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The Cutting Edge in Audio & Video Business Intelligence: Yactraq Online


"Empower your business with market leading data and critical insights extracted from any audible media.”

Quality assurance for phone based sales and customer service is still in the dark ages. It is impossible to imagine a world where a company operates without computers, without big data analysis and essentially without any audit trail that is searchable quickly and effectively. Similarly, call recordings are analyzed at great cost by a few human quality analysts who cannot get to more than a 2 to 4% random sample of the data. Managing a call operations team in such an environment can seem capricious. Audio mining and speech analytics software turns recorded phone calls into searchable, trackable and auditable data. Yactraq, headquartered in British Columbia, Canada, delivers business insights through audio mining and speech analytics taking the guesswork out of managing call operations.

Yactraq solutions
Yactraq empowers SMB & Enterprise clients with machine learning driven insights extracted from any audible media. It delivers omnichannel business intelligence with a next generation platform through large scale customized vocabularies at 40x cost & speed efficiencies over legacy solutions. Using automated & patent pending technology, Yactraq provides critical business insights on customer call operations, web media, video, audio, and text data. By providing low cost customized audio mining and speech analytics solutions, the company is democratizing the speech tech industry and making it available to any size businesses.

An innovator, a market disruptor and a stable player
Yactraq is uniquely positioned as an innovator with its next generation technology platform, as a market disruptor through their competitive pricing & customization capabilities, and as a highly stable player through the tactical corporate strategy of partnering with Intellectual Ventures by participating in their IP-for-Defense Program which makes Yactraq the best defended speech startup in the world from an IP standpoint, providing an unparalleled freedom to operate in the industry.

Briefing OmniTraq
Yactraq’s OmniTraq audio mining product offers revolutionary machine learning driven capabilities allowing clients to detect customer sentiment and monitor service quality across a range of verticals. OmniTraq can be viewed as an analytics, reporting and search layer that depends on two key technology platforms. One is IBM Watson, which Yactraq uses for general speech vocabularies, for multi-lingual capability and for generating machine training data for CoreTraq platform. The other platform is Yactraq’s own patent pending and award winning CoreTraq speech based semantic engine. OmniTraq can provide business intelligence around brand & consumer sentiment, competitive intelligence, media monitoring, & provide internal enterprise functionality.

CoreTraq, an overview
CoreTraq’s machine learning capability is optimized for delivering custom vocabularies, tuned for a Yactraq client, in a quick and cost effective manner. CoreTraq also integrates the speech engine’s vocabulary with that of its natural language processing (NLP) module. During run time, CoreTraq’s NLP module uses its machine learning capability to automatically cluster and classify every minute of speech across large taxonomies. During the training phase of the system, CoreTraq’s NLP module uses a patent pending Yactraq process to automatically extract key linguistic features and train the language model of CoreTraq’s speech engine in an almost completely robotic manner.

Yactraq’s CoreTraq platform can ingest semantic and linguistic training vocabularies of millions of words and sentences in a matter of hours, in a seamless & automated manner allowing Yactraq to deliver custom vocabulary speech systems at costs cheaper then phonetic systems. This reduces manual effort and costs, enabling any business of any size to afford and access audio mining.

A business benefactor
The company’s cutting edge technology platform and application layer business intelligence solution, OmniTraq is aligned with the needs of a vast market of underserved businesses that can greatly benefit from audio mining & speech analytics solutions. There are thousands of SMBs & enterprise-level business units that can now afford critical and high impact solutions through Yactraq.

Surpassing competition
The company’s extraordinary value proposition, technology, position in the market, and their diverse team of specialized and seasoned experts set them well apart from any other players in the industry. There is simply no competition in the speech tech domain that offers Yactraq’s unique blend of relevance, affordability, effectiveness, and expertise.

Target area
Current target area is call center operations in the retail and finance verticals, for any business of any size. Yactraq can index every minute of every customer call, and thereby robotically generate data that can then be used for contact center agent evaluation and customer service management. Yactraq can deliver high quality, custom vocabulary driven audio mining to businesses with call operations with as few as even just 10 agents. This is a market that has previously not been served by existing audio mining & speech analytics solutions.

Key Executives

Jeh Daruvala, Founder & CEO – Jeh has 22 years of entrepreneurial, investment banking, product management and business/systems analysis experience in information technology at startups, Microsoft, T-Mobile, TELUS, Avendus Advisors, and Gateway Capital. Before Canada, he played a key role in incubating Customer Asset, an India based IT infrastructure services venture that evolved into the $300 million, Firstsource Solutions. While working on Delsys, his first startup, Jeh sold the first-ever Ethernet switch in India (Cisco).

Leland Huss, CMO – Leland’s capabilities are exceptional in product strategy, marketing, finance, business development, and technology. Leland’s recent role as Director of Commercial Strategy at Pandora equips him with key insights into the needs of fast growing media & advertising businesses. His overall experience over the last decade includes finance and strategy roles at Salesforce, Blackrock, and Barclays Global Investors.

Pat Pattabhiraman, VP of Research & Development – Pat has extensive experience in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Speech Technology, in both academic and business environments. He has led teams of speech engineers and computational linguists, contributing to the design and development of critical components of speech recognition and text-to-speech systems in 20 languages. His efforts resulted in commercial products deployed on over 8 million devices and in the Eurofighter cockpit. At Seagate Software, he architected a natural language interface to Crystal Reports and developed several of its major modules. He also has substantial R&D experience in natural language generation, automated translation and design of development environments for large-scale NLP systems.

“Our team’s love of technology is born out of our diverse and comprehensive backgrounds in science and engineering.”