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50 Most Trustworthy Companies of the Year 2018

The Leader in Audio Video & Broadcast Connectivity Solutions: MuxLab


Over the years technology has reached a completely new phase where every single business depends on it. And with the skyrocketing demand for digital communication in business, public areas, and educational institutions, organizations require efficient and better ways to distribute 21st-century content. Through modern technology advancements, an AV (audio-visual) over IP solution is one of the easiest ways to provide audiences with influential and engaging content.

Founded in 1984 with a mission to provide easy to use and affordable solutions that deliver all forms of audio/video anywhere, MuxLab is a leading designer and manufacturer of connectivity and distribution solutions for commercial and residential installations of all sizes. Since then, MuxLab products have been implemented in countless, high-quality AV installations in every major market around the world. With a deep understanding of the customer’s need for quality, performance, and reliability, the company designs and engineers its products in Canada with this focus in mind.

A key component of MuxLab’s roadmap is its introduction of AV over IP solutions and the continuation of advanced technologies. Supporting AV over IP products in a LAN/WAN environment requires numerous resources. It begins with excellent design and engineering and moves through to knowledgeable sales and service with ongoing support personnel. Because MuxLab was one of the first manufacturers to support AV over IP, the company feels its success is due to excellent product design, engineering and sales support.

“Our many success stories illustrate this. As we enter a new domain of AV distribution combined with IT types of infrastructure, it is imperative that these sophisticated products continue to advance,” says Daniel Assaraf, President.

MuxLab is a forerunner of technological advances in signal distribution and connectivity. With its extensive, flagship line of AV over IP solutions, the company encompasses all major compression technologies including H.264 /H.265, MPEG and JPG2000, as well as uncompressed signal delivery up to 4K/60 resolution and many audio options, offering solutions for HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, SDI, KVM, and audio interfaces. MuxLab also manufactures IP-based solutions for key Fortune 500 companies for private label sales. Witnessing the tremendous success of the industry, MuxLab strives to partner with companies around the world to empower AV, and provide a flawless transmission of content anywhere, anytime.

Best in Class Solutions

Since its inception, MuxLab has participated in countless exceptional projects and has received praise from its clients and partners alike. MuxLab’s vast selection of AV over IP products are available around the world through the company’s strategic partners. Together, they are delivering MuxLab innovations to an expanding network of system integrators and local resellers throughout the Americas, the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, China, Australia and Russia.

“This localized support from our partners has played a major role in implementing highly effective projects across the global regions we support,” says Daniel Assaraf, President.

MuxLab continues to expand its range of scalable and cost-effective solutions to better enable installations of all sizes. The company has dedicated vast resources to delivering professional AV and broadcast solutions that harness the leading technologies available, particularly in 4K over IP infrastructures. This strategy often translates into customer satisfaction though flexible solutions that can be up and downscaled in a customized fashion.

Here are only a sample of the many client success stories that show why MuxLab is one of the most trustworthy companies in the industry.

The Success of Mount Royal University

Mount Royal University boasts a rich history dating back more than 100 years and its deep roots provide the ideal pillar on which to build better experiences for students. The campus’s intimate classes provide a unique opportunity to receive a more personalized, intellectually engaging learning experience. Key to this experience is the University’s Riddell Library and Learning Centre, which houses several educational and teaching areas. In the active learning classrooms, there are stations equipped with displays and inputs for computers and smart devices. Using MuxLab’s IP Extender Kits, professors can send content to one or more student displays. Likewise, each student can do the same.

“The entire system is just seamless, and we used MuxLab’s ProDigital Network Controller for the system configuration so that it’s really simple to operate. Basically, there are color-coded buttons that move the AV around, so nobody has to think about what needs to go where. It’s just very intuitive, and the entire system works perfectly,” says Paul Alegado, a Consultant with Engineering Harmonics Inc.

“We minimized cabling and the complexity that cable runs can bring while keeping the project parameters well-defined, scalable and still really cost-effective. With this system, AV can go anywhere.”

Command Centre’s 4K Video Wall

Monitoring remote railways in varied locations can be a challenging endeavor. But with a new live streaming 4K video wall installed at a Command Centre based in Calgary, remote monitoring is more accessible today than ever before. With sixteen large displays stacked in an array, this massive video wall provides a bird’s eye view of train locations with the ability to zoom in on any detail. Cameras are installed alongside the MuxLab equipment to transmit live video over IP to the video wall for 24/7 access. MuxLab’s Video Wall 4K over IP Extenders connect many HDMI sources to many displays of nearly any user-configurable size via a 1Gig Ethernet Network.

“It’s like a mini-NASA in there now,” said Evolution Presentation Technologies’ Account Manager, Chris Meaney. “The video wall spans the entire wall so it’s ultimately very effective for the operators to keep their eyes on the areas they need to monitor daily.”

“MuxLab’s AV over IP solutions has proven to be exceedingly reliable; they’re not only easier to install but they’re also ultimately more cost-effective,” Meaney concluded.

Because of these and many more successes, MuxLab has become well recognized in the industry as an AV over IP innovator.

The Man behind the Picture

Daniel Assaraf, President: With a background in electrical engineering, Daniel has led MuxLab through its years of steady growth since 2002, moving from R&D, engineering and design through to executive leadership. With a clear vision of a future supplying the building blocks for world-class AV and IP-based installations around the globe, Daniel is committed to fortifying an unwavering commitment to service from the entire MuxLab family.

“We understand the need for quality, performance, and reliability and we design & engineer our products and provide easy to use and affordable solutions for transferring all forms of Audio and Video.”