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The Best Criminal Lawyers in Perth Servicing Western Australia: Lawson Legal

thesiliconreview-richardl-lawson-the-principal-defence-lawyer-lawson-legal-18lawson Legal is an experienced Perth law firm, comprising criminal defense lawyers, specializing exclusively in criminal law and serious traffic matters. It represents clients during trials, as well as sentencing, direction hearings, and bail applications. This includes matters heard at all levels of the criminal justice system in the Supreme, District and Magistrates Courts.

Lawson Legal is a specialized boutique Perth-based criminal law firm representing all Commonwealth and State criminal law matters. Richard Lawson, its principal criminal lawyer in Perth, practices not only in the greater Perth area but also in all rural areas of Western Australia. The Lawson Legal team includes legal practitioners, paralegals, support staff and consults with numerous professionals to better serve individual client needs.

The firm provides legal services to clients who have been charged with murder, manslaughter, assaults, sexual assaults, robbery, burglary, stealing, criminal damage, and drug offenses. Furthermore, it also represents accused persons charged with serious traffic matters such as dangerous driving causing death or bodily harm.

Lawson Legal Services

Lawson Legal is defense lawyers based in Perth, providing criminal legal advice and representation throughout Western Australia. As Perth criminal lawyers, it specialize solely within a broad context of criminal offenses and traffic matters. Its services include:

  • Negotiating with police and prosecutors;
  • Attending as defense lawyers at trials, sentencing (including spent convictions) and bail applications in the Supreme, District and Magistrates Courts in Perth and country regions of Western Australia; and
  • Representing witnesses at the Australian Crime Commission (ACC), the Corruption and Crime Commission of Western Australia (CCC) and the Coroner’s Court of Western Australia.

Lawson Legal Consults

Forensic Psychiatrists

Lawson Legal can commission a forensic psychiatrist to provide an expert opinion in relation to a client’s competency to stand trial, and issues pertaining to defenses constituting mental impairment (i.e. drug psychosis and mental illness).

A forensic psychiatrist can compile a forensic psychiatric report, which is submitted to the court for sentencing purposes. A forensic psychiatrist will also give evidence in court in support of a client’s mental impairment.

Forensic Psychologists

Forensic psychologists can provide expert evidence to the court, on behalf of the client, in reaction to sentencing options, treatment recommendations, and psychological tests, determining the future risk of offending.

Lawson Legal consults regularly with forensic psychologists in providing the best criminal legal advice to their clients, in addition to, assisting the client’s ongoing psychological needs after their matter has been finalized by the courts.

Forensic Scientists

Forensic scientists are commissioned to examine and provide expert evidence related to scientific examination as expert witnesses. Forensic scientists examine crime scenes and compile:

  • Analytical reports of police photographs;
  • Physical and chemical analysis reports of forensic documents;
  • Police ballistic reports;
  • Fire and explosion scenes report to establish origin and cause;
  • Reports involving fibers, metals, soils and gunshot residues;
  • DNA reports; and
  • Botanical reports including identification of plant materials.
  • They also detect, enhance and recover fingerprints, footprints, tire marks, and other imprints.

Forensic scientists are often used in criminal matters, by Lawson Legal to analyze and provide comprehensive forensic advice and evidence at trial to best support the client’s defense.

Forensic Toxicologists

Forensic toxicologists are consulted, upon the client’s instructions, to scientifically analyze toxicity levels obtained from accused persons.

Their examinations include identifying and analyzing illicit drugs and poisons in human tissue and bodily fluids and to achieve an accurate alcohol and drug levels in the blood. Forensic toxicologists compile toxicology reports and provide evidence in court, as expert witnesses, in support of the client’s defense.

Motor Vehicle Accident Consultants

Defense lawyers at Lawson Legal frequently engage motor vehicle accident consultants, where a crash has caused serious harm or death of a person.

The consultant will attend and examine the scene of the accident, provide a comprehensive analysis, and outline the cause of the crash, determining any contributing factors to the crash (i.e. vehicle defects). Motor vehicle accident consultants will examine police crash reconstruction reports and determine findings, which can be used as defense expert evidence in court.

Private Investigators

Lawson Legal can engage private investigators upon the client’s instructions.

The private investigator often obtains witness statements, video or still images and other evidence, which may be invaluable to the client’s defense. Private investigators have been consulted by Lawson Legal, on numerous matters, to provide additional evidence in achieving the discontinuance of prosecutions.

Senior Counsel (Formerly Queen’s Counsel)

Lawson Legal will often consult with Senior Counsel in relation to serious or complex matters.

On instructions from the client, Lawson Legal will refer your matter to a senior barrister to obtain criminal legal advice.

Senior Counsel is also available to represent the client at trial and sentencing hearings, and have been used by Lawson Legal in matters including, but not limited to, murder, armed robbery, and complex fraud matters.

The Principal Defence Lawyer

Richard Lawson: Richard has a solid reputation and tracks record, within the criminal justice system, developed from his rigorous training in law. Richard completed a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) followed by a Master of Laws (LLM) at The University of Western Australia. During this academic period, Richard was self-employed as an academic legal consultant responsible for formulating and lecturing various law courses at tertiary institutions, within the greater Perth area.

Upon being admitted as a barrister and solicitor in Perth, Richard initially practiced as a State prosecutor with the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions for Western Australia. He was employed in that position for four and a half years before establishing a Perth-based criminal law firm as a defense lawyer. As a Perth criminal lawyer, he has conducted numerous criminal trials and sentencing hearings in the Supreme, District, and Magistrates Courts of Western Australia.

“Lawson Legal prides itself in its professionalism and expertise as experienced defense and criminal lawyers Perth residents can trust. We achieve success in establishing relationships of trust by taking the time to understand the needs and instructions of our clients.”