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50 Most Trustworthy Companies of the Year 2019

The leading a healthcare engagement movement: Carenet Health


At Carenet Health, we’re innovators, consultants, and collaborators, and we’ve always designed our solutions around what healthcare consumers need when they need it and how they need it.

Imagine your organization delivering healthcare consumer experiences that give individuals exactly the information they need, in exactly the way they want to receive it before they even know it’s needed. Where each consumer touchpoint is relevant, timely and important.

Now, imagine it’s entirely possible—today.Welcome to Intelligent Engagement from Carenet Health.

To meet the challenges of today’s healthcare world and unlock value across the system, Carenet Health has developed a proprietary methodology that delivers outstanding results in the critical areas of Healthcare Engagement, Clinical Support, Telehealth, and Advocacy.

This custom approach is based on its continual learnings from 30 years of experience—and rooted in the combined power of data, technology, uniquely talented teams and best practices from inside and outside of healthcare. It’s agile, scalable and multi-channel.

Words from the CEO

At Carenet Health, we believe the day has come for a new kind of healthcare engagement. One that helps consumers, payers, providers—the entire health and wellness ecosystem—replace complexity for understanding. Swap frustration for trust. And ensure that care, support, and guidance are closely aligned to what each consumer needs when they need it.

That’s why, as a 24/7/365 provider of healthcare engagement, clinical support, telehealth, and advocacy solutions, we’re proud to lead a consumer engagement breakthrough.

By bringing together data, technology, talented team members and unique engagement models, we’re delivering hyper-personalized consumer experiences that meet or exceed those outside of the healthcare industry.

These are connections that have the power to improve care, outcomes, costs—and lives.

This is how we will make healthcare better. We call it: Engaging. For the better.

What does Intelligent Engagement look like in the real world?

Intelligent Engagement requires equal parts of talent and technology. It is supported by an advanced customer relationship management (CRM) platform, produces hyper-personalization and lives by continuous improvement. Perhaps most importantly, it can take siloed engagement initiatives and turn them into a coordinated, enterprise-wide strategy delivering improved outcomes, cost-savings, and value to both consumers and its clients.

With an Intelligent Engagement approach, you can achieve:

  • Greater alignment between your organization and your consumer—whether that’s a health plan member, employee or patient in your care
  • Seamless experiences, consistent across every touchpoint and channel
  • Consumer choice of channel, time and other engagement options
  • The power to guide consumers toward better healthcare decision-making
  • The anticipation of individual needs wants and barriers to care and wellness
  • Simplicity and convenience with on-demand consumer access to care and information available 24/7/365
  • Information updated in real-time (or near-real-time as data integration permits)

The combination that drives Carenet Health’s industry-leading performance

Intelligent Engagement is made possible thanks to more than 20 different finely tuned elements.Those factors, when strategically aligned, create its comprehensive package of exceptional teams, a commitment to quality and operational excellence.

The thought leaders

John Erwin,CEO: Driven by his entrepreneurial spirit, John was part of the original investment team that acquired Carenet in 2004. He brought with him a vision of helping the healthcare industry deliver exceptional member and patient experiences that ultimately improve care, outcomes, and costs. John is an innovator in the field of healthcare consumer influence and has grown Carenet Health to be a leading healthcare engagement, clinical, telehealth and advocacy solutions provider supporting 50 million consumers annually. He has received a number of national awards, including the EY Entrepreneur of the Year. His work in improving healthcare engagement includes partnering closely with the leadership of more than 100 of the nation’s premier health plans. Prior to Carenet, John created West Corporation Outbound in San Antonio, Texas. The company quickly became a market leader.

Mick Mazour, President: A seasoned consumer engagement executive, Mick collaborates with CEO John Erwin and the senior leadership team to advance the company’s mission of unlocking healthcare value through consumer empowerment and connection. Prior to Carenet, Mick enjoyed a successful 28-year tenure at West Corporation, where he served as president of numerous entities including West Business Solutions (WBS). In that role, he led 25,000+ team members across the globe. In 1990, he collaborated with John to launch West Outbound. Starting with a single client, they grew the business to exceed $200 million in revenue in 10 years.

“We help our healthcare clients deliver the kind of personalized and convenient experiences that consumers find outside of healthcare today—whether it’s a Virtual Clinic visit, a post-discharge follow-up, or a portal chat about urgent care availability or fitness program enrollment.”