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Taking Cybersecurity to the Next Level: Bluevoyant

thesiliconreview-jim-rosenthal-ceo-bluevoyant-19Cybersecurity is a major concern in today’s internet era. Most of the medium to large sized firms across the globe have a presence on the internet. With internet based services allowing people to pay utility bills, book travel tickets, shop for groceries, make financial transactions, etc. the amount of user information in cyberspace is staggering. Owing to the vast swaths of information, cybercrime has increased in recent years and gotten bolder and far more destructive. Unlike in the olden days, a group of hackers today can carry out a well-coordinated attack from multiple locations to evade capture. Moreover, some of the latest tools and technologies have enabled attackers to conduct highly deceptive and agile attacks and avoid most of the conventional cybersecurity measures.

However, a company named Bluevoyant has emerged as a global leader in the cybersecurity industry, with all required manpower to outsmart and outmaneuver even the most well-planned and agile cyber-attacks.

Bluevoyant is a cybersecurity services company that prides itself on its ability to maintain the agility and passion of a start-up with the expertise only seen in well-established organizations. The firm was built differently - with a unique purpose and with unparalleled support - to protect organizations of all sizes against agile and well-funded adversaries. Armed with capital, BlueVoyant’s leadership set out to build a better cybersecurity model. The founders’ priorities were to hire the industry’s top-talent and acquire the best technology and data to deliver exceptional threat intelligence to large organizations, and scalable services comprised of intelligence, technology, and expertise to resource-constrained teams.

Here are some of Bluevoyant’s innovative solutions:

Threat Intelligence

Data theft, brand impersonation, and the construction of malicious Internet infrastructures for fraudulent activity are realities that companies must acknowledge and defend against. From fake websites, phishing schemes, and misleading domain names to complex, multi-vector attacks, well-financed, agile threat actors outside your organization are busy devising meticulous, pre-planned attacks that, by their very nature, go unnoticed by traditional security measures.

BlueVoyant Threat Intelligence Services monitor your external attack surface, assess emerging risks, and deliver timely, actionable intelligence specific to your organization and your supply chain. BlueVoyant’s advanced Cyber Threat Intelligence Service goes beyond your company’s boundaries to see threat actor activities taking place outside your perimeter.

Early Warning

Provide advanced warning of impending cyber-attacks days or weeks before other services. Reduce the risk of attack from malicious Internet infrastructure. Gain greater insight by engaging with experts to identify and profile your network vulnerabilities from an attacker's perspective.


Enrich your alerts with external threat intelligence which informs investigations and identifies attacker infrastructure. Prioritize threats and eliminate those that put your business at the greatest risk.

Third-Party Risk

Assess third-party risk based on external monitoring of threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities. Identify weaknesses in your supply chain before they can be used to steal data from you and your clients.

Professional Services

BlueVoyant combines proven front line experience responding to advanced cyber threats with expertise in building world-class defensive cybersecurity programs to stop threat actors in their tracks. The team’s knowledge of attacker methodologies matched with the company’s access to the latest threat intelligence enables them to fully prevent, assess, respond, and remediate your cybersecurity events.

Are you struggling to evolve your cybersecurity at the same rate as your business operations? A Cybersecurity Assessment can identify potential issues and help you focus on critical areas first.

To catch an attacker, you have to think like an attacker. Bluevoyant’s services are provided by former FBI CyberAgents, NSA experts, and military cybersecurity specialists who leverage decades of experience to get inside the mind of the adversary. You can understand the threat as well as the threat actors.

Bluevoyant’s intelligence experts interact with threat actors in the Deep and Dark web as well as in chat rooms where they conduct business. BlueVoyant Professional Services, armed with deep insight and expertise, help advance your security posture and mitigate risks to your enterprise in the event of a breach. The company also helps you prioritize alerts, uncover new threats, and accelerate reviews. You can identify emerging threats and provide access to critical security services when your team needs immediate assistance.

Proactive Services

Today’s threat landscape is evolving at an unprecedented rate. Threat actors have become agile, well-financed, and motivated to target organizations of all sizes. With over 1M new malware variants created each day, these cybercriminals have found new ways to evade detection. Using Splunk®, Bluevoyant creates tailored reports that outline actionable insights and intelligence gathered from all of your data sources - from the network to the endpoints. BlueVoyant lets you harness human intelligence and machine learning for proactive enterprise security.

Meet the brains behind Bluevoyant’s rise, Jim Rosenthal

Jim Rosenthal is Co-founder and CEO of BlueVoyant. He was the Chief Operating Officer of Morgan Stanley until 2017. At Morgan Stanley, he was responsible to the CEO and the Board of Directors for Cybersecurity.

Jim is the recipient of the 2017 Critical Infrastructure Protection Award from the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center. He is the co-Chairman of Sheltered Harbor, a consortium of major banks, securities firms, industry associations, and technology service providers with the mission of preserving systemic confidence in the event of a cyber-attack. He is the past Chairman of the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, and has chaired its Cybersecurity Committee from 2014-2017.

“We enable and execute exceptional cybersecurity defense and protection through technology and tailored services.”