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SILICON100 2017

Terranova, a Magic Quadrant Leader for complete Security Awareness Campaigns and exceptional customer service : Terranova WW Corporation

thesiliconreview-lise-lapointe-ceo-terranova-ww-%20corporation-17“600 organizations already place their trust in Terranova WW Corporation”

Terranova WW Corporation was founded in 2001 by Lise Lapointe. An information technology and training strategy expert, Ms. Lapointe believes thatorganizations must train their staff on ever-increasing security requirements. After putting together a team of seasoned information security, education and information technology professionals, Terranova WW Corporation began developing products and services for an international market. Its services are provided to businesses and government agencies worldwide, and are available in many languages.

In recent years, Terranova WW Corporation has expanded its offering of products and services that deal with regulatory compliance. The company has developed new product lines in the privacy (protection of personal information), business continuity management and sustainable development sectors.

Terranova WW Corporation offers complete training and communication tools aimed at improving information security, personal information protection and regulatory compliance. Terranova WW Corporation’s products provide a foundation for the creation of customized programs based on internal policies and regulatory standards.

It offers an array of enticing communication, reinforcement and evaluation tools (such as posters, newsletters, videos, reminders and wallpaper) that can be used in conjunction with its online courses for an outstanding information security awareness program.

The Terranova WW Corporation edge:

  • A unique customer service-oriented and experienced team
  • Information security awareness courses available in 37 languages
  • Active users in 180 countries, via our hosted Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Customizable tools: your logo, colors and contents can be added for a greater impact
  • Hosted LMS lets you administer, document, track and report on your program with a minimum of effort.
  • Phising simulation tool helps you bolster your employees’ detection skills and provide just in time training.

Catch Terranova WW Corporation here…..

Why was the company set up? How did you select the vertical and decide to be a part of the global platform?

My first company was a local IT Training company teaching employees of large corporations on end user software (Office) and technical certifications (Microsoft, Novell, IBM). I sold this company to a large telecommunication group that was starting a Solution offering. In 2001, I was looking at developing a company oriented toward products that could be launched internationally. I wanted to stay in IT, since I had 20 years experience in the field of training. After talking to multiple clients, there were a lot of solutions for IT technical staff but nothing for users. This is how I decided to develop a first course on Security Awareness.

Tell us about your first product that was launched?

My first product was an online security awareness course for users and it was launched in 2003. The field was quite new at the time and our product quickly distinguished itself since it was built specifically for the end user and made learning quick and easy. Our first clients were multinationals and it gave us the experience to sell to other large organizations.

What challenges did you face in your initial years? What can your peers learn from it?

We faced a lot of challenges through the years. Technology that is evolving rapidly, choosing employees that fit our culture and have the right skills to follow our growth. Being in business is an everyday challenge since you can’t stay still, you always have to improve. To achieve your goals you need to keep focused on your vision and be ready to make the hard decisions to get there.

If you have to list five factors that have been/are the biggest asset to your organization, what would they be and why?

  • Our employees that are flexible, customer oriented and passionate for what they do
  • Our clients we partner with that are open to share their feedback on how we can improve our solutions, ultimately, refer us to other clients
  • Our courses that have always been built with the end user in mind
  • Our financial situation that always permitted us to follow our dreams
  • Our creative R&D team that is always looking to better our training solutions

Are there any trigger factors/events/individuals that have played key roles in shaping your organization’s road map?

Yes, certain clients that were expecting a lot from us offered us the possibility to grow, developing new products and services that combined together offer a complete 360 degree solution for a successful security campaign. The Gartner Magic Quadrant also played a critical role in confirming our leadership position in this very competitive industry.

How do you and your company contribute to the global IT platform and society at large?

We aim at creating information security cultures in the companies we work with. Employees trained and aware of all the risks and the best practices to avoid them become more aware of the risks in their personal lives and can help their families and friends avoid the negative consequences related to this type of criminality. 

Do you have any new products ready to be/getting ready to be rolled out into the market?

Yes, we are always hard at work making our solutions better and building new and innovative products. We just launched our custom Phishing solution and will be launching shortly version 15 of our Information Security Awareness course.

About the CEO/Founder: Lise Lapointe

Lise Lapointe has founded Terranova in 2001. Terranova is her second company. She is a top achiever and a visionary. She started Terranova to offer Security Awareness on line courses to a worldwide market before all the laws and regulations came into place. One of her strengths is putting the right people at the right place to do the right thing and instilling a culture of partnership with her clients.

“Our services team work hand-in-hand with you, ensuring that your organization’s goals are successfully attained.”