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The Best Partner for Initial Demand Diagnostics and Big Data Analytics - Antuit


Demand more from your data

Many entities in the market wanted a global analytics solutions provider primarily serving the retail, consumer products, and manufacturing industries. It was Antuit that came to the rescue in the year 2013. Since then it has been on a mission to help lead multi-national and high-growth companies predict, shape and meet demand.

The firm is now combining deep domain expertise with proprietary solutions and technologies like machine learning and AI. Antuit delivers revenue and margin growth, improved supply chain efficiency, and enhanced customer experiences. Customer dedication, Deep analytics experience, Business success, and Technical excellence, these are just some of the traits that distinguish Antuit and its leadership team.

Why it is Different by Design

Solutions and technologies provided by the company as industry-specific advanced analytics solutions for retail, CPG and manufacturing companies at unprecedented speed and scale are highly valued in the market.

Fast insights, measurable value

The firm is known to develop better analysis, create faster and more comprehensive insights, hone operations, increase revenue and delight consumers, in the hands of its customers. Antuit delivers measurable value in under 100 days so you don’t have to wait 1-2 years to find out if your investment was worth the time and effort.

Unrivalled expertise

The company has assembled a team of thought leaders, industry experts, data scientists and analytics innovators who work with you to quickly solve business problems and deliver measurable results. Its consultants have the flexibility and expertise to tailor every deployment to work flawlessly within your environment.

Technology agnostic

Antuit develops open box solutions that plug and play into your existing technology and partner stacks for quick deployment and seamless integration.

Committed to innovation

Antuit is dedicated to the advancement of Big Data and advanced analytics solutions through the application of AI and machine learning. Its solutions are built on future-proof platforms engineered to incorporate new and more data, datasets, models, and computation modules. It also has Advanced Analytics Lab partners with clients to solve complex problems across a range of industries and functions.

The Firm’s Next-generation Analytics Solutions

Harness the power of AI, machine learning, advanced analytics and an unmatched team of experts dedicated to your success.

Antuit’s advanced analytics lab combines deep domain expertise in AI and machine learning with an industry-specific focus to deliver innovative advanced analytics solutions to evolving business problems.

Its focus is on driving financially measurable results and it permeates everything we do.  At the end of the day, the latest thinking in the analytics space is only as useful as the value you realize. Further, focuses on filling the gaps between analytics solutions and your business requirements – whether they are a process- orientated or algorithm based.

The Lab is staffed by PhD mathematicians, statisticians and computer scientists with dozens of years of experience in applying machine learning techniques to the retail, CPG and manufacturing industries. From producing cutting-edge research that helps leaders confront today's big business questions to applying advanced algorithms and concepts that can anticipate tomorrow's needs, the team prides itself on partnering with you to better predict, shape and meet demand.

The Man Who is taking the Firm to the Next Level

Craig Silverman, CEO:Craig Silverman is group chief executive officer at Antuit. He is responsible for managing the corporate direction and strategy to continue Antuit’s dramatic growth as a global leader in demand analytics and cybersecurity analytics.

Craig has a long and successful record of helping companies rapidly transform into digital data-driven enterprises to drive business outcomes and customer experience in retail, consumer goods and manufacturing.  He has extensive experience and expertise in advanced analytics, AI, innovation and digital transformation.

Most recently, Craig was senior vice president, Global Services at Qlik, an analytics and business intelligence leader. Prior to that, Craig was a Global Managing Director and led Accenture's largest digital analytics practice, and he was an IBM Partner and the Global Leader for Retail Analytics & eCommerce, where he delivered significant growth across those practices.

Craig has a BS in Management Information Systems & Marketing from University at Albany, SUNY.

Upon joining Antuit, Craig commented, "Antuit is uniquely poised to deliver insights that drive prescriptive actions and business transformation across an organization. Our marketing and pricing analytics, forecasting and supply chain analytics, data engineering, and cyber intelligence solutions capitalize on the power of Antuit's talent, advanced analytics & AI to empower businesses to predict, shape and fill demand while proactively managing security risks."

“We enable faster, smarter and more profitable decision-making processes that deliver measurable financial results. We do this by delivering AI-powered analytics that generates next level retail, consumer goods and manufacturing insights”