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30 Fastest Growing IoT Companies 2016

The inventor of technologies that adapt existing software products to the cloud: CloudOne

“If you think that the internet has changed your life, think again. The IoT is about to change it all over again” – Brendan O’Brien

CloudOne is an IoT Solution Enabler that connects data across the business. Through a combination of technology & services, their team of experts partners with clients to assemble, deploy, manage and advance the ideal Internet of Things solution in a secure, virtual private cloud.
Founded in 2010, CloudOne helps the world’s best companies make their things for the Internet of Things. They bring enterprise applications to the cloud, enabling global collaborative development, production and analysis of software and products in real time on individual, secure, private hybrid cloud environments. Trusted by leading brands, CloudOne’s scalable technology is supported by a team of experts and partners who share a passion for making it easier, faster and more economical to make things for the Internet of Things.

The IoT Solution experts
The CloudOne Solution Services team is focused on partnering with the clients to accelerate their success. They discover the needs and manage expectations (technical, business, and timing) to achieve the most benefit for the clients. Staffed by experts with decades of experience, this team has successfully guided process and technology transformations in many corporations both large and small. Their experience in system and software development accelerates the process of adoption and ensures that the clients avoid the most common pitfalls along the way.

Their Partner Marketplace, in addition to their skills, enable customers to gain access to industry experts and technologies on-demand so organizations get the specialized capability they need when they need them. The Architect orchestrates the application of tools and processes to grow the organizational capabilities the client’s team demands. The objective is to ensure that the clients are leveraging available technologies, from the cloud, to apply system and software development best practices to achieve their goals and expectations.

They work with client’s team every step of the way by building the technology roadmap, planning the transformation, and executing the rollout to the success.

The Differentiating Factors
Why do the world’s best companies trust CloudOne as a partner for building their Things for the Internet of Things? Read-on to know why:

They Helped Invent Virtual Private Clouds: They know Virtual Private Clouds well because they invented them for IBM Software. It’s NOT a public cloud: its dedicated cloud space just for clients. It’s the clients’ own virtual data center with the tools and data, connected directly to the internal network with encrypted network pipes. One can choose the characteristics of the VPC, be it centralized in one country or spread around the world.

They Major in Privacy and Security: Data security is top priority to every business, which is why CloudOne maintains the highest security levels. In fact, they’ve taken the unusual step of going beyond all their certifications and standards by putting all of the technology and services teams under a Chief Trust and Security Officer, meaning everything they do fits into top-level leadership in trust and security.

They Pioneered IoT and DevOps Managed Services: Because IoT on CloudOne is delivered as a complete managed service, companies no longer need to weave together skills, technology and infrastructure to have a complete, end-to-end product development, manufacturing, and telemetry capability, as CloudOne provides all skills in operation, management, support, upgrade, recovery and performance of the environment – a first-of-a-kind managed operations IOT solution.

They’re highly Scalable: CloudOne is designed with scalability in mind. Building IoT is not just writing embedded software, one must setup the environment for continuous engineering and deployments. CloudOne’s IoT infrastructure is elastic and grows to the size one needs. CloudOne’s IoT and DevOps experts understand planning and architecting topologies that handle performance, scalability and ensure there is never a single point of failure.

They Start with Your Things and Abandon Nothing: CloudOne enables companies to completely leverage all existing tools, data, software licenses, processes and roles into their own secure cloud, giving them the elasticity, economic and global benefits of cloud without migration to other tools or services – a first of a kind for the Internet of Things, DevOps and M2M marketplace.

Meet the Key Executive
John McDonald, CEO: CloudOne, Inc. is the fastest-growing IT Company in Indiana two years in a row and winner of the 2015 & 2016 IBM Beacon Award, the highest honor given to a business partner. Formerly a technical sales executive at IBM for over 20 years, John is one of the founding members and on the steering committee of the 450+ member Cloud Customer Standards Council, on the board of directors for the Venture Club of Indiana and TechPoint, a member of the IBM PartnerWorld Global Business Partner Advisory Council, and of the Industrial Advisory Board for Purdue Polytechnic Institute at Purdue University. John was also an original IBM Champion in 2011, an honor granted again every year since. Outside of work, John is a lay minister and author of two local history books about Indianapolis, where he lives with his wife and family.

“CloudOne helps the world’s best companies make their things for the Internet of things”