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The Experts in Compliant Business Cloud Platforms – Pulsant


The Uk’s Leading Secure Hybrid It And Cloud Hosting Provider Helping You Realize The Benefits Of The Cloud Through Strong Relationships And Strong Results.

Technology supports the business, drives innovation and helps elevate you above and beyond your competition. At least that’s how it should be. The company sees technology as the ultimate enabler, which means your organization comes first, aligning your IT strategy to your business objectives, and not the other way around.

The Vision

To help organizations reach their full potential by taking advantage of the cloud to drive real business benefits. Ensuring that technology is a business enabler, underpinning future success and meeting the challenge of security and continuous compliance.

It is a hybrid cloud company that focuses on IT and cloud managed services, transformation, security, and compliance. It has got the expertise, resources, and solutions to design, develop and manage intelligent hybrid IT platforms so that you can focus on what’s important: running your business. Blending the best of people and technology through infrastructure, IT transformation, and multi-cloud.

The firm’s in-house expertise and cloud consultancy, combined with leading-edge technology solutions, means it can give you complete visibility & control over your entire IT environment. More than that, it provides you with actionable intelligence, best practice processes, and complete support to help you meet your business objectives.

Complete Consultancy, Comprehensive Support

From onboarding to delivery, deployment, and support, the firm is there to help to collaborate closely with you and your team from the very beginning to ensure the design and deliver a solution that is fit for purpose and matches your requirements.

The company understands how important your business is. This is why it collaborates closely with you and your team from the very beginning to ensure it designs and delivers a solution that is fit for purpose and matches your requirements.

From the initial engagement where it works with you to refine your requirements and define your outcomes, to ongoing support – you will receive expert consultancy, advice and dedicated service to help you meet your business objectives.

Optimize your Technology Environment

Get the most of your technology investment with Pulsant’s consulting, hybrid cloud and security expertise. How does it do it? Through its experience and in-house skills that enable it to address the needs of the customers and support them now and into the future.

Pulsant is a hybrid cloud specialist, with a focus on private and public cloud services, network connectivity, security, and integration. What this means for its customers is that it designs, develop and supports solutions that help them manage their hybrid environments and transform their IT operations while remaining secure and compliant.

Pulsant Managed Cloud

The firm designs, deploy and manages cloud platforms that deliver the full benefits of cloud to your organization, enabling your growth and spurring innovation. All while remaining secure and compliant.

Continuous Compliance

With compliance playing a critical role in today’s business environment reaching and maintaining it is a challenge. Pulsant’s exclusive intellectual property around regulatory and cloud insight has led to the development of a market-leading 360° managed security service.

Pulsant Protect

The core portfolio of security solutions has been designed and developed to ensure your business is safe and secure in today’s rapidly changing threat landscape.

Customer Connect

Customer Connect is a management platform that enables organizations using a hybrid cloud to improve security, performance, and connectivity.

Consultancy and Professional Services

With its wealth of IT consultancy experience, it helps you use technology as a force to support and enable your business to succeed. The firm provides people-based services and knowledge to ensure your IT strategy aligns with your business strategy.

The Infrastructure

The company maintains, owns and operates an extensive UK-wide network of enterprise-class data centres, with a focus on security, availability, and compliance.

The Decision Makers


Mike Tobin | Chairman

Mike is an award-winning CEO, non-executive director, entrepreneur and author. He has over 30 years of experience in the telecommunications and technology industry.

Niclas Sanfridsson | CEO

Niclas joined Pulsant in 2017 following a rich and diverse technology career. Niclas has vast experience in running businesses that focus on offering data centre and managed IT services.


Pieter Knook | Deputy Chairman

With a rich career spent working for the likes of Microsoft for 18 years and at Vodafone where he spent two and a half years, Pieter is also on the board of TDC and is chairman of Matillion Ltd.

“Our mission is to continuously develop our knowledge, enhance our capabilities and improve our solutions to proactively meet the needs of our customers and stay ahead of a rapidly evolving market.”