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The Global Delivery Model Being Its Forte, Virgosys Ranks Amongst the Best of Breed Solution Partners: Virgosys Software Pvt Ltd


Virgosys Software Pvt Ltd has its offshore development center, a custom software development firm in Bangalore. It started operations in 1994 and has been serving clients globally. The company provides creative solutions that not only cater to clients current but future needs as well. The global delivery model being its forte, Virgosys ranks amongst the best of breed solution partners. Highly talented engineers who competently understand the client's long-term requirements are the driving force behind Virgosys. The company provides services in the field of custom software development and information technology consulting.

At Virgosys the foremost priority is to make IT work wonders for your company and allow you to focus on your core business. Your success is reflected in the Virgosys success story! The firm faith that the offered solutions give you the defined return on investment is based on complete commitment and concentrated efforts. 

Virgosys has 24 years of experience in software product development. Virgosys Software Consulting service and information technology consulting service provide skilled personnel to work with your employees to assist you to expand, uphold, and test your software applications while building your Information Technology staff. Information technology consulting is playing an important role in IT companies.
The constant human endeavor is to set higher standards and achieve higher goals. The world today is harnessing the cyberspace as a major medium to expand business horizons. The firm is your partner in utilizing the benefits of that technology.

Advantage Virgosys

The customer is The King

The company strongly believes that the customer is the king. It's the company’s strength to partner with the customer and caters to your requirements. Its forte in IT will help Virgosys provide the best solutions and allow you to focus on the core business. Customer satisfaction is of utmost priority for Virgosys.


Virgosys can offer a big cost advantage as compared to the big giants and deliver work at the same quality. It is operating on CMM Level 3 and shall shortly operate on level 5. Moreover, it extends its support and helps out with the initial project phases where it would cost you money having a consultant.

Support and Solutions

Virgosys is there to support whether it be the presale activity or bidding on a big software Project. Likewise, it extends its support to tackle any issues arising from post-implementation. The company provides the best of breed solutions and the technologically most advanced. It believes in keeping abreast with the latest technologies so that it can deliver world-class cutting-edge software solutions for your business to prosper. It is your long-term partners.


Quality is the foremost for us when it comes to delivering a bespoke solution or a software product is an advantage for Virgosys. It is currently operating at CMM level 3 and hopes to attain level 5 in the coming few months time. The company constantly strives to achieve higher levels of efficiency and quality. It improves its processes to changing requirements of the industry is an added advantage. It has instituted processes that enable the transition to new technologies and enable continuous process improvement.


Its employees form the key strengths in delivering the best of breed solutions. Virgosys value them and train them to meet the growing demands and make them "smart workers". It loves challenges and welcomes them. As much as it values its employees it also values its processes so that it's not a company which is person dependent but process dependent. Virgosys provide them with the technology and ambiance to deliver the best software solutions.

Virgosys Solutions

Since its founding in 1994, Virgosys has evolved from an idea to provide leasing software solutions for leasing companies to a renowned global enterprise with major customers across the world. It remains steadfastly committed to helping businesses like yours meet the challenges of an ever-evolving environment with the most advanced Custom software solutions available anywhere. Virgosys development team is loaded with experience, enthusiasm, and creativity.

Virgosys design and build elegant software solutions and web applications that are effective and a pleasure to use. Virgosys take care of all your needs and allow you to focus on your core business. Its solutions can integrate right from the Desktop to the Web-based systems to PDA's to Mobile phones.

Virgosys offers software development of mobile applications (native Android & iOS) for all the most popular mobile platforms. It believes the key factor for a successful project is the vendor's ability to stand the specific challenges of mobile application development. The company offers progressive services in the area of custom software development, open source application development, software development, B2B, and B2C web based solutions along with application maintenance services to help your business exceed its technological expectations. Virgosys solutions are reliable, scalable and highly customized for your needs.

Greet the Kingpin

Mr. Rajiv Saran Sharma, CEO, Virgosys Software Private Limited: Rajiv is the main architect of "Schookee", the key to Management, a web-based multi-language support Management Software product that can be modified to suit the requirements of any institution in the globe. Virgosys setup a channel associate network throughout the globe to sell and promote Schookee. 

He is a friend to his employees, guide whom one can look to and always encourages his employees. He is CTO for RAZ INFOSYSTEM FZC, Sharjah.

He has a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics & Communications from Bangalore University.

“To deliver high quality, creative, technologically advanced services to our customers, by endeavoring to keep abreast with the latest technology and the best of breed manpower and a friendly environment are our company mission.”