50 Best Workplaces of the Year 2019

The Helical (Screw) Pile Company: GoliathTech, Inc


Julian Reusing, (CEO), decided to manufacture and design helical piles because they are fast to install and have a high bearing capacity. Helical piles are drilled into the ground and do minimal damage to the land around your project as there is no excavation required. GoliathTech’s manufacturing process of helical (screw) piles and helical anchors use high quality partially recycled steel. This conserves natural resources and energy and reduces the overall carbon footprint. Screw-piles and helical anchors are also useful for the support of temporary and permanent structures and they can be removed and reused with little to no change in structural integrity. This is very different from a driven pile or drilled shaft or a grouted anchor which are often just abandoned and are not galvanized. Some screw-piles have been in place for several years, have been then removed and reused at other sites.

The firm manufactures 100% of its products at the factory in North America. GoliathTech has many different types of helical (screw) pile head attachments to suit any type of project. Their engineering team can draw and have GoliathTech produce any custom head as needed.

The GoliathTech product is fully galvanized from top to bottom including the leveling head and the bolts and accessories. The helical (screw) piles are filled with polyurethane which allows for heaving protection.

GoliathTech is the only screw-pile company that offers piles with engraved lot numbers and to allow for traceability of its product. The firm knows exactly what pile comes from what lot even once it is put in the ground. It has traceability right back to the mill report from the steel suppliers for every part they make.

The GoliathTech Regional Growth

GoliathTech wants to continue responding to the industry needs and the needs of its customers. It believes in its product and it is sure that in many cases it is the best solution as a foundations. The firm wants to make sure that its product is available all over the world; therefore, the company is focused on expanding throughout the United States, Europe, Oceania and Latin America.

To expand its franchise chain from 0 to over 200 open franchise units, it had encountered all kinds of challenges and had to learn to open smoothly 2-3 locations every month. From screening out ideal candidates to expanding internal support systems at a hyper pace it has mastered the art of opening new franchises smoothly.

Q. What Makes GoliathTech the Best Place to Work?

The company is a huge fan of all the ideas the employees bring to the table because what doesn’t occur to one occurs to the other, great ideas come when you are open to listening leading you to brainstorm, letting the creativity flow and see how all those ideas can match with its objectives.

GoliathTech truly believes that by listening to its employees it will have the opportunity to work together, so both parties are growing. For the company satisfaction of its employees is essential, because that tells it how motivated they are and that they are happy to do what they are supposed to do. This, in turn, translates to the success of GoliathTech.

Thanks to GaliathTech’s ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified quality and environmental systems, it has greater control of the processes, which has allowed it to focus on the needs of its customers and try to satisfy them. Likewise, it gives an opportunity for its employees to have greater participation, a greater knowledge of the processes in order to achieve continuous improvement. This participation has made the employees more interested and it rewards them along the way.

Being an ISO certified company, the employees are aware of the role they play and how much their work contributes to its growth. Without any of them here at GoliathTech, nothing would be possible. They are part of an integration process with extensive training to build complete empowerment of their roles, proper expectations in advance, clarity when problems arise and transparency in all aspects of their work. The company is fully aware of the needs of its employees, it knows if they are satisfied, happy and comfortable at GoliathTech. ISO also helps the firm to be aware of the importance of how the employees must achieve high productivity with excellent performance, as this will lead to great benefits.

The company balances both personal and professional life. GoliathTech makes the employees feel that life at home and life at work are the same and, when the firm feels either could affect the life of an employee, it often uses an industrial psychologist to help re-balance personal and commercial success. The employees have both autonomy and freedom to take decisions related to their functions, the firm trusts their professionalism and their capacities to achieve whatever they propose.

The Innovator Employer

Julian Reusing | Founder & CEO

Julian is an accomplished entrepreneur. He has founded and owned many major companies in the past. «Les Pieux Goliath» Quebec, Canada Corporation was founded on June 15, 2004, where Julian purchased this manufacturer of helical piles in 2013 and created GoliathTech Inc. He took over Les Pieux Goliath so he could start this new adventure as a manufacturer of helical (screw) piles.

He has combined strength with the know-how to offer you the best piling solution to support your project. Julian has created a strong, safe and innovative company that never stops improving so that you may benefit from unequalled quality products and services. He has made GoliathTech Inc. the leader in engineering, design, manufacture and distribution of helical (screw) piles. He has offered a wide range of applications within the field of construction, foundations, housing, solar, underpinning, signage, decks, swimming pools, agricultural infrastructure and so on. Today the company is operating with over 200 open franchise units globally. The network of franchisees does more than merely carry out simple tasks; they put their vast experience to work to guarantee optimal anchoring of each pile. Now GoliathTech does over 1500 constructions projects every single month. He has taken the company to a whole new level from its start in 2004!

“We aim to be the company that fulfills each of the necessities of our customers and the industry by delivering the best foundation system solution. We really believe that we are achieving this in each of the projects that our franchises have done and how happy their customers are with this solution.”