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50 Leading Companies of the Year 2017

The First Cloud-Based Expert System Built On Intelligence for the Logistics Industry: Teknowlogi

thesiliconreview-w-spencer-askew-ceo-teknowlogi-17We are focused on delivering ongoing business value, high-quality customer service and support, as well as an easy-to-consume platform and pricing model.

Teknowlogi addresses a current long-felt but unresolved need for a technology platform that can analyze millions of data variables in real-time as well as enhance and change processes within the complicated and multi-party global shipping and logistics industry. Founded in 2005, at its core DNA, Teknowlogi believes every organization in the industry can-and-should operate as the most perfect version of itself at all times.

As one of the fastest growing software providers in North America, Teknowlogi is the pioneer of the Logistics Expert System (LES) and creator of Tai, the industry’s only cloud-based solution that combines any legacy logistics industry system, mobile intelligence, integration intelligence, consulting intelligence, business intelligence, and artificial intelligence in one platform.

Teknowlogi: weKNOW LOGISTICS

The company has continued to refine its internal ‘systems’ and processes to operate more efficiently. Teknowlogi’s software platform has evolved from a workflow and automation based system to a hyper-intelligent platform with a tremendous amount of logistics industry expertise pre-built into its core DNA and capabilities. This coupled with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence became the $4 Trillion dollar logistics industry’s first Logistics Expert System.

Teknowlogi’s main driving and motivating factor is the firm sees the logistics industry at-large as still some what fragmented as it compares to other industries that have embraced technology and automation and machine-based intelligence in a greater capacity. Teknowlogi believes this is simply unacceptable and strives each day to deliver and affect change for its clients and its industry.

Teknowlogi continues to design, build, communicate, and deliver to the industry the most relevant and practical intelligent Logistics Expert System. This enables organizations to make sense of and execute on topics such as big data, digital transformation, automation, staff succession, margin, pro-active vs reactive “everything” while reducing their reliance on phone, fax, email, and spreadsheets as a definition of IT in running their businesses.

“Do Unto Others As They Would Have Us Do Unto Them”

Since its inception, Teknowlogi’sguiding principles are its continued inspiration for the business to excel and grow outside of the obvious shareholder valuation topics. One of which is to “do unto others as they would have us do unto them” and the second has been Teknowlogi’s ability to support humanitarian aid organizations that end up affecting change in our world in a much greater capacity than one can do individually.

Teknowlogi’s Rebranding Story; in the Words of Founder and CEO, Spencer Askew

“One evening during a workout at my home in Atlanta, I began contemplating what we as an organization had done to ‘package’ all of the logistics industry expertise and knowledge we have gained over the years from consulting engagements, software development, business process management support, functionality enhancement requests, in addition to the day to day challenges most organizations face during the life of their business. This thought and question were also expanded to ‘what have organizations across our entire logistics industry done to package all of the knowledge and expertise of its staff to maximize and re-implement that business and logistics knowledge and expertise for the continued advancement of their organization well into the future while impacting immediate change.’ The resounding answer to these self-imposed questions was ‘not nearly as much as we could or should if we are truly going to positively impact the logistics industry at large and our individual clients.’ This small internal mental Q&A session became a driving factor in the rebranding of our business, the creation of Tai, which also led to the creation of the Logistics Expert System platform capability. The Logistics Expert System (LES) is the industry’s only and most relevant acronym that embodies the ‘intelligence and execution’ capabilities that Tai has brought to the market enabling all industry existing / legacy software platforms to upgrade to all things intelligent without having to replace any of their current software systems in use today.”

The Roadmap Ahead

The firm launched Tai and Tai Mobile in the second half of 2017. In 2018, Teknowlogi will deliver the next-gen version of Tai which will make the logistics industry’s ability to consume Tai and upgrade their current logistics software to a Logistics Expert System even easier and more IT friendly.

Teknowlogi’s main area of growth contribution has come from its customers. The customers have become one of Teknowlogi’s largest sales channels in promoting its solutions to other organizations throughout the industry. This has contributed to very solid YoY growth for the business, created a very predictable business model and set the foundation for the company to have its biggest and highest growth years ahead of them as Teknowlogi progresses into 2018 and beyond. The company aims to become the largest provider of Intelligence software for the entire logistics industry on a global scale over the next 24-30 months.

Applaud the Leader

Spencer Askew brings more than 14 years of consulting and technology experience to the transportation industry in his role as Founder and CEO of Teknowlogi. Askew began his career in the e-Procurement technology space, and after a successful exit of the business began working as a consultant in the transportation industry for a large asset-based Transportation Company. Since his founding of the Company in 2005, Askew has successfully launched Efreight solutions Worldwide, a tech-enabled services sister company that acts as an enabling engine for software customers looking to expand their operations and service offerings. In 2012, Askew was very influential in helping the launch of a Less-than-Truckload freight brokerage services company which was recently acquired by Efreightsolutions Worldwide.

“Our mission is to enable every organization within the logistics industry to operate as the most perfect version of itself at all times.”