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Technology, Capacity, and Service Come Together To Enable the Future of Electronics - Amkor


You may know the company for its high-quality semiconductor packaging and test services. But do you know what inspires it? It is an unswerving commitment to customer service, engineering expertise, and high-volume manufacturing excellence. Helping solve the complex technological a challenge facing the industry is what continually motivates the firm. Amkor wants its customers to focus their resources on semiconductor design and wafer fabrication while trusting it to be their reliable packaging technology innovator and test partner.

Amkor’s operating base includes 10 million square feet of floor space with production facilities, product development centers, and sales and support offices located in key electronics manufacturing regions in Asia, Europe, and the U.S. As the original pioneers of the OSAT industry, Amkor Technology has helped define and advance the technology manufacturing landscape. Since 1968, the firm has delivered innovative packaging solutions with the service and capacity global customers rely on. 

J-Devices – the largest Japanese OSAT

In 2015 Amkor Technology, Inc. acquired J-Devices and now it operates as an Amkor subsidiary. With long-standing ties to the largest automotive companies and major automotive components manufacturers, J-Devices provides customers with immediate access to the Japanese automotive market. J-Devices’ strong turnkey manufacturing presence throughout Japan offers an expansive package portfolio including copper wire technology and is equipped with a large installed test base with burn-in and 100% automated x-ray infrastructure capability.

J-Devices values innovation and continuous improvement in all areas, including business model, process, quality, and personnel so that it improves value to its customers. J-Devices also strive to exceed customers’ expectations by continuously providing excellence in technology, service, and cost.

The firm is committed to achieving operational excellence with sustained profitable growth and cash flows so that it can generate significant returns for the investors. As it strives to meet its goals, the firm celebrates the many strengths of its cultural diversity and remains dedicated to the highest standards of integrity, respect, and fair dealing with its employees, investors, customers, suppliers, contractors and the members of the communities in which the company operates.

History of the Firm

It all began with a bicycle…

In 1935, Hyang-Soo Kim opened his first business on the south side of Seoul, Korea, selling imported Japanese goods, including bicycles. That business eventually grew to include the manufacturing of bicycle parts, resulting in the founding of ANAM Industries in 1945.

Seeking greater economic vitality, the Korean government looked to semiconductors as the future, so ANAM entered into semiconductor manufacturing in 1968; starting with just three-wire bonders and two die bonders.

Soon after, with the help of his son, Joo-Jin (James) Kim, founder of Amkor Electronics, Inc., they began to sell ANAM’s products around the world. In the years since, Amkor Technology, Inc. has grown to become a world-class supplier in the semiconductor industry, providing the highest quality packaging and test services.

Hyang-Soo’s principles were simple: work for the customer’s trust; maintain trust with quality and patience, and cut costs wherever possible. These values would help drive the growth of Amkor, the semiconductor industry and the transformation of Korea’s economy.

The Leader of the Company Today

Steve Kelley | President & Chief Executive Officer

Steve Kelley joined Amkor in May 2013 as President and Chief Executive Officer and is also a member of its Board of Directors. Mr. Kelley has more than 25 years of experience in the global semiconductor industry, including as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Cree from 2008 to 2011, and in executive roles at Texas Instruments and Philips Semiconductors. He has also held various managerial positions at National Semiconductor and Motorola. Before joining Amkor, Mr. Kelley served as Senior Advisor to Advanced Technology Investment Company, the Abu Dhabi-sponsored investment company that owns GlobalFoundries, until December 2012. Mr. Kelley holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a J.D. from Santa Clara University.

“Our mission is to be the trusted global provider of reliable assembly and test manufacturing services and innovative solutions to semiconductor and microelectronics companies using advanced technology developed through close collaboration with our customers and other supply chain partners.”