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SILICON100 2017

Taking a seemingly impossible idea and turning it into a tangible solution: Martiancraft

thesiliconreview-kyle-richter-ceo-martiancraft-17We are not waiting on the future. We are building it today

MartianCraft is a software design and development agency working with companies of all sizes to see their vision through from idea to completion. There is no such thing as a standard project, we know that, and that's why we work closely with our clients to remain aligned. That's how we craft amazing software. We have what it takes. Taking a seemingly impossible idea and turning it into a tangible solution. Our talented designers and developers are handpicked to be the best team possible on every project we take on.

Can’t software be a positive change for the human experience?

Software can be a positive change for the human experience. We are here to make things better, to advance the state of the art, to build software that stands the test of time.  We are not waiting on the future. We are building it today. Ideas should be touched. Dreams should be built. It is why we design software for creative people. And build unique apps for demanding clients.

 And here we introduce our products:

BRIEFS: Share Your Ideas without Code

BRIEFS are made for visual thinkers. You can use your own art, or use the libraries of stock components we provide. You slice your mockups into individual sprites or import a flattened comp and add hotspots. We have a simulator on the Mac, or you can preview briefs right on your device using BriefsLive. With BriefsLive you can see and touch your changes in real time, while you work.  Use Briefs to move through different screens in your app, animating along the way. We've included six different transitions to help you get started. Each transition supports multiple directions and a customizable duration. Additionally, individual elements (sprites) can be transformed, rotated and moved at the touch of a button.

Touchpad: Operate remotely

Multi-touch trackpad allows you to use the same gestures you already rely on at your desk. This fully universal app, designed to be great from small iPhone screen, all the way up to iPad Pro. It can act as a media controller for major software like Front Row, Divx, Windows Media Center, and more. Or control your favorite tunes in Spotify and Pandora without leaving the party.

NumPad: Compose like never before

A full sized keyboard is only a tap away. Enjoy the luxury of an extended number pad to power through your spreadsheets at the coffee shop. Or compose a ditty on the beach using Finale or Sibelius. Leave bulky keyboards at home and use NumPad as a lightweight alternative for those moments when you need a few more keys.

SLENDER: Understand every byte

Expose wasted space from unused assets, correct malformed retina images, catch common mistakes, such as mismatched color profiles, and more. Slender analyzes your entire Xcode project and tells you what’s wrong. Slender will match assets based on strings created at runtime. If that doesn’t cut it, Slender will use advanced fuzzy logic detection algorithms with real time code previews. Unused assets can be removed with the click of a button. Unused assets are automatically unlinked from your Xcode project then removed from your file system. Everything can be easily undone through Slender's automatic backup or through version control.  It can see how and where assets are used in your app, broken down by project, workspace, target, or file. Once located, Slender can use multiple methods of image compression to give you more space without sacrificing quality.

RESOLVE: Manage issues from anywhere

Resolve is a fully featured app for iPhone that puts ticket management in the palm of your hand. It makes tracking issues in Lighthouse simpler than ever before. Resolve pairs real-time notifications with a powerful sorting system, and advanced ticket editing. This provides everything you need to keep tabs on your project.

  • Milestones: Create and edit milestones, assign tickets, and track completion the assigned due date—or assign one.
  • Priorities: Change priority to manage your team’s workload and call out tickets important to the next build.
  • Attachments: View attachments without leaving Resolve or attach images to tickets from your phone—perfect for sharing screenshots.
  • Convenient notifications: Opt to receive alerts when tickets are updated or additional tickets are assigned to you.
  • Beautiful markdown: Full support for the Markdown syntax for easier-to-read and the context you expect from the web version.
  • Feature Complete: Includes every feature provided by the Lighthouse API including custom ticket statuses, custom closed and open states, and badge colors.

Towards the big beginning:

Kyle Richter, CEO: Kyle wrote his first computer program at the age of eight on a Commodore 64k, and has been passionate about technology and engineering ever since. After his military career in 2004, he founded his first software development studio. Kyle has lead successful software companies for the past 12 years, being named twice the CEO of an Inc 5000 fastest growing company. A prolific author, having written five books on mobile development and contributed to many more. He has served as an advisor to numerous startups and investment groups, as well as speaking regularly around the globe on technology, business, entrepreneurship, and futurology.

“We're a unique group of Engineers, Designers, and problem solvers from all over the globe — brought together by our love of creating impactful software”