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The Best Influencer Marketing Partner of Brands: Blogapalooza Inc.

thesiliconreview-ace-gapuz-ceo-blogapalooza-2019The Philippines' premier influencer marketing company

Founded in 2011, Blogapalooza has been known in the industry as the first and largest annual networking and marketing event for businesses and bloggers in the Philippines. As such, the annual Blogapalooza event has always been looked forward to every year by marketers and members of the Philippine blogosphere.

As the industry evolved and as digital and social media became vital to every company’s marketing strategy, Blogapalooza became one of the pioneers in the field of influencer marketing, eventually leading to become the premier influencer marketing company in the Philippines.

Formally incorporated in June 2015, the Blogapalooza event that everyone knew is now Blogapalooza Inc., an influencer marketing company that fosters business-influencer collaborations to create authentic conversations in different platforms.

Through the years, Blogapalooza was able to build a solid community of thousands of bloggers, social media influencers, and content creators. As a trailblazer in the influencer marketing space, Blogapalooza has built a strong brand that people associate with professionalism, credibility, and expertise.

Gone are the days when fame, reach, and celebrity status are the cornerstones of influence. Welcome to the era of the influencers: "regular" and "ordinary" people who can powerfully drive conversations.

The Company’s Intentions

  • The firm wants to empower content creators and influencers by providing opportunities for learning, growth, and sustainability.
  • It wants to help businesses achieve marketing goals and boost business bottom lines through influencer activities.
  • Also, it wants to create online and offline environments that foster professional interactions of businesses and influencers.

Products Offered By the Firm

Influencer Campaign Management

Blog accounts aims to deliver a smart, specialized, and personalized service to its clients who wish to promote, establish, and grow their brands by advertising to and with the help of bloggers, digital content creators, and social media influencers.

Influencer Discovery & Engagement

Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the Buzzin platform elevates every company's influencer marketing strategy to a whole new level.

The proprietary algorithms in the Buzzin platform enable businesses to find, select, and engage with influencers and content creators for their campaigns. With Buzzin, businesses are able to make more intelligent decisions, while influencers are empowered to create content that is close to their hearts.

Influencer Events

Established in 2011, Blogapalooza is the longest-running business-to-influencer networking and marketing event in the Philippines. This annual event serves as the biggest gathering of bloggers, influencers, and content creators in the Philippines.

Apart from being an avenue for brands to personally interact with the top content creators in the Phillippines, the Blogapalooza event also serves as a launchpad for innovations in the industry of influencer marketing, as well as innovations in its partner brands.

Customer Testimonials

"Working with Blogapalooza is such a breeze! The team behind it is so professional yet friendly. What I like about them is that they make sure that due dates are met. They are reliable and trustworthy! This company is one of the gems in the digital industry." - Laira, Talent Manage

"There's no other way to describe working with Blogapalooza other than it's a breeze. Easy, simple and quick. Most of all, I am confident my best interest is of utmost importance as much as the brands." - Chesy, Content Creator

"Blogapalooza reaches out to influencers who are fit for the campaign. The influencers are selected properly, without bias. They also make sure that each influencer is well compensated and will receive the payment that they deserve, on time. Overall, they bridge the gap between the influencer and the company with ease. Great job Blogapalooza!" - Klyde, Content Creator

"Working with Blogapalooza gives me a chance to join projects with clear and attainable goals. They have a support team always on standby that quickly responds to questions I may have. Payouts are conveniently sent out via bank deposit without any delays." - Joe, Content Creator

The Ace of the Deck

Ace Gapuz | CEO

Ace Gapuz is a startup entrepreneur and marketing & PR specialist, dabbling with the complexities of artificial intelligence and machine learning. She is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Blogapalooza Inc., the Philippines' premier influencer marketing company. She specializes in events, branding, corporate communications, and public relations and has worked with renowned companies like Grab, Boardwalk, Walker, Sunjoy, Pertua, Regina Online Investing, and MFT Group. She is also an advocate of financial education and aims to educate more people about the basics of money through her podcast, Wise Cash.

Ace graduated from the Ateneo de Manila University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Management, minor in Strategic Human Resources Management and holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from the University of the Philippines Diliman. She took academic units in the University of Technology, Sydney for her international business education.

“Blogapalooza Inc. aims to be the most trusted and preferred influencer marketing partner of brands and content creators, professionalizing creative content creation and distribution through influencers, and promoting systemized business-influencer relationships.”