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The leader in ‘Secure Networks that flow’: Flat Earth Networking


Computer security can simply be protecting your equipment and files from disgruntled employees, spies, and anything that goes bump in the night, but there is much more. Computer security helps ensure that your computers, networks, and peripherals work as expected all the time, and that your data is safe in the event of hard disk crash or a power failure resulting from an electrical storm. Computer security also makes sure no damage is done to your data and that no one is able to read it unless you want them to.” – Bruce Schneier (Protect Your Macintosh, 1994)

Every business comes with a potential risk. And not to mention, security is the most vital concern for any organization. Recognizing this crucial need for efficient computer network security, Flat Earth Networking provides organized and logical networking solutions that can be availed by customers with security needs of all kinds.

With an unwavering commitment to customers, superior network security products, and continuing advancements in the implementation of computer security, the company works with its customers’ technical department to reduce vulnerabilities, and strengthen problem solving before problems actually happen. Flat Earth Networking’s Certified Security Professionals who have significant experience within many different environments, platforms and topologies, work round the clock, making Flat Earth the right choice for a potential customer’s security needs.

Implement customizable and proactive solutions
For more than 20 years, Flat Earth Networking has provided custom-tailored, state-of-the-art network security solutions to a variety of clientele from all types of industries and fields across the globe. Supported by a team of veteran industry experts, Flat Earth Networking provides human solutions that go beyond just technical systems. Flat Earth Networking’s expertise and manpower support existing technical departments to protect one of the most valuable assets organizations have- information.

Trusted by corporations large and small, non-profits, law enforcement and government agencies, Flat Earth Networking offers security, monitoring and prevention that can’t be found in stereotypical boxed, DIY products. With its exclusive focus on computer network security, Flat Earth Networking’s core market lies in the customers’ everyday businesses. This not only helps the customers’ businesses to grow exponentially, but also helps them save time and money.

Know the Leader
Eric Thomas had once said, “When You Want To Succeed As Bad As You Want To Breathe, Then You’ll Be Successful.” Fitting in rightly to this statement, Gregory Flat has been serving as President of Flat Earth Networking since its foundation in 1996. A well known leader for his knowledge of the Computer & Networking Security space, Gregory is popular for his ability to connect with his clients. The leader also serves as the President of Flat Earth Music, a leading chart-topping music publisher based in Nashville and is also the Co-Owner of Gettin’ Piggy With It!, a competition BBQ team that competes on the KCBS circuit of events.

Prior to taking up the herculean task of guiding Flat Earth Networking towards success, the President worked for the Sales team of CompUSA, a leading retailer and reseller of consumer electronics, technology products and computer services for consumer retail, small-to-medium businesses, corporate, government, and education customers.

Gregory’s skills include Security, Computer Hardware, IPS, Intrusion Detection, Troubleshooting, Data Center, PCI DSS, Cisco technologies, Information Security, Disaster Recovery, Virtualization, Vulnerability Assessment, Security Audits, Network Architecture, CISSP, Networking, Firewalls, Computer Security, Cloud Computing, Penetration Testing and Network Security, amongst others.

From 1990 to 1997, Gregory attended the University of Memphis and Tennessee State University. In 1999, he attained a BSA, Electrical Engineering Technology from ITT Tech.


  • Flat Earth Networking was founded in 1996.
  • Flat Earth Networking is headquartered in Nashville, TN, United States.
  • Flat Earth Networking’s Areas of Expertise include, Co-Managed Network Security Services, Network Security Auditing, Network Security Product Support Services, amongst others.
  • Flat Earth Networking is a proven leader in Computer & Network Security.
  • Flat Earth Networking is a Privately held company.

“Driving knowledge and experience where there is lack of confidence and uncertainty since the late 90’s, Flat Earth Networking is known for its entangled data networks in organized threads that allow logical placement of Security Solutions.”

“We inspire the calm and instill the confidence necessary to execute the most beneficial technical solutions. We create networks that run efficiently and effectively.”