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30 Fastest Growing Companies of the Year 2016

The Clear Leader in Content Automation: Quark Software Inc.


Located in Denver, Quark Software was founded in 1981 with the mission to reinvent how content creators and creative professionals bring their visions to life. Today, with the leading content automation platform, the company infuses automation into every stage of the creation, management, publishing and delivery of today’s most important content.

Quark Enterprise Solutions is the only end-to-end content automation platform that enables the creation, management, publishing and delivery of content across print, Web and digital channels. Global organizations that create, manage, and publish a high volume of similar content that needs to be distributed across one or many channels, leverage Quark’s content automation platform to streamline their content processes, enabling them to deliver business-critical content with precision. Whether creating regulatory documentation, policies and procedures, investment research reports or interactive marketing communications, the world’s most recognized brands are modernizing their content strategies and processes with Quark’s solutions.

Quark offers clients an opportunity to create reusable content components with a structured content schema that allows content to be easily stored, searched and reused. Componentized content also helps organizations deliver content across print, Web and mobile formats, meet compliance and regulatory mandates, and reduce time to market. This is in stark contrast to traditional solutions for content creation and management solutions that either require authors to create unstructured documents that trap content in one format, or are too complex for non-technical writers to use.

A cut above the rest
Quark is a global organization that serves regional and international clients across the Americas, Europe, India, Asia and Australia. The company serves industries such as finance, government, energy, manufacturing, life sciences and others to reduce the costs and time associated with content creation, management and delivery by 85%. Clients include Boehringer Ingelheim, Standard & Poor’s, Emirates Airlines, UNICEF, the Government of Ireland and many more.

Though there is a broad spectrum of vendors in the content automation space, from content management solutions (CMS) and Web content management solutions (WCMS) to XML authoring and mobile app delivery solutions, no single vendor can deliver the end-to-end platform that Quark offers.

Quark’s content automation platform is also unique because it makes it much easier and more intuitive for non-technical authors to create structured content. Technical writers, or those that are well adept at using markup schemas such as XML and DITA to create structured content, are able to use complicated authoring tools. However, non-technical authors, those who typically create content using Microsoft Word, for example, need simpler tools that hide all the complexity of XML. Quark solves this problem with Smart Content, an XML schema that is the foundation for content automation. Quark’s solutions allow non-technical writers to create structured content in a familiar word processor-like environment using a Web browser or Microsoft Word. Authors can create and reuse authored content, charts, tables, images, data, video and more. They can also tag content (manually and automatically) to maximize discoverability and enable automation.

When non-technical authors create structured, reusable, searchable and trackable content, companies are able to meet growing content demands across any channel, which means delivering the right content to the right people at the right time. This transforms a company’s ability to compete today and in the future, and opens more time and resources for innovation and customer engagement.

Popularity Quotient
“Our goal is to create the very best investment research experience for our clients who are some of the world’s leading asset managers…Quark Enterprise Solutions will enable us to introduce interactivity, searchability, personalization, video, audio and other functionality into our content all with the purpose of enriching the process of information consumption.”
– Simon Stilwell, CEO of Liberum, a global investment bank

“The ability to reuse content and distribute it across many SOPs or contracts will be a significant time saver and will ensure the integrity of our content. We’ll also be able to take on two to three times the number of SOPs with the same number of people.” – Director of Content Management for a leading North American bank

“We couldn’t afford to lose a single piece of information. We realized we needed a structured authoring system to be able to improve productivity, so we switched to an XML-based system to support structured content, compliance with in-house standards, and consistency. Now 100 percent of the information we produce is reused.” – IT Director for global
pharmaceutical company

Leading Quark in its journey towards excellence

Ray Schiavone, President and CEO
Since Ray Schiavone joined Quark in 2006, the company has transformed into a leading player in enterprise content automation. Prior to joining Quark, Schiavone had an enviable tenure where he served as the President and CEO of Arbortext, Inc., the President of TPN Register LLC and was an executive at GE. During his 14-year tenure at GE, he held a variety of leadership positions throughout the United States and Europe. A graduate of GE’s prestigious Corporate Audit Staff and Information Management Leadership programs, Schiavone holds a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Maryland and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Syracuse University.

“There is a better way to create and manage content and the solution is content automation. At Quark, we are seeing the world’s most visionary organizations adopting content automation now so they are equipped to compete in the future.”