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10 Fastest Growing SAAS Solution Providers 2018

Take Control of Your Financial Operations: SaaSOptics


Grow freely with complete subscription management built for smart B2B SaaS and subscription businesses.

SaaSOptics’ Story

“Necessity is the mother of invention. No words have ever been truer.

We know how challenging it can be to manage financial operations for a SaaS business because we’ve lived it. That’s the reason we built SaaSOptics.

In 1998, we launched a SaaS company that provided marketing resource management solutions. But it didn’t take long to realize traditional tools for managing financial operations didn’t work for our business model. And, with SaaS just beginning to take hold, we couldn’t find any alternative solutions that would solve our challenges. So we did what a lot of young companies do and used spreadsheets and manual processes. But as our business grew, those spreadsheets and workflows became cumbersome and consumed too much of our time—time we needed to spend on higher value tasks that drove the business forward.

When it came time to raise capital, we needed more metrics than our financial processes could easily provide. The analysis and numbers the VCs and investors wanted, so they could gauge our potential, were difficult to pull together.

We knew every other SaaS or subscription company out there had these same problems. So we turned our focus to creating a solution that would make it easy to solve the problems that had been very painful for us, like conducting churn analysis and analytics—things that are important in raising capital or for an acquisition. In fact, we had a vision for building a solution that would do everything needed for running the financial aspects of a subscription business. Once the analytics capabilities were done, we added other features and functions to meet the full spectrum of financial operations needs that B2B SaaS and subscription businesses have in the early years and as they grow and scale. That product is SaaSOptics subscription management platform.

Today, over 500 customers rely on SaaSOptics to manage over $4.1B in revenue.”

Why SaaSOptics?

Growth-minded B2B SaaS or Subscription Businesses aren’t like Everyone Else.

There are a lot of platforms out there, but none focus on B2B SaaS or subscription-based businesses like SaaSOptics. The company’s financial operations platform is built specifically for your needs with the flexibility you need, a quick implementation that won’t bog you down, expert customer support and affordable pricing for all growth stages.

Grow freely without constraints to your financial operations. As a growing business, you need a solution that is flexible with your unique B2B SaaS business needs and can scale over time to optimize your financial operations.

SaaSOptics streamlines your day-to-day subscription management processes while providing in-depth financial metrics and analytics like MRR/ARR, churn cohorts and customer lifetime value. Plus, SaaSOptics offers direct integrations with popular financial systems so you can improve workflows and increase productivity.

Customers’ Testimonies

“One of the most important things we’ve done is take a strategic, long-term view of our finance operations. SaaSOptics has taken the headache out of running much of the financial operations of our SaaS business and will be an important part of our future growth and success.”

- Mark Pocock, Chief Financial Officer

“We know how SaaSOptics can impact business decisions and fundraising. Most importantly, I trust the data in SaaSOptics, the executive team trusts it, the board trusts it, auditors trust it, and investors trust it.”

- Amar Shrivastava, Vice President Finance

"SaaSOptics has pulled SaaS revenue recognition out of the dark ages! Accurate revenue recognition and other critical metrics such as MRR can now be generated in real time."

- Eric Rosenberg, Sr. Manager - Financial Planning & Analysis

“With SaaSOptics, we’re able to bring our clients a much higher level of service and intelligence so they are no longer making decisions in the dark. They are making informed decisions and in most cases, for the first time in the business. It’s pretty powerful.”

- Ben Robinson, Managing Partner

"With SaaSOptics, I have a reliable method for computing and tracking revenue and deferred revenue, and also fantastic metrics I can use to understand our business as we grow. It's really working great for us! Plus the support is fantastic."

- Dawn Crew, Director of Finance

Meet the Leader

Tim McCormick, CEO: Tim has over 30 years of experience in building, launching and growing successful enterprise software businesses. Before joining SaaSOptics, Tim was director of Americas sales operations at Cisco Systems following its acquisition of JouleX, where he was the vice president of sales and marketing from the founding in 2010 through the acquisition in 2013 for $107M.

Tim has experience leading multiple B2B software companies from start-up through acquisition. He was a member of the founding management team and vice president of marketing for Internet Security Systems (ISS), where he increased market share and grew the company’s revenue from $5M in 1996 to over $400M. He saw the company through a successful IPO in 1998 and in 2006, when ISS was acquired by IBM for $1.9B, and served as vice president of the business solutions group, leading business line and product management, product marketing, marketing communications and programs, partnership strategy and business development. Tim earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Delaware.

“They trust us because we’ve been in their shoes and used what we learned to create a truly exemplary solution. SaaSOptics can make it easier for you to grow and succeed at any stage of your business, too.”