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The Business management system of record for Hybrid IT: Apptio


Cloud has introduced a new business model for IT, increasing complexity and opening new opportunities for IT to deliver innovation in support of business objectives. And Apptio provides a full view of technology investments across on-premises, public cloud, private cloud, infrastructure, applications, business services, and projects.

Apptio transforms the way IT runs its business and makes decisions. With its cloud-based applications, IT leaders manage, plan and optimize their technology investments across on-premises and cloud. With Apptio, IT leaders become strategic partners to the business by demonstrating value of IT investments, accelerating innovation and shifting their technology investments from running the business to digital innovation.

Its Cost Transparency, IT Planning, IT Benchmarking, Bill of IT and Business Insights SaaS applications align technology investments to business priorities, engage business stakeholders to drive accountability and value, and optimize and increase efficiency of hybrid IT resources. The company combine powerful analytics with process workflow to empower CIOs and their teams with the deep insights they need in order to make great data-driven decisions. And offer packaged SaaS applications that lead to valuable insights within 90 days.

Apptio is the only solution that automatically aggregates, cleanses and establishes relationships across large amounts of data from disparate financial, operational and vendor invoices, and maps that data into the company’s standard IT cost model. With Apptio, IT can shift 3-5% of their spending over five years into innovation strategically aligned with the broader goals of the business. Today, hundreds of global enterprise organizations, across all sizes and verticals, manage their IT business with Apptio, including 40% of the Fortune 100.

Apptio Solutions


  • Digital Business: Optimize the run costs and harvest savings to fund digital innovation initiatives. Quantify the value of IT's digital investments to earn the trust of business.
  • Cost Optimization: Continuously analyze cost and utilization to trim run costs and maximize return on every IT dollar. Compare costs to industry peers and identify opportunities to improve efficiency.
  • Services Transformation: Understand and communicate value through the lens of IT services and underlying cost drivers. Drive shared accountability with the business by showing how their consumption drives IT costs.
  • Hybrid IT: Adopt a data-driven hybrid IT mindset to balance traditional IT and public cloud models. Accelerate cloud migration and maximize efficiency of public cloud and SaaS spend.

IT finance

  • Cost Optimization: Continuously analyze cost and utilization to find and eliminate inefficient resource spends. Compare the costs to industry peers and identify opportunities to improve efficiency.
  • Digital Business: Free up funding for digital by eliminating inefficient IT spend and reducing budget padding. Improve budget agility to facilitate rapid experimentation by digital business teams.
  • Services Transformation: Develop resource budgets and set service pricing based on demand from business consumers. Calculate defensible service costs and operationalize show back/chargeback to BUs.
  • Cost Recovery: Automate the calculation and delivery of a simple “Bill of IT” to business unit consumers. Integrate with corporate ERP systems to automate chargeback transfers from business units.
  • ITFM Process Automation: Automate IT finance processes like budgeting, forecasting, variance analysis, and cost modelling. Free up time for the team to provide advisory and consulting support to IT decision makers.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Support compliance with GDPR by tracking spends on vendors housing company data externally. Understand SaaS spend and leverage that knowledge in renegotiations in light of ASC606.

Products BY Apptio

Cloud Cost Management: It provides a single plane of glass to view the public cloud spend, accounts for all costs that go into managing and supporting public cloud assets, and puts them in the context of entire IT portfolio.

  • Understand costs and usage to avoid surprises and drive accountability.
  • Manage consumption by infra, app, and business units to make better decisions.
  • Optimize resources by taking action on underutilized and idle instances.

Apptio ITFM Foundation: It is the only product that offers collaborative budgeting, forecasting, variance analysis, and multi-year planning purpose-built for IT. It gives IT Finance leader’s confidence that every IT dollar is spent on the highest priority items for the business.

  • Read this datasheet to learn how ITFM Foundation can help IT leaders: 
  • Build annual budgets and multi-year plans
  • Proactively manage IT spend variance and adjust and update forecasts accurately 

Infrastructure & Application Insights: Knowing the true costs of providing IT products and services helps the companies to make broad decisions about investments in technology. Apptio Business Insights delivers deeper insight into the IT business by integrating cost, consumption, capacity utilization, and other data so the company can improve and demonstrate efficiency, justify new investments, and accelerate decisions.


“Three years ago, 80% of the conversations I had with our businesses were around expenses and my charges to them. Now it’s almost completely about business strategy and how we can help them grow and become more nimble with their customers.”

- Gerry Imhoff (CIO, Martiz)

“It was very difficult to explain the cost of our core title and escrow system to each division and division presidents, but Apptio has really helped me break down the cost by division and show them the value on the core system.”

- Larry Godec (CIO first America)

Greet the Chief

Sunny Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO: Sunny Gupta is the Co-founder and CEO of Apptio and serves on the company’s board of directors. He is a product visionary and innovator whose customer obsession led him to conversations with CIOs where he uncovered the market demand for creating an analytics based business management system for IT. Since founding Apptio in late 2007, he both pioneered Apptio’s market category, Technology Business Management (TBM), and drove the company to become the market leader in this disruptive category with significant scale.

“Apptio unlocks existing financial, operational, and billing data from on-premises and cloud providers to serve as the single source of truth across the business.”