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telematics4u services: Creating Technology, Powering Innovation

thesiliconreview-pratap-hegde-telematics4u-services t4u provides customized analytics-rich solutions to its customers, enabling them to effectively manage their operational processes and assets.”

telematics4U services pvt. ltd. (t4u) is a pioneer organization, based in Bangalore, India, that designs and powers value ecosystems for the real-world, through Internet of Things (IoT). Apart from operating in diverse domains of public, private and social sectors, t4u is now spearheading efforts towards developing practical ecosystem solutions in what is known as the emerging Fourth Sector.

t4u provides customized analytics-rich solutions to its customers, enabling them to effectively manage their operational processes with high visibility and control across the field of critical assets that they manage, right to the very edge of the supply chain. The company today hosts over thousands of assets across multiple platforms and is serving clients at a hyperlocal level across 50+ countries.

Solutions offered

  • E-Governance
  • Automotive logistics
  • People mobility
  • Distribution logistics
  • Ooh media

Cornerstones of t4u

Fourth Sector- t4u is a pioneer organization that is focused on bringing the world together through smarter connections and intelligent use of technology. Their approach seamlessly bridges the boundaries between public (government), private(business), and social (non-profit) sectors, operating in what is the emerging fourth sector of doing business.

IoT Technology- t4u is dedicated to making smart connections to solve problems innovatively. Using Internet of Things (IoT), t4u is able to create platforms that enables connections with anything that can be connected. We use a combination of technologies to facilitate this experience, including cloud computing, embedded sensors, satellites, GPS, GIS, and wireless communications. t4u thus help create environments that are connected and more intelligent. 

Ecosystem Approach- t4u is all about building intelligent networks. One of the main reasons we are able to effortlessly integrate businesses is because of our ecosystem approach. t4u’s ecosystem approach involves addressing large business ecosystems involving multiple stakeholders to provide a wide range of analytical rich solutions catering to the needs of all constituents of those ecosystems. Today’s rapidly changing economic environment calls for businesses more akin to living systems.

Unique Global Business Delivery- t4u’s global delivery model is based on the hub-and-spoke model or the Local Telematics Service Providers (LTSP) model – a network of technology entrepreneurs across the globe. Through the LTSP network, t4u acquires local customers, executes projects and delivers services to multiple end-customers in diverse markets across the world. This system is devised to attract local, aspiring entrepreneurs who are keen to set up indigenous IoT businesses in the emerging economies including India. t4u adopts a nurturing model to hone the skills and abilities of these young entrepreneurs who have deep knowledge of the local socio-economic market conditions. t4u provides access to cutting-edge and innovative technology platforms that can transform and serve local markets globally.

Domain Specific Solutions- t4u provides holistic solutions to help businesses of today grow more efficiently and because of our deep domain expertise the solutions become highly relevant. Our solution features are precisely customized for specific verticals..

Pay-As-You-Use Model- t4u facilitates a smarter, more flexible and cost efficient payment system with a SAAS-based model. This makes it easy-to-deploy and scale in multiple locations.

Easy Integration- t4u’s solutions can be easily integrated with customers’ ERP and backend IT systems. Speedy delivery is made possible by modular systems.

Meet the Leader

Pratap Hegde- Founder of telematics4U services Pvt. Ltd and leads it as Managing Director & CEO. He comes with over 20 years experience in the IT industry and has been instrumental in setting up a number of companies in the vast spectrum of ITES and BPO/ KPO and presently in IoT.


“Zoom Car scaling a Multi-Vehicle Self Driven Care Hire and Sharing business without a strong technology business partner is something we can’t imagine. Our decision of choosing t4u, a committed team comprising of various technical experts, we have successfully scaled the services in Bangalore and now moving ahead with other cities in India. t4u has supported in end to end technology adoption and participation starting with consulting, choice of technology, We appreciate the team work and expect similar services going forward.’”- Mr.Greg Moran- ZoomCar

“t4us system is very helpful for us in our daily operation and its web-based realtime updating interface is very easy to monitor and really user friendly. t4u uses GSM technology which is very reliable and facilitated with wide coverage. We are very appreciative and grateful, by utilizing their solutions; we were able to trace hijacked/stolen taxis in few hours time. Their cooperation with us is much appreciated and also they maintain their service quality and features.”- Operations Head, Kangaroo Cabs, Sri Lanka

Implementation of our Fleet Management System was an important step in reaching our business goals of keeping administrative costs to a minimum, and in turn provide better services to the children we are working with. t4u, in conjunction with their local partner, helped us in achieving this goal in a timely manner. Also the after-sales support team is highly commendable. We couldn't have asked for a better partner in this endeavor.” - Site Administrator | Knowledge Management, World Vision Lanka, Sri Lanka

 “Our end-to-end leading edge technology platform and solutions empowers clients with high visibility across the field of critical assets that they manage, right to the very edge of the supply chain.”