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50 Fastest Growing Tech Companies 2015

Taking the customer’s experience to new heights: OPUSING LLC

OPUSING LLP headquartered at Boston provides Technology consulting, Product development, Market research & Lead generation, IT & Non IT Staffing solution & HR Outsourcing services with a focus on addressing their client’s specific needs by adding significant long-lasting value to their businesses. Believing in “Collaborative Effort” to channelize strengths of its teams to deliver Multi-platform Business Critical & Innovative IT Solutions & services in a variety of verticals worldwide, OPUSING is passionate in helping diversified profit & non- profit business groups through delivering “Innovative Solutions” to reach & maximize their business objectives and saving bottom line dollars.

Founded in 2007, OPUSING stands out in the crowd with its immense skills and experience built over a period of time by developing high-powered technology house with years of management and technology experience that enables global customers and businesses to improve, support and grow with initiatives and innovative “BRIDGE” and “ALWAYS ON” strategies. Its team helps translate strategy into tactics and action Design programs and measure progress to support accountability.

The Initial Years
What started with the First Staffing assignment in March 2007 for $30,000, marked the beginning of OPUSING’S delivery of excellent services. In 2009 OPUSING Started Lead Generation Services and provided 24 hours online customer support to more than 200+ clients across North America and started Canadian operations in 2011, further expanding into USA Business Expansion with multiple office location across USA for continued global support & services and got our first H1B stamped and sent to US. In 2014 OPUSING started technology consulting services across North America and set up Technology Training Centre in US and Canada and placed its 100th Consultant on the project, besides starting Propfisher Start up in 2014 and funding Propfisher.com- a Real estate venture.

Take a Peek- What availing OPUSING’s services is like
“Thanks OPUSINGTECH for all your hard work, late hours and incredibly positive “can do” attitude in all the projects we have worked on together. We look forward to working with you again.” -VP & CIO

“OPUSINGTECH provides project management expertise in an easily understandable manner and has carefully guided us through our project management journey to date.” -Director of Project Delivery

“OPUSING, proved to be incredibly valuable and acted as contributors to the overall company initiatives. Their energy is infectious and the passion their team has shown was tremendous.” -World Leader in Marketing Services

“To work with OPUS– Client Servicing and Delivery Team was a pleasure to work with, OPUSING Team expertly identified our business’s need and effortlessly executed on multiple occasions always producing a superior product.” -One of the top diversified Biotech Company

“We recently enlisted OPUSING’s services at my firm. We are a boutique application development company and were in need of help to look into our marketing pieces and supplemental pieces we use for our client meetings.” -Leading Boutique Firm

Growing by leaps and bounds
Since its inception in 2007, OPUSING has gone a long way. Today with 12 offices in the US, 5 offices in Canada, and one office each in India and UK, OPUSING’s vision envisages to have offices coming up in Australia, Singapore and China over the next 5 years.

Talking about its areas of focus, team OPUSING says, “Our present focus area is Staff Augmentation & HR Outsourcing with Fulltime Professional services; Offshore Staffing & SOW based project work. Besides, we are actively engaged in Technology consulting, Product development, Market research & Lead generation and our future focus areas includes Enterprise Mobility, Cloud computing and Big Data Analytics.”

As an organization that has achieved all the goals of the process areas assigned to maturity levels, OPUSING’s processes are continually improved based on a quantitative understanding of the common causes of variation inherent in processes as team OPUSING is able to rapidly respond to changes and opportunities by finding ways to accelerate and share learning.

“We have maintained a 97% retention rate with our customers. Part of our strategy is to continue attracting, developing and retaining the best people to help us address product needs, build value, market share, and relevancy in Technology Consulting. Our strategic plan to compete effectively in changing market conditions include developing an industry scenario and looking out beyond the current planning scenario enable us to anticipate changing industry dynamics, new customers, and new competitors”, adds team OPUSING.

Knowing the Key Executives

Aseem Anand, Co-Founder & Managing Director

Aseem holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in computers from Karnataka University and a MBA degree from National Institute of Technology (Jaipur) formally known as REC Jaipur. With over 10 Years of varied experience in sales and international marketing in various industries, Aseem has worked extensively in the international arena mainly in the North America and Nordic market and is known for his strong business, technical and marketing background, joint venture and alliance proficiencies and significant global expansion experience. He is responsible for setting the overall direction of the company’s operations and identifying new lines of business. He is also responsible for ensuring that OPUSING services meet the needs of each of our clients.

Rakesh Arora, Co-Founder & Managing Director

Rakesh holds a Bachelor of Technology and Computer Sciences from VTU Belgaum and has over 10 Years of experience, in operations and marketing across industries. He has worked extensively in the international market with main focus on North America and The United kingdom and is known for his strong technical, operational, legal and marketing expertise, joint venture and alliance and has vast experience in organically expanding organization. He is responsible for developing and managing the functional aspects of OPUSING.

Gregory Battig, VP & CIO

With over 15 years of experience in IT, Greg holds a degree in Software Engineering and has been a presenter and attendee in many venues in the United States and Canada. He has worked for a variety of industries (travel/hospitality, data, technology, transportation, automotive, industrial and health care and is known to be a technology and business visionary with executive and hands-on experience in automating multi-billion dollar companies, strong record of success in creating robust IT architectures and infrastructures, with a proven ability to bring the benefits of IT to solve business issues while managing costs and risks.

Key Executives Speak
• What is the Mission and Vision behind setting up OPUSING?

“At OPUSING, our mission is to enable our clients to have full confidence that their products and Services will provide them with uninterrupted business continuity and productivity. We work to design and implement solutions that keep our clients ‘ahead of the curve’ in the current technological transformation trend. From design and implementation to training, we provide our clients with a single point of contact for all their IT and NON IT needs.”- Aseem(Co-Founder & Managing Director)

• Does OPUSING target any specific sector of clientele?
“We have a diverse clientele. We serve all sectors including manufacturing, IT, business services etc. We are expanding and we cannot afford to be choosy at this point. However the market is completely IT driven and this is where most of the innovation lies. Today companies are leveraging IT to reduce cost, increase efficiency, reduce time to market, storage of information, etc and IT over the past few years has become an integral part of functioning of every industry. We too have some achievements in this area and we try and capitalize on those like every other competitor. We are a global company so we cater to business across the globe and we are not discerning in picking our clients.”- Rakesh (Co-Founder & Managing Director)

• What kind of challenges does OPUSING encounter and how does OPUSING deal with them?
Finding and retaining the right set of people is a biggest challenge we face. The new comers are very inexperienced and they want things to happen overnight. The experienced people face a lot of difficulty in adapting to changes. So, finding the right candidate at the right time has become the need of the hour. Another challenge is Technology. It is changing rapidly. New becomes old and then obsolete very quickly. Large companies in order to remain competitive adopt these changes very quickly thereby consuming the market for SMB.

Top line and bottom line growth has changed focus. It has become revenue driven rather than quality and customer driven. As a result, competition is no longer in area of knowledge and interest but more in area of who can cater to our needs faster. Large companies probably take more time to implement a solution but they win large contracts because they pitch for a service faster. Quality and performance has been reduced to a mere paperwork formality. Clients do not accept that they’ve been taken for a ride on many occasions. They continue to accept what they feel has been the right thing to do.”- Gregory(VP & CIO)