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The Leader of the ISV Providing Viable Alternatives to the Mobility Establishment: Jonas Gyllensvaan


“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Peter Drucker

The world has become increas-ingly INTERNET-driven in the past decade. New businesses are springing up almost daily in every nook and corner of the globe and they all have “the internet” at their epicenter. The World Wide Web now solely supports countless number of such organizations. On the other hand, crime is something that has been prevalent since the dawn of civilization. Criminals have exploited each and every resource available to them and sadly, the internet is no exception. The internet has plenty of vulnerabilities and with all kinds of devices being connected to it lately, it has created more and more points of intrusion for hackers. These hackers have successfully exploited these intrusion points and have infected the internet with their nefarious activities.

Starting a cyber security company in this dangerous era requires a lot of grit and determination. You need to be frequently updated with the latest trends in cybercrime and come up with solutions to mitigate the threats that can arise from it. Everything comes down to meticulous planning and the forbearance to understand these market trends. Jonas Gyllensvaan is one man who possess-es these qualities with great aplomb.

SyncDog – The Sentinel of the Mobile Security ISVs

After founding three successful start-ups, Jonas ventured in to the IT security industry by founding SyncDog in 2013. Gyllensvaan isn’t new to the security aspect of informa-tion technology. In fact, he has been working on mobile device security since the late 1990s. He is an engi-neer by trade and has been heavily in-volved in day-to-day architecture and development of products for SyncDog from day one. Much of the innovation of SyncDog comes from the unique ability of Jonas to convert business requirements to technology and sys-tems processes. Through his astute leadership, SyncDog has become the leading independent software vendor (ISV) for building secure infrastruc-ture frameworks that protect enter-prise networks from cyber breach from mobile computing sources. The company has grown from its humble beginnings to become an industry leading player and now dominates the security industry with its flagship product mobile security product SentinelSecure™.

In Conversation with Jonas Gyllensvaan

Q. Can you tell us about SyncDog’s positioning in the market?

We are focused on securing enter-prise data on mobile devices and tab-lets through cutting-edge technology which encrypts and controls custom-ers’ intellectual property. Implementing our flagship product, Sentinel Secure™ provides a secure location on smart devices for enterprise data and applications. The end result is more work functions available to end users farther away from the data-center, providing greater workplace productivity and convenience.

Q. How do you protect enterprise data from mobile points of intrusion?

Our security strategy is twofold:

  1. Secure the transmission of en-terprise data to/from the device with military grade encryption, and
  1. Provide a secure “container” on the device that serves as device business workstation for all applications including the Office suite, Internet/Intranet browser, secure texting, file management/ sync, geo-location services and many others.

Our main product is the Sentinel Secure™ application container, some-times referred to as a “workspace” for secure mobility.

The SentinelSecure™ container for se-cure mobility delivers defense-grade secure mobile device partitions or “containers” that can secure emails/contacts, calendar items, IM apps, Internet/Intranet browsers, mobile file stores and other business apps provisioned on personal devices to be used with BYOD or COPE which means corporate owned personally enabled setting.

The benefit to clients is the comfort of knowing that 24/7 mobile access to their organizations’ intellectual property – the new norm in today’s business world – is secure and protected.

The SyncDog architecture protects both data at rest and data in transit through the Federal Information Processing Standard or FIPS 140-2 certified, AES 256-bit encryption. SentinelSecure™ can be provisioned as a standalone product, or with any EMM/MDM solution. SentinelSecure™ is certified for MobileIron EMM and can be provisioned from the MobileIron App MarketPlace. SentinelSecure™ is also certified for the Notify Technol-ogy MDM and the Snow Software EMM, and we also have certified integration for Apperian Mobile Application Management platform.

Utilizing the SyncDog Sentinel Server (or comparable MDM) equipped with the SentinelSecure™ monitoring framework, IT security administrators have the enterprise visibility to incorporate mobile device security into organizational network management strategies that includes the proper audit trails for compliance.

Q. How do you marry the latest technology with your business objectives?

We approach customers in a con-sultative engagement, not relying on any other technical framework, thereby ensuring easy deployment of the solution with no infrastructure dependencies. We give pref-erence to security followed by flexibility in deployment options so the customer’s end-user experience takes place in a secure environment without any application disruption. Our highly-flexible solution is a com-plementary tool to existing infra-structure and application security and compliance policies. We don’t want customers to have to rip and replace their existing IT invest-ments. Customer business strategies direct latest developments in our technology and generally come from CEOs, CIOs, CISOs and other senior managers directing the business.

Q. What are the challenges faced by your company?

We face similar challenges of other ISVs in mobile device security. There are a host of costs associated with bringing innovative and complex IT security solutions to market, such as sales and marketing costs, develop-ment costs, and other operational expenses. Additionally, due to the increasing complexity in IT environ-ments today, the speed of deployments are oftentimes dependent on customers’ assets available to inte-grate. These assets can be human resource related as well as systems integration related. Time to value is highly dependent on the speed and quality of the deployment. Our approach comes from more than 20 years of successful software integrations and approaches each deployment with deep experience with technology architecture, soft-ware product design and business management.

Q. Can you tell us about your target clientele and geographies?

We are currently focusing on For-tune 1000 enterprise-sized organi-zations. Our vertical focus is Bank-ing/Finance, Healthcare, Federal/ State government and Aerospace. We are based in Northern Virginia, so North America is our primary geography, with several distribu-tors in place. We are also working with partners in the EU to bring to market localized white label offer-ings in several countries, and have just signed a distribution agreement with an organization in South Amer-ica. We have significantly increased our global footprint in 2016.

Q. What is the road map ahead?

We are focused on constantly improving the app functionality within the secure container. The more secure we make mobile com-puting with an extensive library of mobile applications, the faster our customers will realize ROI. We will continue to increase the number of business tools and the secure interaction of device-to-datacenter within the product.

“Our pure-software solutions solve the mobility service and security dilemmas and allow IT administrators to spend more time on higher cost-yielding support calls!”

Meet Our Entrepreneur of the Month

Gyllensvaan is a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in mobile IT solution development and software business development. Gyllensvaan founded three successful start-ups and is a current board advisor to several others. Over the past two decades, Jonas has designed, developed and implemented technology projects for government agencies and commercial enterprises in more than a dozen countries. He spends a good portion of his time visiting customers and traveling to leading industry conferences learning about client and marketplace needs, using this knowledge to build solutions with a focus on technology architecture, product design and business management. Across his long career in Jonas Gyllensvaan mobile IT, Gyllensvaan has a proven track record of leading-edge product development, building prof-itable companies while forging beneficial business partnerships for clients.

“In addition to being an innovator in Mobile Security, we offer guidance for organizations interested in making strategic enterprise mobility decisions!”