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The best open source, enterprise level computer backup system for heterogeneous networks: Bacula Systems


Automates backup tasks that require intervention from a systems administrator or computer operator.’

Bacula Systems is a leading Enterprise Open Core network backup and restore software company, combining Bacula’s enterprise-class open standards software with first-class support and professional services. Leveraging the millions of downloads of the community project, Bacula Enterprise is by far the most popular Open Core software solution for network backup, data recovery and protection of computer data. Founded in 2009, the company is headquartered at Switzerland.

The company’s software offers up to ten times lower total cost of ownership compared to proprietary solutions, higher reliability and proven performance in mission-critical enterprise environments. Bacura provides world-class technical support, renowned training courses, and Bacula Enterprise Edition products via the Bacula Systems Subscriptions.

Bacula integrates the core features from the best open source backup software – Bacula, into supported, stable and enterprise-class data backup and recovery solutions. Use it to modernize your backup strategy, increase your data backup systems efficiency, and significantly drive costs down.

Bacula Systems is committed to providing the best backup and data recovery software and services that allows data centers to grow profitably and responsibly. The company strives to ensure its solutions are highly reliable, stable and innovative, and that it creates value for its clients’ organizations by helping them to achieve their security, sustainability and profitability goals. A key element of its mission is to share its expert knowledge, to directly and significantly reduce backup and restore costs for large – and very large – data centers.

Bacula Enterprise Edition: The Best Enterprise Data Backup and Recovery Solution for IT Departments
Bacula Enterprise Edition brings modern, highly stable, scalable backup and data recovery to the Enterprise. Thousands of organizations worldwide have adopted Bacula Enterprise in mission-critical enterprise data backup environments thanks to its modern, modular and multi-threaded design. It is a subscription-based data backup solution which empowers data centers to truly escape data volume price traps. High numbers of organizations worldwide (incl. NASA, Bank of Austria, Swisscom or Sky PLC) have adopted Bacula Enterprise in mission critical environments because of its advanced features and ability to handle high data volume at very low cost.

Bacula Enterprise data backup solution: Data Backup Tools and Plugins
Bacula Enterprise data backup solution is enhanced by a set of exclusive plugins that further increase the interoperability, power, flexibility and functionality of Bacula Enterprise Edition into a wide range of IT environments such as Enterprise, Data Centers, Managed Service Providers or Cloud.

VM Performance Backup Suite: Backup virtual machines easily
Bacula Enterprise backup solution’s VM Performance Backup Suite brings you Backup and Replication for hypervisor environments of any size, when used with Bacula Enterprise backup solution. It also provides a variety of fast and flexible recovery options, including entire virtual machines (VMs) and application items.

BWeb™ Management Suite: Backup Management Software
For IT environments with large amounts of servers and clients, graphical representation of enterprise data backup becomes crucial in being able to quickly spot problems, see unwanted trends or recognize sub-optimal configurations. BWeb Management Suite is a web-based program that helps you to quickly configure, get statistics, monitor, visualize, analyze and recover your Bacula data, and then instantly make the appropriate adjustments.

BWeb™ is a backup management software for Bacula Enterprise Edition that saves time and resources. It brings simple backup and data recovery management. BWeb Management Suite enables you to rapidly exploit the large-enterprise capabilities of Bacula Enterprise Edition, with a wide range of features for deploying, managing, reporting, optimization and diagnostics. BWeb Management Suite offers a variety of wizards which support the Administrator when he or she needs to create new jobs; providing a chronological set of required actions that guide the Administrator to perform the jobs in seconds.

This extremely powerful management application empowers your System Administrator and Operation teams to be more efficient. For large backup deployments, in a multi-client production environment, BWeb Management Suite is essential.

Client Speak
“Bacula System’s straightforward licensing model, where we are not charged by data volume or hardware, means that the licensing auditing and planning is now much easier to handle. We know that costs from Bacula Systems will remain flat, regardless of how much our data volume grows…” – Thomas Nau, Deputy Director at Communication and Information Center, University of Ulm, Germany.

Meet the Masters

Frank Barker, CEO: Frank Barker is CEO at Bacula Systems. He started his IT career with Hewlett-Packard in the UK, rising through Support and Sales and into Management before moving to the EMEA headquarters in Geneva to run their Telco, Financial Services and Global Accounts businesses. He subsequently ran Hewlett Packard’s Consulting and Systems Integration business across EMEA, then moved to the US to set up a worldwide Division around cloud computing. Prior to Bacula Systems he has been CEO and Managing Director for several technology companies in software and security and has a track record of successfully growing technology companies.

He is a graduate of Harvard Business School and holds an Honours Degree in Electronics from Strathclyde University in Scotland.

Kern Sibbald, CTO and Chairman: Kern Sibbald is the Chairman and Chief Technical Officer of Bacula Systems. He designed and wrote most of the Bacula software; he manages the related open source project. Kern is a founder of Autodesk where he was development manager for AutoCAD, a highly successful CAD program. He established and was the Technical Director of Autodesk’s European software development center in Neuchatel, Switzerland.

Kern holds a bachelors degree in physics from the University of California, and a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Maryland.

“We care about being trustworthy and reliable. We listen to our customers and to our colleagues, respecting their views and opinions.”