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10 Fastest Growing Storage Companies

The Industry Leader in Smart Data Storage Solutions: Cloudian Inc.


“Established in 2011, Cloudian Inc. is uniquely positioned to provide service providers and enterprises with solutions for their cloud storage needs.”

As the amount of Big Data proliferates exponentially every year, organizations need to simplify the cost and complexity of managing and storing their data. Traditional storage technologies do not address this need. So the marketplace demand for new solutions to manage all of the unstructured data efficiently, reliably and cost-effectively is clearly growing. Silicon Valley based Cloudian Inc. has been a worldwide leader in developing and deploying “Big Data” storage solutions for service providers and enterprises around the globe.

Cloudian is very well positioned to take the lead in the commercial object storage vendor marketplace. Its first product, HyperStore, was a breakthrough software-defined storage platform for managing unstructured data at scale. Today’s Hyperstore product portfolio offers enterprise-grade scale-out, cloud storage solutions to both SP’s and enterprises, that delivers optimal control, performance, scalability and durability at a cost-effective price point.

Making Storage Smart
Cloudian’s solutions are 100% compliant with the Amazon S3 standard, which currently is the defacto standard for object storage access in the cloud. This decision to natively develop the Hyperstore to interface with S3 and with 100% compliance to the S3 standard is now a key competitive differentiator for Cloudian for 2 reasons:

  • The company can offer customers the choice to build private on-premise cloud storage, as well as to tier data to Amazon S3, Glacier, and other 3rd party clouds in a hybrid on-premise/in-cloud model. Hyperstore still holds a kernel/tag of the cloud-stored data in its system, so all data is accounted for, visible and searchable, and can be managed centrally.
  • This native compliance with S3 also ensures that their storage platform and data can always be read and access S3 applications and services as the cloud evolves over time.

Cloudian constantly evaluates new technologies across the business, for use in engineering, with the latest development tools, to utilizing new technologies such as automated diagnostic capabilities directly within our products. For instance, within the area of Customer Support Services, the company recently added smart automation technology to its product allowing it to proactively monitor customers for potential issues. Diagnostics at Cloudian can quickly detect and diagnose the issue, and the customer is notified and recommended a solution.

Solutions to meet our Data Driven World
Cloudian provides a solution for a variety of data storage scenarios – from delivering storage in a private cloud in the data center, to back-up storage solutions leveraging globally distributed datacenters, to providing a blended hybrid cloud storage strategy where data stored in Cloudian can also be tiered and stored in 3rd party public clouds such as Amazon S3.

Cloudian HyperStore is optimized for the most demanding data management workloads in media and entertainment, finance, research, energy, life sciences, and manufacturing environments. It’s also used by the world’s leading Service Providers to offer their customers solutions such as ‘storage as-a-service’, ‘backup as-a-service’, etc. The Service Provider wins by opening new revenue streams with these new services.

Cloudian HyperStore® Software: HyperStore Storage System is a peer-to-peer software defined storage platform, providing an enterprise grade S3-compliant object storage system on low cost commodity servers. Its multi-tenanted and multi-interface design can support many applications on the same platform.

Cloudian Hyperstore® Appliances: a turnkey software-defined cloud storage solution that’s 100% S3 compliant, and combines Cloudian Hyperstore storage with a fully integrated commodity hardware appliance that’s pre-tested, pre-configured and rack-ready. Several configurations available from 24 Terabytes to 100’s of Petabytes.

Cloudian HyperStore is optimized for the most demanding data management workloads, such as those found in media and entertainment, finance, research, energy, life sciences, and manufacturing environments. Some of its big clients are NTT, NTT Communications, Tyco, ScaleMatrix, Casale, Nifty, ICC, etc.

Global Footprint
Cloudian is a global company. It sells to and supports customers around the globe. The company headquarters are in Silicon Valley (San Mateo), with sales resources in Europe, and offices in Beijing, China, and Tokyo, Japan.

Future Road Map
The company’s present focus is to increase market awareness for Cloudian Smart Data Storage solutions around key customer use cases including back-up and archive, hybrid cloud storage, and media storage. In the future, Cloudian’s product and solution offerings are expected to address unique vertical industry requirements such as storage solutions for Life Sciences, etc.

Client Testimonial
“Our aim is to provide innovative, highly reliable ICT service seamlessly across the globe under our ‘Global Cloud Vision.’ With this aim, we were also studying an object storage service that is highly scalable, with unlimited data capacity. Cloudian has a proven track record in global markets to provide highly resilient and robust object storage with an Amazon S3- compatible API, which we believe is an optimal fit with our idea of object storage service.”
– Susumo Okuhira, NTT Communications Director of Hosting and Platform Service, Cloud Services

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“ Some of the world’s most advanced data centers rely on us for their object storage and their S3 workloads.”

Knowing the Key Executive

Michael Tso, CEO and Co-Founder
Michael holds 34 patents and has been a technology trailblazer for over 20 years. At search engine pioneer Inktomi, Michael led engineering for an e-commerce search engine, and designed a network congestion control system for KDDI which later became an industry standard. At Intel, he led the development of web acceleration technology and collaborated with Nokia on NarrowBand Sockets, commonly known as SmartMessaging, which enabled the world’s first SMS ringtone download service. Michael participated in Ubiquitous Computing research at Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Center, developing network software for the PARCTab, the world’s first wireless, location aware, wearable tablet computer. Michael graduated from MIT with an MS in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, BS in Computer Science, BS in Electrical Engineering, and a minor in Economics