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The Global “Location Analytics” Powerhouse: Lepton software

Location >> Innovation >> Transformation

Just like Google, which started its operation from a web-based search engine and gradually shifted to become a Location based solution leader in the market with its Google Maps, Lepton commenced its business as a GIS data provider and third party Telecom tools reseller and is now, the leading Location Intelligence & Telecom automation provider globally. The only Premier Partner of Google Maps in Asia that reigns supreme in providing high-class Location Analytic solutions based on Google Map. Lepton Software, is fostering a strong relationship with fortune 500 companies with extensive domain expertise globally across multi verticals like Telecom, BFSI, FMCG/Retail, Energy & Utilities, Government & Defense, Life sciences & Healthcare and Automotive sectors.

Knowing the Lepton Seeds of Growth
“With a journey that started three years back when Lepton decided to focus more on innovative software solution built on Google platform and aided by new sales and marketing focus, Lepton saw tremendous reception from the market and has been witnessing hyper growth year on year. Having showcased the benefits that Location Intelligence brings to each and every business Lepton has been able to get ‘x’ customer across ‘y’ Countries”, quoted Dr. Rajeev Saraf, CEO at Lepton. With its recent innovative Location Intelligence platform- MarketPulse, Lepton has introduced a cutting edge in the industry in a very ‘easy to use’ and intuitive, business friendly software package for non-telcos and multi-business conglomerates. Additionally, its new development- SmartEngine, has turned out to be the all-in-one GIS platform for multi-business requirements across verticals. In fact, Lepton provides industry players the opportunity to host their business queries onto the SmartEngine powered by Google Maps and yield exclusive on-screen and off-screen reports. “The high performance engine will help businesses run their SQL queries for special analytics, manage their users, network overlays, network trending, utilization and dash-boarding management”, says team Lepton. Today with the new advancements in Indian Government policies, undertaking the PMJDY (Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana), Lepton has also developed a smart range of locating and tracking solutions for the bank’s mandates. Powered by Google Maps, this will aid banks to abide by the rules and policies government has charged upon them.

Transforming businesses using smart range of solutions
“With the aid of our well-built project management and technically skilled team, the capability of our project handling has helped us diversify our footsteps in different verticals across globe. We have a strong dedicated team of 350+ across India (HQ), Singapore and Dubai and we render major focus on R&D, which make us better progressively. Our SmartData and Google Map based analytical solutions provide premier analysis and field force/ asset management to various industries and we have spotted a sea-change in the market globally, where Location has replaced the conventional Business Intelligence. We work across different business verticals globally and have at least 2 to 3 customers out of top 5 in their respective domains ”, said Mr. Ankush Wadhwa, the Senior Vice President at Lepton.

Success in Telecommunications & Utilities business
“While budgets have become tighter and emerged competition with time, Lepton has successfully managed to survive in the Telecom Industry. In fact the company feels that such challenges have been a boon for automation focused companies like them and have let them experience never seen before hyper growth in the past few quarters for its Google based in- house products & solutions, with six Mega transformation deals, three of them outside India and also expanded into utilities with logo additions in Railways and Power sector” said Mr. Abhinav Tandon, Head: Global Sales & Alliances at Lepton.

Using Lepton’s solutions, Telco and utility companies with captive fiber and towers can now monetize their networks much better by using a mash-up of demographics, current network infrastructure, competition/third party network, points of interests, etc., over a map to get deep, insightful spatial analytics driven information at the click of a button. What’s unique about these solutions is that while they are based on cutting edge technology stack, Lepton has re-looked at the Analytics part by localizing it for each operator through multiple co-innovation sessions and hence the solution that has come out is something which everyone has been familiar with, and it is seeing high rate of adoption as this automation makes the end user’s life easier, simpler and faster hence a win-win for everyone. With major highlights such as the large scale in centralized GIS systems for 2 of world’s top 5 Operators, CXO focused Business GIS for a leading 4G operator, Expansion into new Geographies with acquisitions in around 15+ countries in Africa & middle east and 2 Mega GIS centralization project catering to Australia and JAPAC regions, Lepton now has a charter to enable the ‘Make In India’ initiative of our honorable PM, and help in realization of Digital Bharat project with democratized, quick to access and easy to use solutions and working closely with respective stakeholders for the same.

Global Expansion
“We are following a branching and pruning strategy whereby we are expanding into multiple Geos concurrently riding on customer demand/our SI tie-ups & strategic alliances. Depending on success and market response we are adjusting our focus, thrust and investments. While we opened Sales offices in Dubai and Singapore to cater to EMEA & SE Asia respectively, we have also tied up with Google, Pitney Bowes, Tech Mahindra, Wipro as the OEM provider for location analytics and looking forward to enable the sales organizations of these marquee companies for taking these solutions to their end customers, hence increase their share of wallet. On the technology side, we have now become the exclusive reseller of Location Intelligence portfolio by Pitney Bowes in 15 countries of Asia and also launched a COE called Advanced Mapinfo Innovation & Technologies lab. We now offer full bouquet of Network Optimization powered by Gladiator Innovations and also became Google Geo partner for EMEA to provide location analytics. Infact, we have also launched the world’s fastest telecom feasibility tool called SmartFeasibility which is powering leading Telcos enhance revenue in enterprise business by millions of dollars”, said Mr. Tandon.

Looking forward to expand into developed markets like Australia, Europe and United States where customers are hungry for solutions that are faster, more cost efficient and revenue enhancing, Lepton is taking cue from Google and wants to promote better customer experience, innovation and things to be fast and simple – which is what Google is known for in consumer space, and Lepton is now bringing that power to enterprises.

“In 2015, Lepton is committed to offer advanced business solution offerings on on-demand cloud platform as well expand to Americas & Europe. As always, Lepton foresees closer relationships with its customers this year as well by working as partner in their business transformation story. Talking with enterprises, analyzing their requirements in depth and providing tailored location intelligence solutions backed up by our unique Location intelligence product and solution practices is our mission.”