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The Innovators Focusing on Making its Clients Successful: Avydium Data Software Solutions, LLC

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Avydium was originally set up to fill a gap found across the services and software industries. Working with some of the largest clients and some of the largest consulting firms in the world, Avydium found that a lot of large services companies that had deep technical expertise in one area might be limited in terms of functional business expertise in another. Also, Avydium observed that software companies lacked technical and functional experience beyond their own products.

That is when Avydium focused on its expertise and domain knowledge to build a healthy portfolio of products and services, but quickly realized the market was much bigger than what it originally imagined it to be. That is why it had to enhance and augment its portfolio and has been at it ever since. The clients of Avydium demand products focused on their needs and Avydium makes sure it fulfills their needs.

The company combines its key competencies in the end-to-end design of a portfolio of leading data governance and information management assets, all from a client-centric engagement model for commercial success. This has allowed Avydium to remain close to its mission and deliver a combination of services, software, tools, processes and solutions to quickly prove out concepts and apply automation to drive traditional approaches using new technologies to a unique value-based solution for its clients.

“We have been extremely successful in delivering value to our clients and partners,” says Avydium.

Discussing why Avydium is one of the best workplaces in the market with Rom Linhares, Founder, Managing Partner and Chief Solution Architect

What do you feel are the reasons behind your consistency growth as an organization?

Our People! We could not make the commitments we make to our clients and partners if we didn’t
know we could count on our people to deliver a quality product or service.

How open is your company in terms of two- way communication?

Open communication must be the foundation of any innovative company. None of us needs to have all the answers, but the collective should – and you can only have these ideas come to the surface if you have a policy of openness as foundational to your company.

How do you recognize the talent in your company?

We recognize an individual’s talent when demonstrating the ability to perform at a given level – Avydium doesn’t really have a “time before promotion” policy. If you are performing at the higher level consistently then you are promoted to that level. And if you are not, we will help you get there.

We want people to feel safe and comfortable working here – some people might not want to move to management but want to get deeper into the technology track. Here they can do it. It all depends on what they want to do.

Do professional development opportunities exist in your company?

Yes, we have a different philosophy around work and life balance. It comes from a “been there, done that” attitude. I remember working at a leading consulting firm and putting in well over 2400 hours in a single semester - that averages out some 16 hours a day for six days a week. I remember doing that, sacrificing my personal and family life. And feeling that was just great! It is not.

We want our people to have a life. To grow!

Although we have a 5 day “work week”, we have created a policy of only having a 4-day work week, reserving a day per week as what we call “Growth Day”, which is a day that is dedicated to learning and family life. We expect you to work and have fun at work and we make sure you are given the opportunity to grow, the opportunity to spend some time with your children, your partner, your spouse, your pets. Whatever makes you happy.

We find people are immensely productive when they know they are appreciated and are given the opportunity for real growth – both professionally as well as personally. We expect people to dedicate 10% of their “work week” to training – but not necessarily work-related training - on us.

If someone believes that learning photography will make them a better professional, then, by all means, take that course.

But we also understand people may want to take additional training beyond those 10% we dedicate to learning to pursue additional educational experiences and that those opportunities sometimes can’t all fit on a 4-hour slot or in a single day of the week.

With that in mind, we have educational assistance programs for everyone, regardless of level or geography. And we really don’t put a cap on what the assistance level should be. If you want to grow we will help you and we will make every effort to accommodate your educational needs. You can’t just offer opportunities for people to grow and make rules that literally shut people out of those opportunities. You have to invest in your people. You have to invest in what makes you great.

Our People are the reason we get up and go to work every day. It has to be.

Where do you see you and your company a couple of years from now?

We definitely want to be considered market leaders in the areas we work in, but we definitely want to be known for the people we have, for the company we keep and for the products we release.

If in two years we are known for having the best workforce on the planet, with the best people working on good products and with the most satisfied clients, then we will be happy. Then we will know we have done our jobs right.

The Leading Man Showing the Right Path for All his Employees

Rom Linhares | Founder, Managing Partner and Chief Solution Architect

Rom is a recognized technologist with proven experience in Enterprise Information Management and Business Intelligence. With a background in Military Sciences and Mathematics, Rom has spent the majority of his career in leadership roles in software development and enterprise consulting for leading software companies and consulting firms around the Globe. Rom is also a holder and contributor to multiple patents around data integration, information governance and metadata management.

With a contagious “can do” attitude, Rom has a passion for mentoring and coaching and has been developing top-level talent and fostering a culture of collaboration, inclusion, diversity and excellence from his early days.

“Our mission is to deliver excellence through innovation and technology and to build an outstanding firm that attracts, grows, inspires, and retains brilliant people to do incredible things.”