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The Experts in Big Data, Content, and Security: SpringCM


SpringCM generates, automates, manages, and stores your documents and contracts, simplifying your business processes so you can close business faster. And make it easier for your customers to work with you. Because when your documents flow, workflows.

SpringCM: When Your Documents Flow, WorkFlows.

Our products help workflow for our customers, and our culture helps workflow for our employees. We strive to create an environment where people really want to come to work every day to collaborate, innovate and solve our customers' problems. As a company, we believe in leveraging technology to deliver immediate savings by automating and accelerating business processes.

Our document management software was created to help businesses generate and locate content faster, collaborate with internal and external stakeholders, and automate workflows that accelerate the path to revenue.

Product Offerings

Automate your contract and document processes with configurable workflows, while improving collaboration and productivity. Organize, manage and find any document, anytime, anywhere. All of the most secure cloud-based document management platform available.

Contract Management: Reduce your contract process by 75%

Contracts are the lifeblood of your organization, but deals often grind to a halt when they hit the contract stage. The longer it takes to get a contract signed, the longer it takes to receive revenue from the deal.

We can help you better manage contracts throughout their full lifecycle — from contract generation to renewal. The results are more free time, reduced operating costs and accelerated revenue. This benefits not just legal and sales teams, but everyone who deals with contracts behind the scenes, including HR, finance, and IT departments... and your customers!

A cloud-based central repository and an organized, intuitive folder structure accommodate your business workflow. Whether your teams work all day in a CRM system like Salesforce, at home, in the office, or from mobile devices, they can find every file they need to manage and contribute to the contract process.

By automating processes, your company can reduce time spent on contract generation and review. 

  • Store, share and search for your contracts with a true central repository.
  • Generate contracts faster and more reliably with Doc Launcher.
  • Be ready for an audit and reduce your company's exposure to risk.
  • Eliminate bottlenecks and identify problems with in-depth tracking and reporting tools.
  • Find any document in seconds, even if you don’t remember the file name

Document Management: Access any document anytime, anywhere.

Do you have trouble finding important documents when you need them? Struggle with keeping track of PDFs, presentations, or marketing collateral as documents move and change?

Automated document management saves time and eliminates frustration locating content of all types, allowing you and your colleagues to be more productive.  

  • Create and store your documents in one central repository to eliminate the time you waste searching for content
  • Collaborate fast with team members both inside and outside of your company
  • Streamline workflows with advanced automation features that ensure document-centric processes run quickly and efficiently

With thorough document tagging capabilities, you have the ability to organize your documents in a way that makes sense for you and your business. Meta tags and attributes allow you to group documents by content while keeping your content in a flexible folder structure. Working with internal and external collaborators can be smooth and effortless with features like security level controls on folders and documents, pinpoint comments, and a secure link generator. SpringCM provides version control, that automatically saves each new version of a document as a copy, so you can access the document’s entire history and revert back to any previous version.

Clientele Testimonies

"SpringCM is configurable and nimble, which has allowed us to achieve results in a fast time frame."

  • Leeann Mitchell, Director, Dental Network Management, Life & Specialty Ventures, a division of BlueCross BlueShield, 

“Sales is notoriously the hardest group to get to adopt new technology. SpringCM has made the adoption process seamless, and Sales is happy to have more time to focus on revenue.”

  • Carol Barry, VP, Customer Experience, DRG 

"SpringCM is my right hand for contract management, not sure what I would do without it."

  • Karen Hodson, VP of Operations, Emma, Inc 

CEO Corner

Dan Dal Degan, CEO: Dan brings over 30 years of experience in enterprise software leadership to SpringCM.  After joining SpringCM's Board of Directors in the spring of 2016, Dan moved into the CEO role in early 2017. 

As President of Ensighten, a digital marketing software company, Dan grew revenues by 4X in two years.  For over 11 years, Dan built and led Salesforce sales teams in the central US and nationwide. After joining in 2002 when they had fewer than 150 employees and less than $50M in annual revenue, Dan helped fuel’s growth to over 12,000 employees, over $4B in annual revenue, and 150,000+ customers.  Dan is referenced by Marc Benioff, in his book, Behind the Cloud, as one of the inspiring leaders at Salesforce who shaped the successful cloud business model and culture. 

As a member of the founding management team of Synchrony (sold in 2001 to Divine), Dan was the EVP of Worldwide Sales and Services. Dan’s sales career has also included successful leadership roles at Siebel Systems, Sybase, and Oracle — all during their IPO and expansion phases.

After earning his bachelor’s degree in General Engineering/Computer Science from the Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Dan earned a master’s degree in management from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management. 

"SpringCM is a secure document and contract management platform. Build workflows and enable document collaboration across your entire organization."