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The global leader in cloud-based treasury, payments and working capital solutions: Kyriba

thesiliconreview-jean-luc-robert-ceo-kyriba-corp-17“With Kyriba, global treasury and finance teams can automate manual processes, protect against loss from risk and fraud, and unlock more opportunities for driving revenue and growth.” Jean-Luc Robert, Chairman and CEO

The obvious massive advantage of cloud computing is that CIOs have less infrastructure to support, and require much less development to integrate with a multitude of internal solutions. Global organizations are now more able to focus on their core business with the assurance that their data is safely backed up in a world-class cloud platform. Thanks to companies like Kyriba, and its innovative approach to cloud-based Fintech solutions, CFOs, corporate treasurers and finance teams are better protected and prepared to unlock opportunity within their organization.

Delivering a fully virtualized multi-tenant SaaS solution, Kyriba clients benefit from a single code base deployed across one platform. Implementing Kyriba’s modular and scalable solution across multiple geographies requires only a fraction of the investment of traditional legacy systems, providing simple and secure access to one source of truth – anytime, anywhere.

A candid Q&A with Jean-Luc Robert, Chairman and CEO

Why was Kyriba launched?

Kyriba was fully ready in 2004 with the intention of building a cloud based treasury management solution that would enable global finance leaders to centralize their treasury function anywhere in the world, and provide improved cash visibility all within a SaaS delivery model. Existing on-premises TMS solutions were expensive, and had the added burden of maintenance fees. The opportunity was to bring treasury solutions to market that created value for a larger section of multinational organizations. The long view was to add competitive advantages on a much greater scale.

What can your clients expect from Kyriba?

We continually innovate and deliver new products and capabilities to ensure that Kyriba is not only enhancing the depth of its existing functionality, but keeping a step ahead of trends and key requirements of the CFOs and treasurers who rely on Kyriba’s system to manage their global financial operations.

CFOs and treasurers are responsible for eliminating payments fraud losses, both internal and external. We are working on a solution that adds greater security around payments workflows so that CFOs and their teams can monitor, identify, and take action on suspicious activity. This area is critical for CFOs to keep ahead of fraud and find unauthorized activity before it happens.

We are preparing for and testing the value of distributed ledger technology for corporate finance and treasury. While obviously a hot topic in Fintech, blockchain offers new opportunities for connectivity, collaboration, and security in payments, trade finance and financial settlements.

Could you reveal your secret to success?

The secret to Kyriba’s rapid growth is its talented employees and its total commitment to customer success. Our customers help inspire and inform the product vision, which has been embraced by 1,600+ enterprise brands worldwide. We have also made some smart architecture choices. “We are 100% based in the cloud, so we don’t gate our innovation, meaning that we pass on the same level of advanced functionality to all of our clients. The platform is a true win for our clients, who use our solution to enable business transformation and accelerate shareholder value. The added focus on security drives cloud adoption, especially around payments.”

Put simply, the CFO’s top priorities are risk management and compliance, while CTOs are more concerned with technology integration and security. We build solutions to add strategic value to the CFOs teams and back up our solution with the highest levels of security protocols, data warehousing and business continuity planning so that the CTO will find comfort in the safety of our platform.

What are key drivers to innovation at Kyriba?

The 2008 financial crisis created many challenges for CFOs and treasurers, including the constricting of credit. This increased the need for corporates to hold cash, which drove treasurers to focus on perfecting global cash visibility and cash forecasting. This event had a significant impact on our product roadmap as that demand for visibility and mobility of cash has escalated to the point that treasurers are managing over a trillion dollars of overseas cash flow.

Regulatory compliance has also been a driver for our clients to invest in treasury technology. Many regulations require collaboration across multiple departments, increasing the need for us to not only serve the treasurers of our clients but also seamlessly integrate with a variety of internal systems to ensure corporates have the reporting and information they need to satisfy internal and external compliance.

Fraud and cybercrime is an unfortunate trend today and, in many cases, CFOs and their teams are the targets of complex schemes meant to gather financial information, data points about how financial workflows are managed, and ultimately gain access to payments and bank accounts for criminal purposes.

Meet the CEO: Jean-Luc Robert

Jean-Luc challenged the status quo by taking treasury to the cloud. As an early adopter of SaaS and cloud technology with world-class bank connectivity and corporate culture that thrives on innovation, Jean-Luc Robert transformed a pre-revenue treasury management SaaS company into a global leader. His original team of 12 has expanded globally across 10 offices, which are staffed by more than 450 people.

Jean-Luc is passionate about building the best cloud based financial solutions in the world, which in part explains why the company is the global leader with more than 1,600 clients and 50,000 users. Kyriba is also on the forefront of developing cutting edge supply chain finance solutions to provide working capital for its corporate clients.

“Kyriba delivers a 100% SaaS platform, deep bank connectivity and a seamlessly integrated solution set for tackling many of today’s most complex financial challenges.”

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