-based approach for delivering the services: A-1 Technologies

“We can’t ever forget that the Internet now is just a staid utility. The exciting platforms are software applications that are very, very simple.”  – Mark Cuban

A-1 Technology is a leading edge technology and Software Development Company focused on delivering the best and most cost-effective services and solutions to its clients globally. They have an impeccable experience as far as custom mobile application software development is concerned and their diversified expertise in developing mobile applications across various platforms like Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile platform, J2ME, BREW and Palm has been proven time and again.

A-1 Technology has been developing customized Information Technology solutions for clients ranging from large enterprises to businesses in order to make them more competitive and productive. Headquartered in New York, USA, their other locations include Los Angeles, Irvine, San Francisco and Boca Raton.

Their project co-coordinators with their domain expertise work closely with the clients to understand their targeted market and requirements, which results in optimal and effective solution. They can define high-performance architecture at any scale and develop a customized solution for their client. In depth project management skills and experience allows them to manage the whole process and deliver an on- time business solution, which is high on quality and low on budget.

Services provided by A-1 Technology

Software Outsourcing: A-1 Technology Inc is an ISO Certified and STPI Registered Offshore Software Development Company promises to provide highly qualitative and cost effective Custom Application Development to its clients globally. They have extensive experience in many sectors like Mobile Application Development, .net development, Linux Programming, Flash and flex Development etc.

Enterprise Mobility: The company has entered the new era of enterprise mobility which has been made possible via technology advancement and its abridged cost structures. Consumer uptake is the fuel that is driving this trend. Now, what enterprises need is a differing strategy that clouts investments in the employee’s personal technology to form a more mobile, responsive and cost efficient platform for business.

Mobile Apps Development: The Mobile Programming market is constantly evolving with the developers leveraging their SDK skills to produce stronger and innovative mobile applications. The rapidly growing mobile space demands more engrossing and appealing applications. A good customized application developed for client’s business can provide you with effective market penetration and give you the competitive edge.

Web Designing and Development: Enterprises today need to overcome their demographic boundaries to create a niche for themselves in the global economy. This requires web based solutions complying with appropriate aesthetics, content, compatibility and interactivity with the users. A smart web based solution should aim at extending business along with a strong identity. Client’s business solutions also have to be updated from time to time for the changes complying with the latest software’s, techniques and methods.

Cloud computing: A-1 technology has been a pioneer in helping organizations by proving them with cloud solutions which can be deployed as a private infrastructure exclusive to that particular organization. This is very useful as far as security protocols are concerned. Moreover it helps customize the cloud computing to the needs of the organization so that it can be easily integrated into the overall infrastructure. Their cloud computing services not only improves the quantity and quality of the resources available to any organization but it also provides them with flexibility and ingenuity which results in competitive advantage.

Social Networking

Integration: A-1 Technology focuses on meeting social media requirements and making them versatile. Usage is monitored as well as analyzed for business applications. They also dwell in maintaining viral channels and enhancing the applications from time to time to give you that distinctive edge. The company’s years of expertise in the social networking applications have given us an edge over the others. Their enthusiastic services is not only thriving for getting you the utmost business but also creating long term alliance with client’s customers.

The company has some of the industry giants as its clients, proving professional workmanship. A-1 Technology’s clients include Google, HTC, SAP, AMGEN, Disney, MTv and many more.

Meet the Key Executive

Ishwari Singh, President & CEO
Ishwari frequently speaks on business topics pertaining to digital strategy, entrepreneurship and finance at industry events in North America and Europe. He recently spoke at the United Nation Conference on Aging on the subject of “Age of Connectivity” at the United Nations Headquarter in New York on February 4th, 2002. Ishwari also spoke on broadband convergence at the CIO Forum 2000, on Customer Service at the IMC World Conference and on electronic finance at Net-IP conference. Ishwari regularly teaches electronic finance to the e-commerce class at Fordham Business School in New York City, the Executive MBA Class at UC Denver and at Fletcher School of Law. Ishwari has been profiled in the Who’s Who of America, Who’s Who of Finance and International Who’s Who. Ishwari has an MBA degree from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Ishwari’s MBA focused on Finance and Systems.

“Our focus is on enhancing the built-in capabilities of client’s products first and then adding the solution as required.”