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The Industry Leader in Predictive Marketing Solutions for Real Estate & Related Industries: SmartZip Analytics


“Real time data analytics isn’t just a good idea, it is a necessity.” – Gil Allouche

Founded in 2008, SmartZip Analytics combines big data, predictive analytics and automated marketing to help companies strategically prospect to the people most likely to be their future customers. The company is the industry leader in predictive marketing solutions for real estate and related industries. By identifying triggers and patterns common to local sellers, SmartZip helps real estate agents, brokers and lenders narrow their focus to the homeowners most likely to sell in the next 6-12 months.

SmartZip started as a real estate big data and analytics company, analyzing long term investment quality of homes nationwide. As more and more home and homeowner data was aggregated and analyzed, selling and moving patterns and triggers began to emerge. The founders realized they could target real estate professionals rather than investors, and began to develop what is now SmartZip’s flagship product, SmartTargeting. SmartTargeting scientifically helps professionals in the real estate (and related) industries target the people who are likely to make a move within 6-12 months.

While SmartTargeting was mostly utilized by real estate professionals and companies in the past, the lending industry has more recently shown interest in identifying loan prospects via predictive analytics. When SmartZip identifies a potential home seller, it also is identifying a potential loan prospect for purchase business. To better serve lenders, SmartTargeting has now developed a Pre-Mover Score that offers a clear ranking of each contact’s likelihood to move. Lenders and banks can leverage that score within the SmartTargeting platform to target their top-ranked prospects with engaging marketing campaigns.

A Pioneer in Predictive Analytics
The company is a pioneer in the predictive analytics space, and is making “big data actionable” for the real estate industry. “We’ve combined predictive analytics technology with marketing automation to make it easier than ever for clients to target their top prospects and grow their business,” said Avi Gupta, President & CEO. SmartZip is the only company with proven back-testing results that verify the accuracy of its analytics. “We’ve been in the business of analyzing data and identifying predictive patterns longer than anyone else in the real estate industry. We offer a full-scale marketing solution with the services and resources to support our clients and ensure their success,” Gupta added.

Build a Smarter Business with SmartTargeting
SmartTargeting is SmartZip’s flagship product that helps real estate agents, brokers and lenders identify the homeowners most likely to sell in a selected geographic area. The platform leverages predictive analytics to identify homeowners who are showing data-backed selling signals and then offers innovative, automated marketing solutions to target these top prospects and earn their business.

Historically, real estate professionals and lenders have had to market to entire neighborhoods, ZIP codes or cities to find new leads and clients. By narrowing in on the homeowners most likely to need real estate or lending services, SmartTargeting empowers agents, brokers and lenders to land more deals while spending less time and money on marketing and outreach. Everything from the home seller predictions, to the marketing platform, to the outreach and follow-up tools, are fine-tuned to help agents and lenders succeed in making real-life connections with the homeowners who matter most.

Case Study: Jim Beggins
Jim Beggins is a pillar in the real estate industry, with more than 40 years of experience managing Florida real estate teams and brokerages. He is the former regional owner and CEO of Century 21 South Florida, which boasted 320 franchised offices and 4,000 agents.

Now a partner with Century 21 Beggins Enterprises, Jim is still focused on offering targeted farms to his 350 agents. But he also knows that traditional farming is time-consuming and that automated data analysis is the future of the industry. He chose to implement SmartTargeting in one of his South Florida offices as a pilot program to see how smart data can streamline listing generation.

Jim purchased SmartTargeting territories that he then sells to agents working in his St. Pete’s Beach office. He has always believed in limiting farm areas to about 200 homes. He has found that that by working a smaller farm, agents develop a deep rapport with homeowners, who may then refer to friends outside that territory.

So far, Jim has eight agents who have been using SmartTargeting for varying periods of time. In total, the team has received more than 300 responses to their mailers and marketing campaigns, and the three long-term users have landed between two and five listings each.

Future Road Map
SmartZip has two main focus areas. The first is a predictive analytics model that – while currently being used by real estate and adjacent industries – can be reconfigured to help any company locate its target audience. By using predictive analytics and knowing who is most likely to be your customer, you can more confidently optimize your marketing spend.

Secondly, marketing departments don’t have a single solution that can simultaneously launch targeted online ads, direct mail and email to a specific audience. “Our goal is to provide a marketing platform that any company can use to streamline their marketing campaigns and provide a full multi-touch lead generation solution,” concluded Avi.

Knowing the Leader

Avi Gupta, President & CEO – With nearly 20 years of technology expertise, Avi has championed several software products from concept to successful market adoption, and been a pioneer in big data and predictive analytics technology. Prior to SmartZip, Avi served as global marketing director at Mentor Graphics, where he led a multi-million dollar business offering electronic design automation products used by leading chip manufacturers worldwide. Previously, as vice president of business development at arcadiaOne, a pioneer in internet content syndication technology, he forged key OEM partnerships which led to its successful acquisition by HAHT Commerce (now GHX). Prior to that, he built a worldwide consulting practice at Cadence Design Systems and led the innovation of electronic design automation tools at Intel Corporation. Avi holds a Ph.D. in computer science and engineering from the University of Michigan, a Master’s from U.C. Berkeley and a Bachelor’s from I.I.T. India where he won the President of India Gold Medal.

“We are the only marketing platform that provides a full multi-touch program combining online ads, social media, email and direct mail.”