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TeleBright Software Corporation: Simplifying the management of communication services while optimizing the service costs

thesiliconreview-chet-thaker-ceo-telebright-software-corporation-2017With diverse geographical footprints, expanding communication needs, and a proliferation of carrier partners offering variable plans, rates, and services, companies today face an ever-growing set of challenges in their quest to properly monitor and manage their telecom expenses. From traditional local and long distance services, telecommunications has evolved into a complex, interrelated industry that now includes data networks, Internet access and wireless services - and the industry outlook envisions increasing complexity of new technology and a myriad of vendors. Keeping up with the technology alone can be daunting. Accurately and effectively managing costs, invoice payment, procurement and inventory can be even more intimidating and time-consuming. This is where TeleBright comes in to reduce telecom expenses upfront and improving the level of service and efficiency of the entire telecom infrastructure.

TeleBright Software Corporation is an innovative software company with technology and process control expertise. It was set up to address the unmet marketing needs for solutions that telecom carriers could not develop internally quickly enough. It crafts solutions that enable clients to become informed consumers. Its clients include commercial entities in healthcare, manufacturing, utilities, and government agencies. Whether accountable to investors or to the taxpayers, cost-effective use of available resources is the top priority for the clients, and TeleBright’s solutions consistently deliver savings of 15%-30% to the clients.

Understanding and acting on market needs

The customer responses and feedback have helped the company in its continuous product innovations. After evaluating the customer feedbacks, the features they want to see are introduced in its products. “If not fully paid for, we prioritize investing into those innovations that will help the largest number of current customers and improve attraction of others to our products and services. An example of this is our mobile procurement portal product that enforces the customer’s mobile policies into the employees’ purchase process”, said CEO Chet Thaker.

Smart execution of the strategies to solve these needs made all the difference. As the markets convulsed with the broad economic changes, TeleBright found adaptive changes to its core technology that allowed it to move into substitute markets. The company believes that its integrity, flexibility, creativity, discipline and courage have been the factors that have engendered customer trust, high employee morale, and suppliers’ confidence. Chet also mentions, “Customers want to solve their problems/opportunities. It is an honor to earn their confidence every month! When we see our work being effective for the client, it is hugely satisfying!” It has a dozen key employees and a number of contractors that help in serving its customers. The small core team is split among typical functions such as Customer Services, Sales, Engineering and Finance/HR. For legal and accounting needs, external firms are used.

Solutions to effective control telecom expenses

Bringing management controls and cost efficiency to mobility infrastructure

TeleBright can help manage the mobile assets from Procurement to Payments, Device Management, and Utilization controls, all the while enforcing its clients’ mobility policies. Its Wireless Portal offers employees a shopping cart experience for buying or updating their phones, tablets, plans, and accessories. It enabled internal Enterprise Account teams to sell network related hardware with the network services. CEO Chet Thaker said, “We can offer this access under a Single-Sign-On feature that simplifies access to the portal for your employees and also conveys their mobile privileges.” The Mobile Expense Management solution imports mobile bills for contract compliance review, an approval process workflow, and a payments EDI interface to your Accounts Payable system if you wish. Its Mobile Device Management approach utilizes industry leading MDM solutions as well as partners who support the clients’ mobile devices. 

Managing telecom operations with required support

“Our ManageRight software and Support Services help you be more effective with less effort.” ManageRight© offers lifecycle management of all types of landline services. Its software and services help in gathering user requirements, sourcing, asset registry and management, invoice processing and optimization, and finally to reporting and allocation.


Unused Telco Services waste money. When users move on, their telco services are often forgotten and they continue to be billed. TeleBright can stop that. Each number is dialed and the call outcome is reported. After checking with the business users about the numbers, the services can then be safely disconnected.

Professional services

With its historic audit services it evaluates the previous years’ billing for voice, data, and wireless services to identify opportunities for consolidation, infrastructure improvements, and cost optimization. It identifies, initiates, and recovers billing errors by the vendor. By negotiating the best price and/or contract, researching best technology solutions, evaluating usage, plans, pools or combinations, it optimizes telecom services for improved customer experience.

TeleBright also develops and administers action-oriented RFP processes that yield competitive rates from service providers and assist in developing procurement policies for implementation.

Future endeavors

TeleBright has created a tool to test all types of telecom lines to see if they are being used. This is to avoid paying for assets that are no longer needed. It is playing with some IoT application ideas as well as inclusion of Voice Command technology in its platform.

Mobility wave is the biggest force shaking the world today. In addition to adjusting for the mobility expansion, the company has maintained its landline services. Finally, TeleBright is expanding into the government markets as major transitions in technology and contract vehicles are here to be addressed. Steady, organic expansion is its major focus now.

Knowing the CEO, Chet Thaker

Chet Thaker attended UCLA and Cal State Long Beach. Joining AT&T in 1977, he followed a marketing and sales career for 8 years. After AT&T, he pursued consulting and teaching work. He wrote a book on Negotiating Telecommunications Contracts (Telecom Library, New York, 1988) and taught two courses at University of California Irvine on telecom switching systems architectures and telecom systems management. He also founded TeleBright in 1988 and focused on the Bell Telephone companies like Pacific Bell, BellAtlantic, NYNEX, and BellSouth, where TeleBright’s Pricing and Network Design solution was extensively used for over a decade. TeleBright’s ManageRight platform was developed to address the telecom management needs of the corporate and government clients.

“We deliver cost efficiency, control of your assets & billing, and help you navigate transitions.”

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