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50 Fastest Growing Companies of The Year 2017

The Cloud Connection Company: Console Inc.

thesiliconreview-jef-graham-ceo-console-inc-17Console Inc. was founded to change the way enterprises connect to their customers, vendors and partners. Console is an enterprise software and interconnection platform which enables both network-to-network and enterprise-to-enterprise collaboration globally.

Console introduces the new concept of Interconnection 2.0. A fully-automated enterprise software and interconnection platform that enables companies to bypass the public Internet and directly connect business networks to each other with a click of a button. With over 170 Console nodes (points of presence) across the globe, the Console platform provides enterprises with secure, simple and direct access to a global ecosystem of cloud infrastructure providers, SaaS providers and partners, including Amazon, Microsoft, Google, LinkedIn, Box, Zendesk and many others.

Console Connect     

The Console Connect solution is a unique combination of platform, community and architecture that fully automates the entire connection process. The secure Console software interface resembles that of a social networking platform. Console extracts all of the configuration complexity for an enterprise to connect its network privately and directly to others.

Simple to Connect: Console brings the simplicity of a social platform to interconnection. Based on your own self-defined criteria, you click a button, send out requests, they’re accepted and now you’re directly connected. We’ve made it that easy.

Information at Your Fingertips: Console will keep you informed in real-time so you never miss an important network event. Powerful management tools give you complete control over your network.

Connect and Collaborate: Not only does Console give you direct access to a global ecosystem; you can also use it as a collaboration tool and draw on the expertise of a clever community.

Unique Features of Console

Console is the first platform of its kind to bypass the public Internet and directly connect networks to each other with a click of a button. But what does that actually mean for your business?

Increased Security: Internet network hijacking, Internet congestion and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are major connectivity concerns for today’s enterprises. Console enables organizations to bypass the public Internet and these inherent obstacles, with a private, simple, and faster way to directly connect to their mission-critical business applications, customers and partners for optimal security and performance.

Improved User Experience: Bypassing the public Internet by using direct connect means your users receive a consistent experience. Whether you’re an enterprise wanting to ensure that network performance doesn’t impact your mission-critical applications, or a SaaS provider needing consistent and robust uptime and access to your software, Console will provide you with all the tools, partners and infrastructure you need to manage multiple secure direct connections, all from one port.

Reduced Complexity: The Company replaced hundreds of hours work with a single click. We’ve extracted all of the Layer 2 and Layer 3 configuration complexity so you can focus on your core business without the need to become a global network operator.

Connect Once For Access to a Global Ecosystem: There’s no need to set up multiple different direct connects to your key cloud and SaaS providers. Console’s innovative new platform means they are all available in one location. And if you do come across a company you’d like to connect to who are not on the platform yet, simply invite them to join.

Costs Are More Transparent: Console offers you a simple, pay-as-you-go pricing approach for your interconnection to cloud and SaaS services, as well as interconnection to other enterprises. A typical SaaS-based pricing model combines with clear price bands for bandwidth, with notifications if you approach limits. This means your costs are highly predictable and transparent.

Clientele Testimonies

 “One-stop shopping for all our needs.”

  • Shafiek Peck, Lead Network Engineer, Zendesk

“I’m really excited about Console’s ability to enable the enterprise to take advantage of direct interconnection.”

  • Erik Klavon, Staff Network Engineer, Box

 “It’s great to see a platform like Console revolutionize the industry.”

  • Zaid Ali Khan, Director, Global Infrastructure Architecture and Strategy, LinkedIn

Meet the Team

Jef Graham, Chairman and CEO: As the CEO of Console Connect, Jef is focused on rapidly accelerating the company’s growth and scaling its services globally to help enterprises connect to their business-critical partners, SaaS providers and cloud apps with simple, secure and reliable direct connections. Jef has more than 30 years of global experience in the computer/networking industry and has spent over 20 years as an EVP & CEO in a number of diverse businesses, ranging from large, public companies such as HP, 3Com and Juniper to privately-held startups, such as Peribit and RGB Networks.

Al Burgio Founder & Chief Strategy Officer: As Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Al is responsible for Console Connect’s strategy; mid- and long- term strategic solutions planning and vision, supporting strategic relationships and initiatives, and technology evangelism. Prior to becoming Console’s Chief Strategy Officer, Al founded the company in 2011, established the company’s initial vision and led Console’s global expansion, including facilitating two international acquisitions. In 2013, Al moved the company’s headquarters from Ontario, Canada to California and successfully raised capital from leading Silicon Valley venture capital firms and tech entrepreneurs to fuel the company’s growth.

Al is a frequent speaker on cloud connectivity and direct interconnection. He has authored a patent related to Distributed Internet Architecture, and has other patents-pending.

“Console enables business to business collaboration and direct connections, much like how other social platforms enable professionals to directly connect.”