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Take Control of Your Contingent & Consulting Workforce: Expert360

thesiliconreview-bridget-loudon-ceo-cofounder-expert360-2018During the time at Bain & Company, Bridget Loudon and Emily Yue saw the power of contingent workers and consultants as a means to get support and expertise to supercharge organizations and create real change.

At that time, corporations lacked the ability to easily augment staff, build handpicked consultant teams, hire top individual short-term talent and engage with subject matter experts and boutique firms. They were also unable to have these elite business professionals available for deployment within days, not weeks.

Simultaneously, the duo noticed that more freelancers and firms in management, finance, marketing, HR, sales, operations, and technology wanted to have more flexibility and choice in the way they work and with whom they work.

Bridget and Emily knew that technology could efficiently connect companies with previously inaccessible on-demand talent. They created Expert360 to be this technology solution.

Expert360 allows businesses to engage and manage top talent for short-midterm project-work. It brings businesses what they really want – the ability to manage existing high-quality talent through its platform or engage flexibly with its vetted pool of 19,000+ freelancers and firms at a price that delivers great value.

Through the Expert360 platform, businesses are able to:

  • Manage their existing contingent and consulting workforce through its platform
  • Access over 19,000 vetted independent consultants, freelancers and firms with experience working exclusively in top global businesses.
  • Augment staff, build consultant teams, hire top individual talent and engage with subject matter experts and boutique firms at the click of a button.
  • Track contingent cost and activity with access to its custom reports and dashboards to help you oversee costs and consultant, freelancer and/or firm usage.
  • Through the Expert360 platform, consultants, freelancers, and firms are able to:
  • Do what they love every dayby selecting projects that leverage their skills and interest them the most.
  • Effortlessly manage their own workflow without having to worry about contracts and invoices. Everything is managed through the online platform.
  • Grow their professional network by connecting with likeminded consultants and businesses seeking individuals with their unique background and experience.

How Expert360 Works

For Consultants

  • Sign up for a FREE consultant account: Expert360 is home to only the very best in consulting talent.
  • Create your profile: This is your opportunity to showcase your previous experience, areas of expertise and detail your project preferences. Expert360 have a wealth of resources to help you craft your profile and set your rate.
  • Browse Opportunities: New projects are added daily and visible on your Expert360 dashboard. It will email you project recommendations that match your skills and experience. You can also make your profile publicly discoverable and opt into having clients contact you directly.
  • Apply: Apply to projects that pique your interest. Your application is sent immediately through to clients, together with your Expert360 profile and any fee, timing and scope suggestions you may have.
  • Agree terms: Agree and formalize key terms of your engagement with the client either directly or on the Expert360 platform. This will depend on the clients’ payment plan.
  • Get paid: Clients either contract or pay you directly OR Expert360 will facilitate payments and you can use our simple invoicing tool via the Expert360 platform. You’ll be notified which option your client has selected on their project brief.

For Clients

  • Create your project briefs: Post-project briefs that describe what you need help with, the profile of your ideal consultant and other details. It’s a good idea to set expectations around your timeframe and budget to help consultants tailor their proposals to your needs. Your company details are kept confidential and are not visible to consultants.
  • Get matched to the best consultants: Its recommendations engine matches your brief with the most relevant consultants. You can also invite Expert360 consultants to apply for your projects by searching for skills and industry experience. Interested and available consultants will submit applications for you to review.
  • Engage quickly and directly: Review the applications, read feedback from former clients and choose who you want to interview and hire. Connect with them directly.
  • Agree Terms: Once you’re ready to hire, key terms (rates, start date, deliverables, approach and so on) will all be agreed on the Expert360 platform.
  • Work directly with your consultant: Expert360 encourage you to be clear on deliverables and communicate with the consultant regularly throughout your projects to ensure your expectations are met. The Expert360 team is here to help should you have any questions or concerns.
  • Pay and contract: Its standard invoicing cycle is fortnightly throughout your projects. You’ll receive an invoice from Expert360 for the consultants’ work and our service fee. It accept a range of payment methods (bank deposit, Paypal, credit card).
  • Leave feedback and reviews: Help its consultants build their profile and be part of improving the Expert360 experience. It value your feedback.
  • Track spends and activity: Large companies can take advantage of our custom enterprise dashboards, allowing you to track freelance and consulting costs and utilization.


“Expert360 is not just a platform but quickly becoming a way of life for Australia’s best finance and consulting talent.”

  • Former Manager, McKinsey & Company

“I was worried about where the money would come from and how we were going to survive, which is one of the reasons why Expert360 is great for me.”

  • Sam Dean, Strategy Consultant at Expert 360

The Elegant Leader

Bridget Loudon, CEO, and Co-Founder: Bridge's time at Bain & Co let her see that the world was changing: more people wanted to work flexibly than ever and businesses wanted to leverage technology to access the best talent. The rest was history.

“We ensure you get the right fit for your project, big or small. Have freelancers and firms from our vetted talent pool apply to you, or manage your existing contingent staff through our platform.”